Chapter 1

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Summer was drawing to an end, fighting against the fall for more time in the year. Despite it nearly being mid October, the weather was warm - painfully warm. The sun beat down on the heads of those walking the ground under it's rays as they went about their daily business. Those owning cars had the benefit of a roof and air conditioning, but those that walked loathed the transfer of buildings they required to go through their day. They were the ones that acknowledged the sun most, glaring at it angrily or simply complaining to those suffering with them. Green was nearly finished being overtaken by the warm colors of summer and all anyone wanted was to hid indoors or relax in a body of water to regain the liquid lost from sweat. Students filing into the parking lot of the high school didn't bother with the colors around them in their hurry to get out of the sun.

A black Mazda rolled into the parking lot, quickly finding a spot and claiming it. Several heads turned to stare at the beautiful car, ogling at its make, the sound of it's engine as it was cut off. Even more heads turned to watch the two brothers that got out of the car. As it often happens, the combination of rich and pretty meshed together formed the two brothers of head of police Uchiha Fugaku and his wife Mikoto. Both boys top of their classes and involved in many school activities. The older of the two, Uchiha Itachi was a senior and graduating this year; schools all over the country were begging for his attendance, offering scholarships of incredible amounts. The younger of the two, while not as well known as his brother was well known among the Freshman just starting their years in high school, Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke gave his brother a grin in thanks for the ride and strode off to meet his group of friends before hurrying inside away from the heat. Itachi walked in alone, more wishing he was alone as a pack of girls followed him in. Telling them once to go away, he ignored them the rest of the walk to the cafeteria, going in to get some breakfast before the school bell rang.

The large cafeteria was almost chilly compared to the heat outside, rows of long tables with benches connected to them were laid out neatly up and down the tiled room. It was empty except for a few people studying and a group of teenagers at one of the few round tables near the food counters. He paused to glance at them with a curious distaste. This group looked like trouble, if he remembered correctly they were trouble in fact. Seven of them were at the table, three boys and four girls. No wait, four boys and three girls. One of the boys, the unnaturally blond one, looked remarkably mistakable for a girl, but deep voice gave away his gender as he laughed at something one of the other boys said. One of the girls seemed to beg him in a sedative manner for something that he brushed off easily. Irritated, she tossed something on the table top which the blond picked up, flipping through before handing over a small bag which she thanked him for sarcastically, slipping it under her school uniform. Itachi scowled. Dealing on school grounds, in public too. Deciding it was too early to do anything about it he bought himself a small breakfast, eating it on the way to class.

The day passed without mishap or malfunction, Itachi boredly took notes on what his teachers lectured about though he really didn't need too. He could have slept through the classes and still passed with top grades. High school was such a waste of time, hardly a challenge to his intellect. Soon he'd be in college where he could be challenged and face those challenges with hard work. Everyone in his family was involved in the law. If they weren't on the police force, they were lawyers, doctors and various other forms. Itachi was expected before he even got into middle school to be a lawyer - his genius was proof of it he was always told, and he never argued it. The school's he'd be applying for after winter break would be law schools. The top in the country already laid out in his mind assessing the pros and cons of each to make his choice.

Someone commented next to him that he was happy it was Friday. Friday, another beginning to a weekend he'd rather stay in the house and very much alone. With his first glance at the clock, he noted that it was nearly time for sixth period to end. How fast the day passed by when you're not waiting for it to end. Gym was next, he noted with mixed feelings. The last class of the day, yes. A chance to get a work out, yes. But the day was still horribly hot outside, which meant the gym was going to be brutal. The school authorities claimed the large room was air conditioned, but no one believed them. How could they as the second he walked in he was met with a wave of heat and the smell of sweaty bodies from the previous classes. Entering the locker room, he went to his own four rows down and began changing into his gym clothes. The familiar smell of nicotine reached his nose, making him crave a cigarette suddenly, but this was a locker room. Glancing around for the source, he noticed the same blond boy as before sitting against the wall on the floor, smoking. Irritated with the second display of misconduct from him, Itachi snatched it out of his mouth.

"No smoking on school grounds," he told him in a disinterested voice. Scrunching the end against the lockers, he tossed it into the trash and finished changing.

"Fuck you," came the response, again surprising him by the deepness of his voice. It didn't quite fit to him. "Those things aren't cheap, rich boy."

Itachi twitched at the name, glancing down at him a brief moment before turning his back on him. "I'm sure you received enough from your dealings this morning to get another." he stated and walked away. The blond glared at him, but didn't say anything, tilting his nose up in a judgemental manner as he watched him walk away. What an asshole.

As he was about to get up to leave the locker room to skip class, the teacher came in, catching him picking the lock on the laundry room between the boys and girl's locker rooms. Ignoring the scowl sent his way, the teacher made the blond change into the gym clothes and join the rest of the class doing warm ups. Noting the three quarter sleeves, the teacher sighed loudly and turned to his student. "Deidara, please can you wear the uniform the school requires you to wear?" he begged; they'd had this conversation many times before.

"No," the blond said, joining the ring of students jogging or walking around the room. Deidara walked, not feeling particularly energetic that day. When they had run for a good ten minutes, the teacher had them play basket ball in teams of four. Itachi was pleased, though didn't show it with his stoic expression, basket ball was one of his favorites. They played the rest of the class period, the gym filled with the sounds of teenagers playing and the smell of sweat until the teacher's whistle blew to call them all over to him. Next to him was a grey cart with stacks of folders and papers on it.

"I have a weekend assignment for you all," he told them, closing his eyes slightly as a loud groan irrupted in one chorus from the students in front of him, "that you will do with a partner," several murmurs came as some people began telling their friends that they'd of course work with them, but then the teacher finished, changing their murmurs into groans of protests. "of my choosing. You will be partnered according to your records of the year, and you will need BOTH of you to finish this." Ignoring the groans, the teacher began calling out the names of the partners to come up and get the assignment, then sent them in to get showered and changed.

As he rose to collect the assignment, Itachi glanced around for his partner, eyes narrowing slightly at the obvious blond hair that rose at the call of his name. Deidara. Great, just his luck. He watched the blond take the paper from the teacher and head into the locker rooms, noting that he dropped the paper in the trashcan. His scowl deepened. This idiot was not going to ruin his perfect record because he didn't do his part. Following after his partner, grabbing the paper thrown away, he caught him as he was about to step into the shower rooms. Spinning him around with a hand on his shoulder, he pushed the paper against his chest. "You are going to do your part," Itachi said darkly, a threat sewn into his voice.

"Get the fuck off me, un," Deidara snapped, grunting in distaste as he tugged his arm from Itachi's hold. "You can't make me do a fucking paper," he informed him, a cocky smirk sliding onto his face. "Props for trying." Tugging his shirt off, he went into the showers to wash up.

Once he was inside the tiled room behind a frosted glass door, he turned the hot water on and sat down on the floor. The whole day had been a waste of time, Deidara decided, resting his head against the side. Well, not really. The air conditioning in the building was much better then curling up on his floor in front of the fan. Glancing down at his arm, thin pen lines marked on them with little reminders, he squinted to read them. Writing on your arm was frowned upon in the school, but most teachers didn't mind it as long as he kept his sleeves down. Deidara always wore long sleeve shirts in school, even on hot days like this. There was a reason, but no one questioned him because most knew him as being a little off his rocker to begin with. The way he dressed didn't matter so long as he wore the uniform. Finally getting up to wash his hair and the sweat from his body, he closed his eyes in contentment at the feeling. The bell sounding through the hallways indicated to him how long he'd been in their, making him hurry to turn the water off and grab the towel hanging over the door. He did have things he needed to do tonight and people to meet. Staying in the shower all evening wasn't on his high end list of things to do. With his long hair pulled into a low pony tail at his neck, he pulled his regular clothes on, balling up his school uniform to stuff into his messenger bag. Dressed in dark green camouflage pants and a black muscle shirt, he grabbed his leather jacket and tossed the gym clothes into the laundry bag with the rest of the gym clothes. Taking the stairs two at a time, he made a quick stop at his locker to grab his helmet out of it and went outside into the heat.

"Dei-chan!" came several squeals as the waiting girls ran over to him. "Dei-chan give us a ride on your bike! Pleeease?" they begged, gazes going from the red and black Ninja parked a few rows into the lot to Deidara with pleading eyes.

Tilting his head to the side with a wide grin, almost apologetically he shook his head. "I didn't bring my spare helmet, un," he told them, indicating to the one on his hands. "Maybe another time." Ignoring their groans, he slipped passed them pulling his helmet and leather jacket on. On the walk to his bike, he heard the girls following him, asking to sit on it at least or just once around the parking lot, but Deidara shook his head 'no', climbing onto the bike and turning it on. Kicking the bike on, reving it's engine a little he told the girls once again maybe next time and put it in gear, backing out of the spot and zoomed off towards the rode, cutting off a black car that was about to turn as well. He smirked at Itachi's Mazda MX-8 behind the visor of his helmet and drove on.

Itachi glared at him. The bastard was lucky he had nice breaks. He had the sudden urge to chase the pretty bike down and run it's rider over, but he calmed himself down and decided that wasn't a good idea. He didn't go straight home, stopping at the bookstore for a book he wanted to read for his AP Psychology class. With Sasuke catching a ride with his friends, he didn't have to worry about getting home until four when his father would get home. Sitting down at one of the provided chairs, he began reading the murder mystery he's purchased along with the book he'd intended to buy. The whole idea of the murderer's mind enraptured him, making him wonder how he thought, what made him do what he did. He enjoyed reading books as this to get into the mind of the antagonist to attempt to solve the puzzle before the characters did. It wasn't until his phone beeped from a text message that he looked up from the pages. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he saw his brother's name and opened it.

'Where are you??'

With a confused frown, he started to text back that he was at the bookstore and that he had no business of where he was, but he froze seeing the time. So caught up in his book he hadn't realized that nearly two and a half hours had gone by and it was nearly dinner time. Jumping up, he grabbed his book and darted out to his car, driving off as fast as he could to get home. 'Shit, shit, shit, shit,' he rattled in his head over and over. Pulling onto his street, he felt his heart that had been stuck in his throat fall down through the seat and drag on the street a little. The shiny new Volvo C40 was sitting in the driveway and the Porsche wasn't. He wanted so bad to just keep going and not stop, find somewhere else to spend the night, but that would only make it worse later. Pulling into the drive, he turned off the car and got out to walk slowly to the front door. No one was waiting for him...

Sliding his shoes off in the foyer, he snuck up the stairs as silent as he could, going into his room and putting his bag and new books down. Hope crawled back with the silence in the house until a voice came from his doorway. "You're late."

Clenching his jaw, he turned to face his father with a forced calmness, no anger or hate displaying on his face. "I'm sorry, Father," he told him. "I stopped to get a book for school at the store."

"You are to ask permission before you go out," Fugaku said seeing the calmness as arrogance.

Itachi scoffed. "I'm nineteen," he reminded him darkly. He should have kept his mouth shut as a balled fist collided with his stomach. Biting down on his lip, he refused to make a noise for all his pain. He wouldn't give him that kind of pleasure. If he could help it.