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Prt 5

It was mid afternoon and they had finally reached a tall building, it was like a castle but it was more of a home with offered rooms for travelers to stay in. The building in itself was old, and once inside you could feel the hollow cavity it held. The bottom room was vacant and the walls were all a painted dirty gray with tints of green cracking the walls. The floor was tiled and a faded red, and if not a bit dusty. All four females shivered at how cold the building felt from inside, but it all seem so empty now.

"Welcome" An old man said at the front desk. He had thinning gray-white hair and a mask over his face. One black eye peeked out at them from underneath the mask, it was round and cold that it made the girls hide behind the boys. Sasuke, Gaara, and Naruto on the other hand scrutinized the man. He looked oddly familiar. "How, may I help, such people as yourselves, this late in the day" It was almost as if they could see his wicked smirk.

"Yeah well-" Naruto started, scratching the back of his head sheepishly only to be rudely interrupted.

"You can quit the charade, Kakashi"

Naruto beside him tense and Gaara flicked his wrist to aim sand at the old man's face. As predicted, Kakashi was nimble and fast, as he moved out of the way before he was ever even touched.

"Aren't you brats as clever as always" They all tensed and turned around to face Kakashi who was now standing behind them. Kakashi is a tall man in his thirties, obviously handsome behind his mask, and his hair thick wild and silver on his head, but more recognizable was the orange book in his hands.

"What are you doing here?" Tenten asked the first of the females to speak.

"I could ask you all the same thing" He seem to smile, the way his eye closed cheerfully. Although, he opened them again when he came in regards of the two new females that he was not familiar with "And who are you?" Kakashi seemed to raise a flirtatious tone. He curled his fingers as he waved at them, but Hinata and Hanabi just looked at him wondering if he was all right.

Seeing that they were not going to respond to his greeting, Ino decided to formally introduce them "Ah, Hinata, Hanabi this is Kakashi Hatake, our past trainer, and Kakashi this is Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga, they are new and traveling with us"

"Hyuuga" Kakashi drawled out the name, wondering for a moment where he had heard it before, and then like a light, he remembered "Oh!" he exclaimed.

"It's nice to meet you?" Hinata wondered, tilting her head.

"OH!" Kakashi exclaimed louder and looked from the two new girls to Sasuke. He then narrowed his one visible eye "And you all can tell me, why Sasuke's still alive then?"

Sasuke's eye twitched "Why would I be dead?"

Kakashi was silent and everyone else felt amused, while Sasuke felt irritated.

"If you are saying about the whole Uchiha and Hyuuga feud, it seems that it doesn't affect Sasuke and Hinata much." Naruto grinned widely. "It's awesome!"

"Really now" Kakashi remarked.

"We believe it has something to do with Hinata being Female" Tenten added, "There is no rivalry or any hostility that would have been there if she was male"

Kakashi seemed to consider this while Hanabi and Hinata exchanged looks and made their own assessment of what was going on. Sasuke on the other hand felt annoyed that they seem to be talking about him in a personal matter. What did they know? "Anyways, why are you guys here, you never answered my question"

"You never answered ours either" Gaara reprimanded. "We're here for the mad scientist"

"Ah, the reward, Childs play" Kakashi smirked.

"Why are you here?" Ino snapped, she like the others was not fond of being called a child.

"I'm here for one reason and one reason only" Kakashi said, and then pointed at his orange perverted book "The great Jiraiya is having a book signing here and this place is the only damned hotel! I didn't want to waste any of my cash so here we are," he drawled the last part "I am paying my dues by working here a few days before the big event. I can't wait to meet him"

"Oh damns, you are really hopeless"

"Anyways, we need to get down to business. Tonight is after all the night," Tenten said, her eyes flicking to Gaara who nodded his head and sighed.

"I may have Insomnia but I do sleep one night in half the year. And tonight is that night"

Kakashi turned serious at this and nodded his head. Everyone knew that when Gaara slept, he could not tell reality from fiction and a whole lot of inexplicable things happened. They had made their leads and they were all prepared to spring in and stop the mad scientist in his tracks, after all he was within this building. Only problem was when Gaara fell into his restless sleep and if he did sleep walk, there would be more dangerous things to worry about than a mad scientist. "What are you all planning to do?" Kakashi asked.

"We figured since Sasuke's hand is still healing he could stay to watch over Gaara and have the help of Hinata while we all quickly try to accomplish the mission. One night, that is all we are using" Ino answered this time and Naruto nodded his head furiously.

"The Teme is amazingly proven to still be powerful even with a now sprained bone" Naruto patted Sasuke's back roughly making the raven glare at him. All of them were known for healing fast depending on the inflicted damage, but as Kakashi looked at Sasuke's arm, he saw that it was bandaged. He wondered how many days Sasuke had been like that, but he doubted that it would take much longer for it to fully heal without breaking easily once again. Sasuke could probably be all healed right now, but perhaps being cautious to make sure his bones hardened correctly. It was always best to take precautions.

"How did that happened"

"Well you see there was this school-" Naruto was shoved to the side by his girlfriend.

"It's a long story" Ino grinned, "You know, kid stuff"

Kakashi watched them, inwardly sulking. Okay, sure, to his it was childs play but it seemed to be a lot more fun than trying to be an adult! Not that he would admit it. "Sure, whatever" he said.

"So, can we get a room?" Tenten asked, persistent.

"Do you have the money to pay for it?" Kakashi countered.

"Of course! Who do you think we are" Tenten pulled out a whapping amount and waved it in front of his faced. Kakashi's eyes widened and glazed over in delight.

"Will that be only one room…or more?"

"One room" Gaara interjected before Tenten could respond. "We don't need to waste to much money here. Besides the others won't sleep here"

Tenten stilled, but nodded. "One room Kakashi"

"Alright" Kakashi huffed. He pulled out some keys and then reached his hand out to be paid. After the payment was established, he handed the key's over. "The room on the second floor with the number forty six printed to it right"

They all nodded and headed over to it.

The room was not difficult to find. It was down the corridor to their left. Once inside, all of them got to placing symbols over the windows and the mirrors within it. Naruto helped Gaara set up some ties so that he would be pinned down to the bed. Sasuke in the mean while sat in a chair bored out of his mind while Ino, Hinata, and Hanabi finished securing the room. Tenten was just outside the room trying to see if there was anyone else living within this first floor, but so far, all she got was a cold chill.

"You guys have better start investigating" Sasuke said after a while.

"Not yet, patience, we will go out and grab some grub first" Naruto said, grinning brightly and turning to Ino who grinned back.

"We'll be back with food, anything in particular any of you will want?" She asked as she looked at Gaara who was still testing the bonds and looked to be mentally preparing himself. Hinata and Hanabi were looking at him with clueless lost expressions but other than that stuck close to the brooding Sasuke. Tenten on the other hand was close to Gaara, trying to support him in her own way.

"Just make sure it's not all Ramen," Sasuke muttered after a while seeing as no one else was going to say anything.

"Alright, we'll be right back" with that, both blonds left.

It was only a matter of hours now.

After a quick dinner, they decided it was time.

At least the air in the hotel got colder and weird activity seemed to be rising as the sun set away from them to rise somewhere else. Ino, Naruto, and Hanabi were ready for war. Tenten on the other hand seemed reluctant to leave as she bound Gaara to the bed, looking at him worriedly. "Are you sure you are going to be alright?" she quietly asked, her voice tinged with complete concern for her boyfriend.

"I'll be alright. Sasuke will make sure nothing happens and you'll still be somewhere here" Gaara responded, his voice rough, but soft all the same. Gaara's tone was reassuring her that he was going to be all right.

Tenten nodded. She reached for his hand and twisted her fingers with his. She then leaned in and kissed him softly.

"Go" Gaara told her when she pulled away.

She stood and did as he told her.

Tenten glanced around the room seeing that Sasuke had his eyes closed and was seated in a chair and his feet up over another chair relaxing. Hinata was sitting just to his right on the small table desk there that was left for anyone who might want to read or write. She seemed to be looking out the window and lost in her own thoughts for a moment before turning to look at her. "We'll take care of him" she assured, with a smile.

"Yeah, just make sure this brute here doesn't fall asleep," She said, kicking Sasuke's chair making it jostle but the raven did not move in acknowledgment.

"He's just resting" Hinata said, with amusement in her voice as she looked at Sasuke. The raven opened his right eye to glare at her and then closed it. Tenten decided to leave then, otherwise she would never bring herself to leave.

The room was still silent at the others departure, but Hinata felt worried about her younger sister. She then willed her thoughts to something different, she was sure they would all be alright. They had to be.

Out in the hall ways.

"Alright, so we have to find the basement" Ino said as she looked around her. The others following as well on high alert.

"Have either of you noticed the lack of life in this place?" Hanabi asked after some time, feeling trepidation rising in her skin. As a Hyuiiga she was really in tune with peoples life forces. Right now the lack of life force really bothered her.

"What do you mean? Naruto asked, confused.

"Yes, I noticed it as well" Tenten responded, "I haven't seen anyone else around other than KAkashi since we came here"

Ino adopted a worry expression "we never did ask him who hired him to work here. And we haven't seen him since this afternoon when he said he was going out for dinner as well"

"It's either he got himself a date, or he really is not here" Tenten came to a halt and then so the others. All of a sudden, the lights were flickering and the air seemed to become insanely cold for the kind of night.

"What's going on!" Naruto roared, his own senses becoming heighten and alert. It prickled his skin but he was not sure if they were in danger or not. There was the sound of running feet, and then a strange giggling that made all of them jolt.

"Something about this place really isn't right" Hanabi murmured her eyes narrowing. They were not alone, she could tell. No, there was someone there with them, and I t was not just one, there were a lot of them. Her bright white eyes narrowed as she looked around trying to figure out what was going on, but she gasped when she saw what it was.

"Hanabi, are you alright!" Naruto called, turning his blue eyes to her. Tenten and Ino had become stilled in the small amount of time, their expressions scared.

"We're surrounded" Hanabi murmured, her eyes locked with something invisible that Naruto could not, for the life of him, decipher.

What is going on? He wondered.

Gaara was bordering on sleep. His eyes were heavy and his skin felt warm, and before he knew it he felt as though someone was watching him sleep. It annoyed him for a moment, but then he felt his shoulders be shaken. He could not feel a solid hand pushing him, but something was pushing him but he was too sleepy to pay much attention to it. It was then that he heard a loud 'WAKE UP' close to his ear and yet so far away that he jolted upward.

He woke up, at least he thinks he woke up.

He searched around, but he was not sure where he was. He remembered being bound to his bed, but at the same time, he remembered that the place he was staying in was nothing but wood and old furniture. This room was too dark to be the same 'Am I dreaming' he wondered to himself, his voice echoed around him.

Sitting up, and standing up from the bed, his feet met a cold chilling darkness that seem to suspend him on will alone. There was no floor beneath him, only darkness and for a moment he felt a bit scared. When he heard a rustling sound, he sharply turned his head back to the bad. The sheets were white and rumpled, but at the center of the sheets sat a small girl with curly deep black hair, and her skin looked to be as fine and white as porcelain china. Her cheeks were round and rosy like those of a baby and her eyes had the thickest lashes he had ever seen, bordering such black eyes.

'Hello, can you help me?' she asked, tilting her head to the side. Her voice coming out in childish slurs 'I need to do my math homework; I really need a lot of help. I need to solve all these equations' A paper was clutched in her hands.

'Equations?' Gaara asked, for a moment feeling scared for the small girl. She nodded her little head in resolution and stood up. She was wearing a small little white dress and her feet were bare. She reached her hand out to him.

'I need to figure them out…I need to save them all. But I can't not without these' She waved the paper in anger and anguish.

'Who are you'

'Alexei! I'm Alexei!'

Gaara had no doubt that he was dreaming, and as he stepped up to the girl, everything around him changed. Suddenly the room lit up to show a gray desk on the side with papers strewn all around. The bed was now covered in a beautiful coverlet that held threaded flowers. At the head of the bed was a black table like thing that held a mirror and two candled lights that lit the picture of a woman in exquisite robes and a crown holding a child. The walls of course were whitewashed, and a calendar lead to what looked like a smaller door.

What caught his eyes more was the angel's sculptures that were on the walls. Behind him was another door, thicker with a small peephole, and to the side was another cabinet that held up a television set and he cabinets were opened. Each filled with papers, and papers, and more papers. 'Where are we'

'Daddy's room' the girl slurred 'please' she held up the page and a pen in her hands. Gaara's soft green eyes looked at it with caution and then reached out for it. The girl smiled and pushed him to sit as he began to look over the problems. For a moment, his mind swam with the fact that perhaps he did not know what the problems were. Even so, the girl came to sit next to him calmly kicking her small feet up and down.

'What kind of math is this'

'Geometry or some other, Algebra maybe,' She shrugged 'I hate her you know, I hate her for coming into daddy's life…'

'Who' Gaara asked, looking at the problems in front of him.

'I hate her, her names Lillian, she took my daddy away, she changed him.'

'Lillian…I've never met her'

'Never, I'm glad. You should never meet her'

It nearly felt forever for Gaara sitting there, as the small girl launched into a story about her favorite film.

The room had remained silent for the following twenty minutes and Hinata was becoming rapidly bored. For a moment, she wondered if she had a marker, and then wondered if she could get away with drawing kitty whiskers on Sasuke's face…or maybe something else like a star on his cheek or a heart. Just something, that would amuse her. While she kept thinking about that, Gaara jolted in the bed and pulled on his bindings making her jump to her feet.

Of course, she was stopped by a hand on her shoulders. Sasuke was awake, and he was on his feet as well. "Be careful, he's getting active"

"What…what does that mean?" she asked, taking a step back. She had not been sure what it meant for Gaara to only sleep once every half-year. She had only been traveling with Sasuke and the others for a while but never really knew that while they slept Gaara stayed awake looking out for them. She often wondered how someone could not sleep for so long and only once, but it would explain the dark makings under Gaara's eyes.

Whatever the reason, she might find out today.

"It means that he's about to try and pull us into his dream. It is going to feel real, but you have to realize that it is not. We will never leave this room even though" Sasuke stopped talking as the walls began to melt and Hinata looked around as well, her own eyes watching the changes. It was as if they were now standing outside in the middle of nowhere. Pink houses on both side of the empty streets covered the area. Each had a nice green patch of grass and small paths that lead to each house. "Even though we think we have left."

"Sasuke…" Hinata murmured, stepping back until her back pressed to Sasuke's chest "Something tells me that this is all wrong. This place, is all wrong"

Sasuke looked around, but looked forward when he felt Hinata grip his arm. She was pointing at a small girl. The girl had long brown hair that reached to her lower back, her face had a feline like smirk for what looked to be a nine-year old. Her eyes were black and narrowed, her skin tanned, and her frame thin hugged in a pink dress and pink little sandal shoes. "A girl, Gaara has never projected other beings in his dream before"

"That's because she's not part of the dream" Hinata answered, "The dream like things are hazy, but she isn't. She's a ghost."

Sasuke looked around him, and back at the girl who moved by just flicking in and out and suddenly she was before them.

'Stop him!' She screamed 'Stop him now, he took my brother'

"What" Hinata stutter and the girl angrily tried to kick out, she was not pleased to the fact that no one could understand her.

'Her dad is crazy! He took my big brother; I want my big brother back right now!'

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked, darkly and the girl pouted.

'Jailine' the girl gridded out 'I am Jailene!' She then crossed her arms 'help me find my big brother, he's all I have left in this world!'

"You look pretty dead to me"

Hinata was shocked at Sasuke's word and the little girl before them shook her head.

'I am not dead! No matter what you guys all think, and you better not leave screaming either thinking that I am a ghost! I am a projection of my mind'

"Alright, how can we help you?" Hinata asked, placing a hand up to stop Sasuke from saying anything else. Sasuke still wondered if this was all part of a dream, but as his eyes bled red with his bloodline power, he could look through parts of the dream, he could not see all of them. There was only a small piece that still resembled the room they had once been in and it looked like a doorway now.

'Well' Jailene started 'Alexei said that she knows how to stop her father, but I think she is lying! So I will search for my brother on my own. But I can't. I can't touch anything it all goes through me see' She reached forward and her hand went through Hinata's leg. 'So, he's in one of these house, I know it. So help me find my brother!'

"Okay, we'll help you" Hinata said. The girl beamed happily.

"You can't be serious," Sasuke muttered.

"Come on Sasuke, we have to help her. It will also help us understand what is going on. I think it has to do with the scientist. If so, the others might be in trouble."

'Come on mister Sasuke!' the girl tried to give him her best puppy eyes, but those things never worked on Sasuke. Not until he saw, Hinata giving him the same pleading look.

He scowled, and nodded only once.

"Come on, let's go then" Hinata said, a smile on her lips.

'Yay!' the girl danced. 'Let's try that house' It was the tallest pink house in the block.

Back in the hall way.

"Surrounded, what do you mean?" Naruto asked, trying to see what the girls were seeing.

"He can't see them," Ino said, giving her boyfriend a helpless look. Tenten rolled her eyes.

"I don't think it matters. We have to get away though" Tenten was angry and was about to take a step forward when someone yelled, 'STOP' causing her to halt in her movements. Now this one Naruto could see. She was tall with thick brown hair, and browned skin. Her eyes though were a green color.

"Who is that?"

Hanabi watched as the small little ghost that had surrounded them looking as though they wanted to get near them now moved out of the way in fear. Most of them kept screaming stop, and get away, and no the evil lady.

"I should be asking you what you are doing here" The woman spoke "But welcome to my asylum, I am Miss Liliana" She smirked. It was time once again to play her favorite game with her guests.

To Be Continued...

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