The tiny form of Miral Paris-Torres lay still in the crib, sprawled across the small, dull pink expanse, the gentle rise and fall of her chest the only sign of life. Seven stared down at the tiny infant, whose delicate features were set into an expression of supreme contentment, and pondered the feeling of incredible warmth that seemed to rise up in her chest.

The muscles in her jaw twitched and her lips drew back into an involuntary smile, and she could no longer resist the urge to reach down and stroke the fine ridges that adorned her little forehead. A small sound, wonderfully pleasing and wholly uninvited, rose from Seven's throat as she felt the soft skin beneath her metal entwined fingers.

The infant stirred, her lids peeling back to reveal large brown eyes which slowly widened in wonder at the ex-Borg. Her tiny hands rose to inspect the invading digits, her little fingers wrapping around Seven's cool metal-enhanced index finger and pulling it towards her mouth.

Another sound, this time ringing and jubilant, was borne from Seven's throat but went entirely unnoticed by the enthused ex-Borg. However, it did not evade the ears of B'Elanna Torres, who had been leaning in the doorway for a few moments, a thoroughly amused smirk etched across her face.

"Was that a giggle?"

Seven jerked, spinning around in shock at the intrusion.

"L-Lieutenant. I am sorry, I did not mean to…I just…"

B'Elanna smiled and moved next to the flustered woman, looking down at her child.

"It's okay," she said, leaning down to pick up her daughter.

"She is…beautiful," Seven said, shuffling uneasily.

"She is," she said, turning to face the woman next to her. "Do you want to hold her?"

"I-I could not. I do not—would not know how…"

Miral gurgled from her mother's arm, reaching her tiny arms out to the Borg's hand as it glinted in the dim illumination. Hesitantly, Seven reached out with it, allowing the baby to return it to her mouth, much to B'Elanna's amusement.

"She enjoys my hand," Seven noted, her voice rich with a rather odd emotion.

"She likes you. Here—," said B'Elanna, positioning Miral so that Seven could grasp her safely. The ex-Borg blinked at B'Elanna, unsure whether the half-Klingon Lieutenant actually meant it or not.

"Take her."

Seven did so, awkwardly positioning the tiny bundle in her arms as B'Elanna showed her the proper way to hold her. A smile again crept over Seven's features, her eyes as wide and as full of wonder as the little Klingon's, and after a moment she dimly realized that she had begun to gently move her arms from side to side for reasons unbeknownst to herself.

"She is so…small."

B'Elanna was grinning widely, never having expected to see the Ice-Queen turned maternal as she held the infant smiling happily. All of the animosity had been forgotten, replaced with a newfound fondness for the tall blonde.

"You'd never think that had you given birth to her…"