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Im Letting The Record Skip--

Summary: I Love You! He yelled form the bottom of his heart to the pit of his soul. He never stopped loving, even after his death

NO! I Don't Own Naruto Uzumaki! LOL

My Happiness in Death

"I Love You!" Sasuke yelled from the bottom of his heart and the pit of his soul. It Did not matter the words went to deaf ears, his heart was finally giving away and his soul was tainted. The words were useless.

"Your to late Sasuke, I Hate You" Sakura said the girl he fell for, the one who unfroze the bit of his heart left...he never wished to love again but here he was in love with someone and he was once again feeling alone.

(Sakura: "I'm marrying Naruto now and I can't wait I'm so happy" she smiled at me, but it wasn't a smile for me, but her happiness..."Ummm, see you later Sasuke") and that was the last time I saw her, last thing I saw was her back on me...

It's Time To Go Sasuke

Said a distant voice inside of me, I walked away from the pain, I walked deep into the darkness and I died that day ...the day before her wedding... but I could never stop wishing and wanting to be in her, with her, kiss her, hold her, and love her...It was just a little to late.

I Love You

Was the last thing I ever said to her, the last thing I wanted her to know of me...


I was suppose to be Naruto's best man, but I could not live to fulfill that. I simply could not.

(Naruto: "Where is the Teme!") he was panicking 'hoping he was doing the right thing' only he was doing the wrong thing. Hinata had committed suicide, making it look like a mission gone wrong ("Someone get him!)

I had vanished into thin air, I was with Hinata watching. Last time Hinata saw Naruto he happily announced his marriage to Sakura. Last time I saw Naruto, he rubbed it in my face...

Sakura, My Hearts Obsession

Naruto, Hinata's Strenght

I stared at her, but that orange dress was ugly! In the end she managed to rock it, her glossed lips looked luscious in pink, contrast to her white teeth...just looking at her lips brought an animalistic hunger and an ache in my mouth. I wanted so badly to taste her, pin her in a wall, let out my possessive growl at her throat before bitting, sucking, and mark her mine...Mine...

Too Late Sasuke Your Already Dead

Sasuke Yearns

Hinata Yearns

(Naruto: "Where's the Teme!)

(Neji: "How should I know! Why don't you go find him!?")

(Naruto: I need his blessing, if im to marry Sakura. He has to also give her to me")

(Raised Brow) (Neji: "Why?")

(Naruto: "Cause! I know he loves her too, he's like my brother, I wanna make sure he's okay with me taking Sakura as mine forever") Suddenly forever seems to long and painful and now Naruto's doubting...that is never good...

(Sigh) (Neji: "Fine, lets go find him") he turned to glare at Naruto ("Idiot! If he loves her why take her? Why Uchiha's Blessing after all this!?") Naruto just shrugged indifferent, not really knowing why. But Neji didn't press on he could care less...

Naruto is NOT my brother, nor a brother to me! Itachi-nii-san is! I have say even though all, I love my Aniki, I prefer Itachi to be my brother forever than Naruto...Itachi took my family, but Naruto took my life...

Haruno Sakura

I watched in boredom as all three headed to my apartment. Im Gone! Can't they see that when I didn't answer the door!?

(Naruto: Teme! You promised to come! Don't hide you coward")

Must I also say it was Naruto's fault that I got the curse from Orochimaru! He provoked me, I fought back and gave Orochimaru a show, by showing my skills. I could have just forfeit our scroll but no... "Sasuke-kun, Naruto needs your help!" Was Sakura's cry. I couldn't let him show me off, most of all I was selfish...I realized both Naruto and Sakura were dearly important to me. I broke, my Sharigan flared, and I fought to my fate...

To Live I had To Leave

I watched as Naruto improved, rapidly becoming stronger than me, I felt I could not protect Sakura anymore, I felt as weak as I called Sakura. I needed to get out of that small village that all of a sudden seemed so over crowded.

As My Brother Called Me

Foolish...Life Was Full Of It

And it was Naruto's Fault. It was mine. That curse seal would not allow me to be me, I could not lose control, I could not use my chakara to a full pontential without being carefull the seal wouldn't brake.

I Had To Find a Way

A Way To Become Strong

I Had To Leave

She told me she loved me that night, her words kept me alive and willing to come back. I was finally after five years, finally free, strong, and me! I came back, high hopes on having a home...

On having a family again...

Another chance to feel alive...

I Confessed And Kissed Her

Breathlessly She Slapped Me, Punched Me, Kicked Me

Told Me She Hated Me


I never expected that from her, the one I love. She left me alone, and I felt the cold to my bones and the last of my heart shattered in my world.

Kiss Me Baby Sweet

Kiss Me Baby Deep

I Cant...Couldn't Keep Seeing You With Him

I got the point at once, She Hated Me, I planned to apologize and get her to see that I've changed. hoping for another chance, but, seeing Naruto's arms around her waist, his lips on hers...

— Broke Me—

Now It's All In My Head, I Can't Keep Seeing Her With Him

I Kept Seeing Her With Him

(Neji: "Let's burst the door down")

(Naruto: "Yeah!")

(Shikamaru: "Troublesome")

She's Snitch On The Kiss

Naruto Knew

She Broke Me...My Love Broke Me...

(Naruto: "Teme where are you!")

'She's Mine' he said

Not Mine, His...

I Was More Than Lost

I Started To Embrace Pain

But I Wasn't Going To Clong TO Life Anymore

All I Had Left Had Left This World

(Naruto: "Come out here Teme!")


Please, Understand...

Without Her Im Dead

Im Dead

Im Dead...

Echoed through the room and sent cold shivers down Naruto's spine and Neji and Shikamaru decided to look around...

(Shikamaru: "Maybe he's in his room?")

(Neji: "Or maybe he's a chicken to face leaving her") Sarcasm only takes you so far...


I Cant – I Cant

Live In A World Without Her

Without her

My Hinata...

Does it matter? They don't know the pain of losing it all, and they will never understand. Doesn't matter.

(Naruto: "Let's look in his room he probably over slet")

(Neji: (Sigh))

(Shikamaru: "..Troublesome..")

There was a bulge in my bed rising and falling like breaths as if my chest rose and fell, I quiver, my last presence on the world, and Naruto was about to let it go...

(Naruto: "There he is") he muttered ("Oi Teme Wake up!") he pulled back the covers and his eyes widen, all their eyes widen. There was nothing.

(Neji: "Naruto, the wedding is gonna start soon, forget him for now")

(Shikamaru: "Ask him later, let's go") and they left, I smiled. I never knew it hurts to smile, why does everyone smile if it hurts? It was painful, pitifully Sad...

I turned to the girl beside me, in this life I was miserable, maybe the next can be different...But for now everything was perfect, I was with the one I found myself truly wanting to be with...

Ready To Go?

A giggle escaped her lips and I relished it, cause I was the cause of it

Why Not Sasuke-kun?

I Love You Hinata

She embraced me and I embraced her back

I Love You too, Sasuke-kun

I loved Sakura, and Hinata loved Naruto: but I love her more and thank Hinata everyday for being mine, she didn't leave me alone. She loves me in return without hesitation I grabbed her hand, our fingers intertwined as we stepped out of the house. We were free... Free of pain, living in our own world apart from them



Kiss Me Please

And I did, I would never deny her, nor she deny me.

We Don't Have To Be In Love

We Can Just Be Friends

But Our Happiness Will Never End

— The Sun Would Shine Again—

Soon after the marriage and honeymoon they found out I was dead, according to them the last Uchiha member...well that's what they think...I would never want not let my nieces and nephews fraternize with Sakura and Naruto's kids. It isn't right, so live On Aniki!

They named the blond boy with green eyes after me, I don't like it, and the brat is nothing like me! But I'll be born again, when I feel like it.


I Can Call You My Baby Boy

You Can Call Me Your Baby Girl

Baby We Can Soar So Up High

I Can Be Your Sunshine

Hinata came next to him, they sat by the Sakura tree not to far from the birthday boy's party that was being held.

(Sakura: "Make a wish Sasuke") and the boy blew out the candles as everyone gathered around for cake, until the bitter ends of the day the party was over as the sun set and large hues of purple and little oranger sun covered the sky as the kids laughed in the distance.

Out of nowhere came the chuckle of a male and a laugh of a female. They all turned to see the fading figures of the Hyuga Heiress and Uchiha heir.

Their eyes widen and stared at them as Hinata hugged Sasuke, they kissed and walked on hand in hand as they vanished.

See You Soon Sakura-chan


Came Hinata's sweet Voice as they were clearly gone and their presence no longer lingered in the air.

(Naruto: "Hinata-chan") he whispered longingly

(Sakura: "Sasuke-kun") she missed him, he was her first love and will always be her first and only love. No one can ever forget their first love, first crush, first infatuation, first obsession...

No one could believe what they saw

(Ino: "My god! They were here as GHOSTS!")

(Shikamaru: "Duh")

(Neji: (Eye Twitchihg) ("Did he kiss her!")

(Tenten: "They are dead! Leave 'em alone!")

The talk roared up into conversation, Sasuke and Hinata were free after all, no one can eve hurt them again...

We Don't Have To Be In Love (In Love)

We Can Just Be Friends

I Promise You Our Happiness Will Never End...

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