Title: Absence
Author: Ish
A/N: All right, I wrote this drabble for an lj meme. It's based on a comment made in one of the earlier volumes where Eiji asks Ash if he ever had a girlfried. Well, Ash says yes but...

That and there needed to be more Shorter-love.

"Yo, Ash!" The greeting died in Shorter's mouth when the 16-year old tossed him the flask, those jade-green eyes red around the rims. The Chinese gang leader took a shot, throat burning. He hesitated. "Your lady friend?"

Ash replied with a curt nod, holding his hand out for the flask.

"Shit man." His throat burned again. This time it wasn't from the vodka. "You – she – really.." He sat next to Ask. "Was something."

The blond's voice was hoarse. "Yeah." His shoulder thudded against Shorter's, the two teens sitting for some time, flask and silence passing back and forth between them.