For warm.summer.nights contest. Short, and not as well written as the other entries, but I hope you guys like it. Kudos to Crimson Kaoru for being my awesome beta (I'm so (not) very secretly glad that she puts up with me).

SELLPHIE + KAIRI FOREVA! In case any of you are wondering the plus sign means friendship, nothing more people! Although, I have read one reallyreally well written Selphie x Kairi. Two actually now that I think about it . . . hmm.

"Attente" is French for "wait". Yes, I am aware that I am lame. lol.

Disclaimer: NO, really? xD


By: SecretBox

A lone girl stood on the beach, the cerulean water caressing her toes as the waves went in and out. A sunhat sat atop her head, strands of strawberry tresses falling down to frame her face softly and the white sundress she donned shimmering gracefully in the breeze. Her laughter carried through the sea salt air to all those who were willing to hear, and another girl ambled to her side with wide emerald eyes, glancing to and fro quickly between a soaring papery kite and her smiling friend's face fretfully.

"Kairi," the brunette started anxiously, hands tucked behind her back, "You've been doing this for two weeks straight. Doesn't it get tiring after awhile?"

The red-head blinked as if Selphie's voice had awoken her from a pleasant dream before casting her a violet glance over her pale, milky-white shoulder. She was still smiling. "Nooo."

Selphie pouted, bottom lip trembling slightly. "But you promised! You said you'd skip rope with me, Kai!" She kicked at a pile of sand, sinking her toes in the glittering grains unhappily. "And that was nearly a day ago." A particularly cold gust of wind blew past, causing the green and pink polka-dotted kite to ascend higher in the sky, increasing in altitude as it bobbed helplessly in the breeze. Selphie was the first to notice this as she lifted her crestfallen gaze slowly from between her toes, nearly gasping and tugging on Kairi's skirt in alarm as she pointed towards it with an extended index finger.

"Kairi, watch out!" Her voice was nearly lost on the fearsome wind's sigh. "If you don't hold on to it, it'll fly away!"

The other girl simply smiled, crimson hair flouncing in her face as she turned to stare at her friend with gem-like shining irises. "That's the idea, Selphie."

Slowly, ever so slowly. Kairi allowed the pastel ribbon to slip through her fingertips like soft silk, unraveling like a pretty melody as it fell away from her grasp. Free. The kite went higher and higher up into the air, rejoicing as it dipped and turned before finally flying away, going up, up, up into the cerulean sky-line overhead before disappearing behind a candy-white cloud.

Kairi smiled again, raising one hand up delicately to shield her gaze as she stared off into the horizon. Her voice took on a dreamy lilt. "One day, I'll be just like that kite."

Selphie blinked, a small, uneasy smile settling across her features as she gazed at her friend unsurely, not entirely understanding her meaning. "Sure, Kairi. Of course . . ." she added slowly, "good things come to those who wait, right?"

The redhead nodded. "Yeah," she whispered, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes when another breeze blew past, her white dress billowing behind her. "Until then, I'll just wait." She could hear the frown in the other girl's soft, girlish tone without even looking at her.

"That sounds . . . awfully lonely."

Caught off guard, Kairi looked completely, indescribably shocked as she felt slender fingers interlace through her own, giving her hand a warm, comforting squeeze. When she turned to cast Selphie a perplexed look, she was met with a smile bright enough to rival the sun. It shone full of promise, as if to say in the golden-red streaming sunlight: I'll never leave you alone.

"How about we wait together?"