(- -)

Chapter 1

A Careless Mistake, A Change of Fate

"Your request list is backing up, Tamaki," Kyoya replied to his best friend.

"Five more minutes," Tamaki said, holding his hand in front of Kyoya's face. Tamaki continued to stare at his cell phone as if he was trying to beat it in a staring contest.

"That's what you said five minutes ago, you idiot." Kyoya stuck out his hand and called, "Satoshi."

Satoshi Morinozuka handed Kyoya his shinai with a refreshing smile. Kyoya quickly smacked Tamaki on the head with Satoshi's shinai.

"Ow! Ow!"

This story takes place a year later. Tamaki and Kyoya were now third-years and studying to take their entrance exams. Because of that, the Host Club was a little slower without the king. Hunny and Mori graduated from Ouran and were now attending a nearby college. They always hosted at the Host Club on days they didn't have class. Satoshi Morinozuka and Hunny's little brother Yasuchika were first years at Ouran now. Satoshi quickly joined the Host Club, and forced his cousin to join as well. Satoshi was deemed the "Refreshing" type and Yasuchika became the "Tough" type. They both were hits with the customers. (Although Yasuchika acts like he resents the Club, the twins often poke fun at him because it is now growing on him.) Finally there were the Hitachiin twins and Haruhi. They were second years with Haruhi the top of the class and the only scholarship student in the school.

The second years went on their class trip to Italy recently. Because Haruhi didn't have a passport, she stayed behind. Hikaru and Kaoru felt bad about Haruhi not going anywhere so they kidnapped her and took her to Hokkaido. Tamaki was furious that he couldn't go (since the author is forbidding him) so he remained with his cell phone on, waiting for Haruhi to call as soon as she got back. Such a doting boyfriend.

"Why is Tamaki waiting for a call?" Yasuchika asked as he passed by the scene.

"He's waiting to talk to Haruhi," Kyoya answered.

"I know that. But why?"

Kyoya raised his eyebrow and said, "You'll understand when you get your own girlfriend."

Something evil sparkled in Tamaki's eye. He put his arm around his friend's neck, pulling him into a headlock.

"That's right! Kyoya has a girlfriend as well! How would you like it if Nanami went on her school trip and didn't call?" Tamaki demanded.

Kyoya glared at him. He did not like discussing his girlfriend with his friends.

"At least I would last longer than you," He remarked. "I'm sure that cell phones are not allowed on the trip anyway."

"Rules are not enough to stop Nanami!"

Then and there, Tamaki's phone began to ring. But it wasn't the ringtone for Haruhi, it was for the twins. Tamaki hesitantly accepted the call. "Hello?"

"Milord? It's Hikaru."

"What is it?"


"Just tell him already! He'll kill us either way!" Kaoru yelled from the background.

"What happened?" Tamaki ordered. "Did something happen to Haruhi?"

"Just before we went to board the plane back home, the three of us went to go see the waterfalls. Haruhi gazed at them with curiosity and she went a little far," Hikaru said quickly. "She slipped and fell, milord."

Tamaki stood there, stunned. His cell phone slipped between his fingers and fell on the floor. Kyoya bent down and picked up the phone and put it to his ear in order to hear the rest of Hikaru's story.

"Kaoru and I dropped down to ledge she landed on and she was unconscious," Hikaru continued. "We climbed back up with her on our backs. There isn't a suitable doctor in Hokkaido so we are on the plane back home right now. Haruhi is still unconscious, but she's receiving first aid right now. We think she broke her arm or her wrist."

Kaoru was next to talk on the phone. "Milord, meet us at the hospital in an hour and call Ranka-san!"

The line went dead.

Kyoya shut off the phone and looked at Tamaki. He stood still as if he was rooted like a tree.

"Yasuchika, Satoshi, close up the Host Club." Kyoya ordered. He whipped out his own cell phone and called Haruhi's father.

Soon, all the customers were gone, and the Host Club was closing up. Kyoya dragged Tamaki out of the music room and left Yasuchika and Satoshi to clean up.

Both arrived at the hospital and located Haruhi's room. They found Hikaru and Kaoru at her bedside where she was still unconscious. The first thing that Tamaki did was grab the twins' shirts and yell, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO WATCH OVER HARUHI!"

Kyoya grabbed Tamaki and said sternly, "I know you are mad, Tamaki but we are in the hospital. Be courteous."

Tamaki let go angrily. "So what is wrong with her?" He asked.

"Her arm is broken and her wrist is broken in two places." Kaoru reported.

"The doctor also said that she suffered injuries to the head as well."


Time became slow as it passed. It dragged on and on as everyone waited in silence. Ranka came later, and there was some conversation, but soon silence took over and time resumed dragging on. Finally, Haruhi began to awake.

Everyone crowded around her with anticipation. Haruhi first laid her eyes on her father and smiled. "Dad…" When her eyes landed on the rest of the Host Club, her words became a shock to all. "Who are you?"

"Haruhi? Don't you remember me?" Tamaki asked. He stepped closer to her, but she flinched away.

"Who are you?" She asked again. Tamaki's face fell. His heart felt like it was just stabbed.

"Haruhi! Surely you remember us as your best friends!" The Hitachiin twins replied.

"I don't."

They stared at her, dumbstruck.

"I apologize." Ranka-san replied. "This must be overwhelming for her. It might be best to leave."

"We'll do that." Kyoya said. He quickly ushered the twins and Tamaki out of the room.

(- -)

The four of them waited in the lobby of the hospital. The doctor was going to perform another diagnosis now that Haruhi was awake. About an hour later, Ranka-san and the doctor joined them in the lobby.

"As you all know, Haruhi as amnesia. She only remembers her memories up until her junior high days." The doctor replied. "I highly doubt that she will ever recover her missing memories. I'm sorry."

(- -)

"Tamaki didn't handle that well," Hikaru commented a few days later in the music room.

"None of us did." Kaoru corrected. "But milord took the news the worst."

The boys stared at Tamaki in his corner of woe. He remained like that since learning the news that Haruhi lost her memories, especially the ones with him.

"I'm not surprised. He's in love with her."

"It's been a year."

Kaoru stuck out his hand in front of his brother. Hikaru remember the bet he and his brother made a year ago on how long Tamaki and Haruhi's relationship would last. Hikaru cursed and handed his twin a 10,000-yen bill.

"I don't I have ever seen him this dejected before," Yasuchika pointed out.

"To be dejected by the girl you love, surely is a blow to his ego," Satoshi added.

Kyoya said nothing. He was lost for words. What could he say? He was sure it wouldn't help the situation.

A knock came from the door and it opened. Nanami Ichigo, Kyoya's girlfriend, stepped inside.

"Sorry to bother all of you, but may I speak briefly?" she asked. Nanami was a student at Ouka High School, the sister school of Ouran. She was now a third year in her school.

"Nanami? What are you doing here? I thought you have track practice," Kyoya said with surprise.

"I do, but I thought this was a little more important," she said. "Tamaki, I heard about what happened, and I'm sorry." Tamaki waved his hand at her.

"How did she know?" Yasuchika whispered.

"Who else do you think told her?" Kaoru asked. He inclined his head towards Kyoya.

"But I brought along two people who I think will be able to help."

Nanami turned to the door and it opened once again to let in two identical girls. They were twins of the same height and looks. One girl had black hair while the other had blond. They were Nadeshiko and Barako Kuronuma, the cousins of Hikaru and Kaoru.

The Hitachiin twins slumped over and said, "We knew it."

"Good afternoon, boys!" The girls cried out.

Nanami chuckled and turned her back. "Well, I'll take my leave today. See you tomorrow, girls."

"Bye-bye, Nanami!" they yelled.

Kyoya stood up and took Nanami by the hand. "I'll walk you out."

"You don't have to, you know."

"But I want to."

Both left the room, hand in hand.

"You know, it's been a year with those two." Hikaru remarked. "They don't seem like a real couple."

"But they are."

Hikaru held out his hand, and Kaoru handed back the 10,000-yen bill to his brother. Now they were even.

(- -)

"Why did you bring the Kuronuma sisters here? How would they be able to help with Haruhi's memory?" Kyoya asked Nanami.

"They are Ouka High's oddest twins. Many believe they are descendants of witches," Nanami explained. "They always use their power to bring happiness to couples. I think they can do just that with Tamaki and Haruhi."

"Hmph. What nonsense," Kyoya muttered. He stared at his girlfriend and asked, "How did you get out of track practice?"

"I convinced my coach to let me leave early."

"Don't you have a meet coming up soon?"

"Yes. I promised that if I train twice as much, I will be able to compete."

Kyoya groaned. "Nanami, I know you want that Track Scholarship, but don't overwork yourself." They stopped walking in front of the gate.

"I'll be fine," She said loudly. She always was so stubborn. "You shouldn't overwork yourself, too." She stretched a little bit and said, "I'll get started with my training now." She stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on Kyoya's cheek. "Don't forget about our date on Sunday, okay?"

"I won't."

She grinned. "See ya!"

(- -)

When Kyoya got back into the music room, Tamaki was now sitting on the couch with the Kuronuma twins opposite of him.

"So you can help, right?" Tamaki asked.

"Of course. Nanami has filled us in on the details regarding the situation," Nadeshiko replied.

"Truth be told, there is no spell that will help Haruhi regain her memories instantly," Barako said.

"But you just said you can help!" Tamaki cried.

"Let us finish. We can perform a spell that will help unlock the doors in her brain, but it will be up to you to open them for her," Nadeshiko answered.

"Just because she can't remember anything, doesn't mean it's gone," Barako stated. "All memories are connected to each other like a chain of events. If you can set off a memory in Haruhi's mind, she should be able to recover all of them."

The sisters look at each other.


"But…the most precious memories lie within her heart. No spell can unlock the door to her heart. We shall leave that to you, Tamaki."

"I…I understand," Tamaki replied.

"So when will you perform this 'spell'?" Kyoya asked.

"It would be best to do it as soon as possible," Nadeshiko summed.

"The problem is that we need her in the Chemistry Prep Room at Ouka," Barako remarked.

"Haruhi won't be released from the hospital for another three days. She won't be returning to school for a week or so," Hikaru replied.

The girls looked at each other then at the Host Club. "We could always use a little knockout gas on Haruhi in her apartment and take her to Ouka this Sunday," Barako suggested.

"We need a pair of extra hands to carry her, too," Nadeshiko pointed out.

"We could always employ Nanami and her friends to help us," Barako answered. "Yurine and Nozomi still owe us."

"Nanami is busy this Sunday," Kyoya answered.

The girls gave him a long stare. "With you, we presume," they said in unison. "Hikaru, Kaoru, will you please lend us a hand?"

"Us?" Hikaru asked with an outrageous tone.

"You want us to do all of your grunt work?" Kaoru questioned slowly.

"That's right," The blond replied.

"We know you want to see Haruhi with her memories in tact as well," The brunette added.

"Fine, fine, we'll do it," They said in unison. "But we refuse to be scapegoats with your witchcraft."


The Kuronuma twins stood up.

"We shall come see you again once we have performed the spell. We can then make other necessary preparations. Good day, gentlemen."

I apologize for my disappearance. It all rooted from summer vacation and laziness on my part. Ha. xP I planning on doing my parody and then a one-shot before doing this story, but I'm bored of my paordy already, and I don't have the motivation for the one-shot. I apologize. I'm actually almost done with the second chapter of my parody, so if I finish it soon, I'll post it.

Well, anyway, a couple notes for this new story and sequel. The Kuronuma sisters are back. Yay! This story will focus on Haruhi and Tamaki, but I will have some Kyoya and Nanami fluff float around once in a while. Nanami will just be a minor character for now. The inspiration for this story came from Matsuri Hino's MeruPuri. Or at least, one part. Thank you for reading and I hope to update soon! (Apologies in advance if I don't update for a while!)