Twilight Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Pack and kisses. Pack and lecture. Pack and advice. God he wished he could just pack with out the other stuff involved. It was making the whole situation because he kept having to pause to listen. He loved his mother. He really did, but did she really thing that he would forget to do his laundry at college? Forget to check expiration dates before buying food and drinks? Just because his mother had done nearly everything for him didn't mean he didn't know how to take care of himself. He could even cook a little. Well... ramen, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, tuna sandwiches and rice. But you could live off that stuff. And he did know what was healthy for him. She had been trying to give him healthy recipes until Itachi finally pointed out to her that the school had a cafeteria and he would be getting his meals there for the most part. Mikoto settled down about the food issue for a while before she started talking about sending things that he could make himself in his room in cause he didn't have time to go down to the cafeteria. How thankful Itachi was to Sasuke. The only addition he made to his packing was a few video games he was 'graciously' lending him to play if he was bored. Video games and an inquiry of whether or not he could have his room while he was gone.

No, Sasuke. You can't have my room.

That had gotten the video game offer retracted, but Itachi didn't play video games and had little to complain about less things to take.

They had all gotten up early to help Itachi finish his last minute packing before he was to leave after lunch. Mikoto had a friend of hers drive his boxes to the school in their truck so Itachi could drive his precious Mazda without being concerned about over working it. The last box in the truck and off it went. Itachi only had to say his good byes and he could go. Well... almost. He still had one more thing to do, but he needed someone else here... someone who was absent.

Itachi was sure Deidara had slept in, and if he had then he didn't want to wake him up by calling him. Maybe he was just as bad with goodbyes as Itachi was. If that was the case, he understood. Understood, but it made him sad. He wanted to see him one last time before he left. Despite Deidara assuring him how much he would harass him over the phone and come visit, it was still a long time to be away.

Thumb hovering over the green tinted Call button with Deidara's number dialed, Itachi debated with himself on whether to call or not. His room was nearly empty, just a few things left behind that made it his room. He wouldn't need his collection of mystery and thriller books that overfilled his two bookcases, nor the trinkets that decorated the shelves. He was taking his laptop to school, so his desktop computer was still sitting on his desk – he never understood why he needed two, but they had both been gifts. His closet had some clothes still left that he never wore as well as shoes. His mother had bought fresh sheets and comforters for him to take so his bed was still made, though it was lacking in pillows. The only other thing that was out of place was the medium size cardboard box next to him on the bed. He glanced over at it wondering if he should just go over to visit Deidara anyway when Sasuke knocked on his door frame.

"Hey, Mom says to come down for lunch," he said, jerking his head to the side to indicate downstairs.

"Alright," Itachi murmured with a sigh, closing his phone without calling the blond and followed his younger brother down the stairs.

At the bottom, he was startled to see that there were more people down in the living room then there should have been. Several cheered and congratulated him, thumping him on his back while the others waited patiently for the onslaught to be over. It seemed as though the entire garage had come over, even a few from the races that weren't part of Daichi's group were there.

"Thought you'd get away?" Daichi questioned when he could finally get over to him, shaking his hand firmly.

"You're the fastest in the city," Itachi reminded him with a grin. "I did think that I'd at least out run the rest of you."

Several people laughed and began shoving gifts into his hands. Cards, bags and boxes to take with him. His Mazda wouldn't run as light as he'd hoped. Oh well. He wasn't going to turn down presents from his friends. Real friends. He might not know them all by name, but he'd enjoyed himself with them. Racing, working on cars, playing games, eating with. Deidara had been the reason why he'd gone to any of the gatherings, but he wouldn't deny he had had fun with all of them.

Mikoto had prepared a buffet of food for everyone to eat, obviously prepared for the party. Someone had gone behind his back, but Itachi didn't say anything. He just piled his plate with the rest of them and followed the crowd to sit in the living room. Sasuke looked pathetic surrounded by the girls dressed in their too short skirts and too low pants. Playfully scuffing his brother's hair to embarrass him Itachi smirked and warned the girls that his brother was underage.

Finding a seat on the sofa with Daichi and Rin, Itachi gave a glance around the party at everyone who came. Rin had baby Suki in one arm while Daichi held her plate on his lap. They laughed as Rin tried juggling both the baby and her fork, ending in letting Daichi feed her instead. Itachi gave them both a half smile over his salad.

"Did he say anything?" he asked quietly, trying to keep the hope from his voice. By the instant drop of their smiles he knew what the answer would be before it was given.

"No, sorry," Rin said, giving him a sad look as she shook his head.

"He's never done something like this before," Daichi added with a slight shrug. "I can't say if he'll catch you before you go or not."

"It's alright," Itachi said with his own shrug. "I wouldn't expect him to do something he wasn't comfortable with, but could you do something for me, Daichi?" He leaned over to whisper in his ear, Rin curiously leaning in to listen as well. Her pretty face lit up in a smile as Daichi nodded, agreeing to do what he'd asked. It made Itachi feel a little more at ease and relaxed about the party. He stayed longer then he intended to, eating and talking with everyone, watching the girls flirt with Sasuke who looked more embarrassed at the older women's attention then he'd ever seen him. Itachi didn't think even he had ever made him look so embarrassed and pleased with himself at the same time as the girls fought over Sasuke's phone to put their numbers into his address book.

After finally saying his last good byes, taking all his new presents which were to be opened when he was settled in his dorm, he walked out of the house to go on his way. He was relieved to get out of the house with everyone wanting to talk to him at once and he was pretty sure he'd eaten enough for two meals. Mikoto was sure he would starve at school. But now he was out and on his way... except that a new blocker stood in his departing path, but this one he would never be upset for seeing.

"Deidara," he said, sighing in relief he hadn't realized he'd been holding in. He had wanted to see him. Badly. But he didn't want to force him into anything.

But he didn't have too. Deidara was sitting on the hood of his car, fidgeting as he waited for him. A smile flashed over his face when he came out, giving him a tiny wave with a barely raised hand. Shy. Deidara was so cute when he got shy about something. "Took you long enough," he said quietly.

Itachi had the sudden urge to run over and hug him, but with his arms full of presents it was a little awkward. "I had to battle monsters to get out here," Itachi informed him, putting the presents into the boot of his car so he could come around to face him, giving him the hug he'd wanted earlier. "I didn't think you would come."

"Yeah, well, I didn't think I would either, un," Deidara said, hugging him back tightly when he came in reach. "But I wanted to see you before you went."

Itachi smiled down at him and moved to sit next to him. Sliding his arm around Deidara's shoulders, he pulled him close and kissed his forehead sweetly. His hair was damp, he noted in surprise. Deidara always blew his hair dry. His clothes looked thrown on in a hurry, jeans and a t shirt. No belt, no side bag – Itachi had never seen Deidara without his side bag of things, no wallet. He'd left where ever he was staying in such a hurry, he'd forgotten essentials he rarely went without. It was almost touching.

"I got you a present," Itachi told him in a soft voice, the touch of gratefulness from his rush slipped into his voice. Deidara looked up at him with his chin resting on his shoulder, blue eyes wide to show his curiosity in silence. "I was going to have Daichi give it to you, but I'd rather give it to you myself."

Getting up, Itachi hurried inside, ignoring the startled looks of the people who were still standing around eating and talking, and mounted the stairs to his room. Picking up the cardboard box, he descended to the first floor again, much more careful this time. He gave them all a half smile and told Daichi, "never mind", as he went out the door again. Deidara was still sitting where he'd been left, fingers laced over his knees as he watched him approach. Handing the box to the blond, he sat down next to him once more.

"I found it on my run last night," Itachi told him. "I thought maybe you'd like some company while I'm gone."

With a frown of utter confusion, Deidara sat the box carefully into his lap and opened it. Eyes widening at the content that stared back at him with mismatched eyes, he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Reaching inside to touch the body belonging to the eyes, his fingers met the softest black fur he'd ever felt. A soft noise of greeting that was still far from a real meow came up, a white and black face rubbing happily against his hand before he lifted out the tiniest kitten he'd ever held.

Itachi couldn't help but grin at his startled expression. "Surprise," he said quietly. "He was the runt of a litter. No one wanted him because he was so small and people don't think they'll survive long and his eyes were mismatched, but... well you've seen Charlotte's Web, right? I thought you'd like him and knew you'd take care of him."

Deidara tore his eyes away from the kitten to look up at him, trying to move his shock out of his head to understand what Itachi had said to him. "Oh, yeah, I've seen that movie," he murmured softly, looking back at the kitten again. "And I do like him." He set the box down on the ground so he could put him in his lap. The kitten sniffed him curiously then began to purr loudly against his hand. "Does he have a name, un?"

"Nah .. I'm not good at stuff like that so I'm letting you do the naming," Itachi said with another grin, leaning over to kiss Deidara's cheek. "Wanna go get a snack before I leave? We're being watched."

"I know," Deidara grumbled, looking up at the crowded windows of the living room. Glaring at them until he spotted Daichi and Rin, he pointed at the kitten and grinned widely. The glass silenced the 'awwww!' Rin's expression made, as he slid off the car and climbed into the black Mazda, kitten carefully cradled in his hands. He saw a few people pouting from the windows. Oh well, no show for them.

They pulled out of the drive way in silence. Itachi wasn't sure what to say to him. What was there to be said? Anything that would be had already been said. He'd miss him. He'll call. He'll visit as much as he can, sure Deidara could visit as much as he wanted (so long as he still went to school when he was supposed too). He'd already checked over his schedules, making sure he could visit at least twice a month. Deidara could visit on weekends if he had the money for gas, but he doubted he could. Gas was expensive and he didn't want him to resort to drug selling and prostitution just to get enough money to visit. He didn't want that. He wanted Deidara to himself, he didn't want to share and part of him was worried that he couldn't keep him away from those things he was so use to having.

God, he didn't want to leave him. He wanted to stay and make sure he was alright.


Deidara's voice broke his thoughts apart and it took him a moment to realize what he was talking about. When he did, he snorted in amusement. The little thing flipping clumsily on Deidara's lap was no 'Killer'. "Killer?"

"You never know," Deidara said in his defense. "He's only a baby now, un."

"He's no killer," Itachi said, sounding quite sure of himself as he poked the little body.

Deidara laughed as the kitten playfully swatted at Itachi's finger, falling over his own legs as he grabbed Itachi's finger and began purring as he rubbed his head against the captured finger. "He's really cute," Deidara said quietly, resting his head on Itachi's shoulder. "I really like him, un."

"I'll leave money with you to get the stuff he needs," Itachi assured him. "You better bring him when you visit."

"I will," Deidara said with a smirk. Itachi had a sudden thought that made him worried for the kitten. Cats don't ride motorcycles. "Oh! Stop here, un! I want a shake."

"Vanilla, right?" Itachi asked with a smile. He laughed to himself when he saw Deidara's surprised look. "You always get vanilla milkshakes. Vanilla milkshakes, chocolate fudge ice cream, strawberry smoothies.... stop looking at me like that, I'm observant."

"....stalker," Deidara accused him.

"It's not stalking if I'm there and you get the same thing every time," he said, parking the car and getting out. "What do you think I want?"

"Uh-... vanilla," Deidara said, flustered. "Because you don't like milkshakes so you know it wont go to waste cause I'll drink the rest, un."

"Stalker," Itachi accused him back, earning an eye roll from the blond. Their shakes bought and made, they returned to sit the hood of the car to enjoy them. Their kitten climbed up Deidara to sniff the cool cup, giving a little sneeze before pawing at it. He looked as though he were letting them know he thought he should taste it first to make sure it was okay for them to eat. Itachi was slightly horrified when Deidara complied, taking his straw out for the kitten to lick happily.

"Dei, he's gonna get sick," Itachi warned.

"No, he's not. I wont give him that much, un," Deidara said petting the kitten's chin. "I'm calling him Milkshake, un."

"Milkshake?" Itachi said in slight disbelief. Personally, he'd kill someone if they named him that, but then again, he wasn't a cat. "Is his middle name 'vanilla'?"

"No, 'blender', un," Deidara joked, snorting in satisfaction when Itachi accidentally spit out his mouth full. "I'm kidding."

"Good," Itachi said, shaking his head as he wiped his mouth and chin. "Milkshake it is then."

"He looks more like an Oreo shake then vanilla anyway," Deidara said, nuzzling the kitten that was complaining for more of the creamy goodness.

"I'm glad you like him," Itachi said, sliding his arm around his waist.

"I'll give you a pet rock if you want to take with you," Deidara said as he looked up at him with the straw back in his mouth. His cute look. Ugh, why was he so good at it?

It earned him a kiss. "I don't think I'd even be able to take care of a rock while I'm in school," he admitted, grinning at him. Yes, he was hopeless with pets. His birds ran into windows, his goldfish ate each other, his puppy was in love with car tires. He was fond of cats, but he was scared of what could happen to them, so he never got one. Deidara was crazy, but his insanity always rubbed off on the sane, so he was sure their kitten was safe. Deidara was still alive wasn't he?

An unwanted glance at his watch told him he needed to go if he was going to make it in time for check in. Setting his milkshake down on the bonnet, he pulled Deidara onto his lap and buried his head in the curve of the blond's neck. He was careful that he didn't crush the kitten as he hugged him tightly.


"Shh..." he whispered softly, resting his cheek on his shoulder with his face turned away. "Sorry... I just... don't want to leave."

Deidara held still for him, resting back against him with the purring kitten in his arms. Itachi couldn't help but smile at the uncomfortable moment Deidara was having as he tried to cover it up by continuing to drink his shake. "Um, are you finished having your moment, un?" Deidara asked after he couldn't stand the silence anymore.

"Almost," Itachi assured him, playing with Deidara's hair. It really was too long for a boy's hair, but it suited him somehow. His was long as well, but no where near as long as his. Deidara let his stay down for the most part while his own was in a low pony tail so it wasn't so apparent as Deidara's. "Don't get yourself killed while I'm gone. I don't like... not being around."

"Itachi, I've been taking care of myself long before you came around, un," he was reminded, feeling the blond chuckle against him. It hadn't been what he meant, but he decided to leave it at that.

"Yeah, yeah..." Itachi said, sliding him off his lap and stood up once again. "Ready?"

"Yeah," Deidara said climbing into the car again, shifting over when Itachi got in the drivers side to snuggle against his shoulder. Itachi smiled and reached down to pet his hair softly, then shifted the car into gear and pulled out onto the road. Normally he would have driven fast the both of them loved speed, but he didn't want to shorten their time together so for the first time ever, Itachi went the speed limit.

"Why Milkshake?" Itachi asked suddenly, grinning at the thought.

"Because I love milkshakes," Deidara answered simply. "And it's the only thing I can say in English, un."

"Really?" Itachi asked in surprise. "You can't speak English?"

"Nope," Deidara said, tickling the kitten's belly as he moved closer to Itachi. "I'm bilingual, but my other language is German, un."

"Huh... I didn't know you spoke your other half," Itachi admitted, glancing down at him for moment when a stop light hindered them from continuing.

"My mom spoke it a lot, un.. and we use to visit relatives all the time in Germany, so I learned when I was little."

"Fluently?" Itachi asked, stepping on the gas as soon as the light turned. "I'd like to hear you speak German some time... Milkshake does too, don't you?"

The kitten looked up at Itachi and mewed loudly in agreement, trying to crawl over to Itachi's lap, but Deidara stopped him. Wouldn't want his new pet getting hurt from being crushed under a gas petal or something. Snickering, Deidara leaned over and gave Itachi's cheek a soft kiss, moving to his ear to whisper softly: "Ich werde dich vermissen ," he said softly. "Ich wünschte, du müsstest nicht gehen , un."

"What'd you say, Hitler?" Itachi asked, with a grin, tilting his head slightly to rest against Deidara's forehead.

Deidara snickered quietly and kissed his cheek. "Get a dictionary," he teased. The kitten, not wanting to get left out, mewed loudly at them as if to say 'I don't understand what mommy, but can I have a kiss too?' as he climbed up onto Deidara's shoulders and stuck his nose between their faces, licking their cheeks.

"Hey," Itachi warned, setting the kitten down on Deidara's other shoulder and out of the way. "I can kiss him whenever I want, okay, kid?" Reproachfully, Milkshake crawled back over to swat at Itachi without extracting his tiny claws. It made Itachi jump a little at the sudden bop on his nose, but Milkshake didn't tremble at the glare. So defiant. He was taking after mommy quicker then he thought.

"Maybe he wants a kiss too," Deidara suggested, smirking at the look Itachi gave him.

"I'm not kissing a cat," Itachi said, sitting up straight in his seat. "That's very unhygienic. You don't know where he's been, I haven't given him a bath yet either."

"But he loves you, un!" Deidara insisted, holding the kitten up to him. "And he wants a kiss!"

Itachi parked the car in front of the apartment building and turned the car off. "I'm not kissing a cat."

"He's not just a cat," Deidara told him, pouting at him. "He's our cat!"

"No!" Itachi cried, throwing his hands up. "I'll kiss him after you give him a bath."

"But I don't have any cat soap, un," he watched Deidara slump back against the seat. The blond was trying to con him into kissing Milkshake. It wasn't going to work. There was no way in hell he would kiss a dirty cat. Instead he reached over and scratched the tiny thing's head.

Deidara grumbled to himself as Itachi refused. How could he refuse something so cute? "It's okay, Milkshake," he told him as he drew him back against his own body to give him a kiss on his black and white head. "I love you. Daddy's just being a butt head."

"I am not being a butt head," Itachi grumbled next to him, looking defensive. "I just don't want to kiss a dirty cat and it's kinda gross that you're doing it. You kiss me with those lips."

Deidara snorted, puckering his lips up with a grin. "Second hand kissing, un," he stated, then laughed as he leaned back against the black seat of the car. Itachi wasn't falling for his usual tactics today, it was starting to get on his nerves until he saw the expression on Itachi's face from the corner of his eye. It made him turn his head slightly to be able to see it better.

He was sad, but trying not to let Deidara see it, waiting until he thought Deidara wasn't watching to let the expression slip. Setting the kitten down on the dashboard despite the protests, he slid over the clutch and emergency brake to squeeze himself between Itachi and the steering wheel. The expression dropped instantly into a smile as Itachi's hands moved to slide over his sides. Catching them, Deidara watched him a moment before bringing them up to cover his own cheeks with Itachi's hands.

"Don't be sad Itachi," he told him, rubbing his cheeks into his hands. Itachi look startled, but Deidara didn't give him a chance to speak. "Don't be sad," he repeated more sternly. "I like it better when you smile."

Itachi sighed a little and gave him a stupid looking grin, making Deidara laugh at him. He was still chuckling softly when Itachi's arms wrapped around his shoulders to crush him against him, holding him tightly. "I'll miss you," he whispered softly, his breath tickling his ear. "I have to go now..."

"I know," Deidara said, resting his head against Itachi's shoulder, rocking slightly with him, giving his shoulder a little kiss before opening the car door to slide off his lap and back onto the solid black asphalt. "Call me when you get there okay?"

"I'll call when I get there," Itachi said with a small smile, handing Milkshake over to Deidara. "Take good care of him, alright?"

Taking him, Deidara set him on his shoulder as he leaned down into the car again to give him one last kiss, his thumb brushing over Itachi's cheek bone. Forcing himself away before he jumped back in the car with him, Deidara stepped back onto the curb and wrapped his arms around himself with a smile at Itachi. If this were a movie it would be raining, or windy, but it was neither. It was a nice day, a good day for a walk, or something gay like a picnic. Itachi was leaving and stupid stuff like that would have to wait.

It wasn't until he made a shooing motion with his hand did Itachi finally turn the car back on, turning his face away from Deidara. The blond was sure he would pull out without opening his eyes or check for traffic, but Itachi was a good driver and checked, pulling out onto the street to leave Deidara behind. The further the car got, the harder it was for him to force himself to stay in the spot and not chase after the car, demanding that Itachi stay. Stay or take him along. Itachi could do neither and it would hurt him to have to tell him 'no' so he stayed. This horrible sense of loss and longing was a new feeling to him. Nothing lasted forever. That's what made things unique. Things that lasted, that never changed were dull. He hated dull, but as he watched Itachi's black car turn at the next corner, watched Itachi look back at him and give him a smile and a small wave, he felt a sharp tug on his chest that hurt. It hurt so bad he forgot to breath for a moment. Forcing himself to wave back before Itachi disappeared, he dug his teeth into his lower lip, leaning against a 'No Parking' sign that no one paid attention to with his arms wrapped tightly around himself, sinking into the thought that he found himself hating.

He was gone and he wouldn't see him for a few months.

He was gone and he had to find a way to get money to go see him.

He was gone.