"Do you remember when we were going to save the world," Ginny asked.

The man next to her nodded. Almost feeling his cape blow in the wind. Almost feeling his towel flop in front of the fan.

"How someday it will all be up to us?"

He silently consented. Almost hearing the cries of relief when the people saw him. Almost hearing the cries of his frustration when his brothers caught sight of him.

"How we would win without suffering a scratch?"

He smiled softly. Almost remembering flying about the place, the invincible hero. Almost remembering jumping out of the tree, the boy with skinned knees and teary eyes.

The man looked over to his sister, locking her brown eyes with his blue.

"All kids dream."

"I've lived that dream. I fought to save our world. It was all up to us," her voice cracked, "And we all bare scars from the scratches we suffered."

That's why he didn't talk much. Ginny always had something to say back, something to prove her morbid point.

"Nothing ever goes as planned."

"War never goes as plan."

"War is war."

"War isn't fair."

"I can't make it fair."

"Then who can," she asked Ron stubbornly.

He turned away, no longer wanting to help. His sister had been this way since the end of it all. Since they watched Hermione's spells used in defense by everyone on their side, but failing to defend her in battle. Since they watched Harry fall, careful to do so only after his adversary was defeated. Only after Voldemort fell.

They just sat in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, the Burrow heartbreakingly empty.

Ron worked at the twins' joke shop, glad for employment. Fred worked at the twins' joke shop, glad for company.

Ginny was an auror, glad to take revenge.

They sat like that for a long time, side by side in the dark House of Black. Never making eye contact, and never speaking. It was only when the sun crept up did Ginny stir. She had fallen asleep, leaning onto her brother's comforting arm.

"Ron," she mumbled, as she stood up.

He looked up, the freckles on his nose still as prominent as the day he started Hogwarts.

"I'm glad you remember."

With her final words she left to go back to work. Back to the only thing that kept her sane, working against those who had fought against her. Her and Harry.

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