I've seen my share of Harry Potter/Death Note crossovers, and while a few of them were interesting, the majority of them were OOC. Also, in the interest of introducing Mikami to the Wizarding World, I've decided to write my own.

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Title: Of Gods and Men

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Light/Mikami

Warnings: AU. Crossover with Harry Potter.
Timeline: For HP, I think this takes place during OOTP, and pre-January 28th Showdown with Near for Death Note. Mikami has the Death Note, and Ryuk is still tailing him while the Japanese Task Force have Light's (Rem's) notebook.

Chapter 1

Mikami Teru was perusing his newspaper, as he was wont to do every morning on his way to work, when a commotion startled him. Two men wearing fantastic white masks and flowing black capes, holding sticks – sticks! Of all things, looked like they were tormenting a schoolboy. As he watched, one man waved his stick and a jet of yellow light shot out. The boy gave a cry of pain.

The prosecutor frowned. Although he normally paid little attention to the others while riding the subway, such blatant abuse he could not ignore.

Glancing in their direction, he noticed as the child managed to pry the mask off one of the men, revealing a mousy-looking man with bulging eyes and pale hair.

Ryuk cackled from behind him. Mikami flipped open to a blank page in his Death Note, hastily scribbling in the name above the man's head. Peter Pettigrew.

Pettigrew seemed not to have noticed that he was in mortal peril. The boy was just an ordinary-looking Japanese schoolboy, perhaps five or six years old. He was crying while the other man laughed.

"Finish him off, Wormtail! We've no time for these Muggles! After all, we still have to find this 'Kira' our Lord sent us here for!"

"Y-Yes." The mousy man squeaked, raising his stick. However, he suddenly crumpled forwards, clutching at his heart.

The other man stared. "What? Aurors here?" With a growl, he vanished with a popping noise.

Mikami cursed underneath his breath, wondering what the hell was going on.

He would have to inform Kira.

He had just sent a text message off to Takada's phone, arranging for her to tell Kira he desired a meeting, when several other people wearing robes, quite proper kimono actually, white ones with red sakura petals on the front in a stylized pattern – appeared.

"Damn! Using magic on a train full of Muggles! Only Death Eaters would be so careless!"

"Looks like they got away – Good Heavens!"

"It's Peter Pettigrew!"

"But who killed him?" A woman spoke.

The leader, a man with grayish hair in a neat bun, shook his head. Mikami noticed that he alone was wearing what looked like a snakeskin vest over his robes. The kanji above his head spelled out his name clearly enough. Yamamoto Haruo.


"Well, you know what to do." said. "I've got to report to Dumbledore on this new development. The rest of you can take care of this." With a pop, he vanished.

The dark-haired woman who had spoken earlier nodded, taking a polished stick of her own out of the robe. Her name was Tanaka Kahori.

She turned to the frightened boy, directed him into the care of another robed wizard – Kuroki Yoshio, who vanished.

The two other wizards, Sato Masao and Iwaka Jun, briskly began walking down the length of the train, and as they approached each passenger, would mutter something that sounded like 'Oblivious'.

Mikami watched the passengers turning glassy-eyed with alarm, and as Kuroki Yoshio neared him, she frowned.

"Did you see something?"

Mikami nodded.

"Oh! Well then…" She conferred for a moment with Sato, before nodding.

"I'm afraid we'll have to take you in for questioning, sir."

"It is fine with me." Mikami said quietly. Behind him, Ryuk chortled in amusement.

Well, well… I didn't think we'd be running into Wizards. Humans are so amusing! I'll be sure to tell Light about this later!

Sato gave him a kindly smile, took his arm, and then suddenly, they were in a dark space and pressure bombarded him from all directions, and he bit down a gasp of pain and surprise.

When the darkness had cleared away, he was standing in a beautifully polished front foyer. Men and women in the same white kimonos were rushing around. The prosecutor was led down a hallway lined with beautiful Sakura blossoms, blooming beautifully despite the fact that it was currently mid-November, and into a small room.

The man waiting there was tanned, slightly freckled, and clearly only half-Japanese. When he spoke, there was a slight accent, and as for his name…

Rodrigo Williams. Interesting.

"Please, take a seat." The man gestured, and Mikami sat on the seat provided. The man smiled pleasantly, waving the stick in his hand, producing two cups of green tea, faintly steaming.

"You're not in trouble. I'm sorry that this had to happen…" The man handed him one of the teacups, and Mikami nodded curtly, taking a sip.

It did not seem poisoned…

"You see," Rodrigo said, steepling his fingers. "I'd like you to tell me what happened while you were in the subway compartment, no matter how strange it may seem."

Mikami shrugged, and then related his seeing of the two men, cloaked figures firing beams of light at the boy with sticks, how one of them had fallen over, and how the other had vanished. He did not, however, speak a word of this 'Lord' wishing to see Kira.

That would be up to his God to decide.

Rodrigo nodded, his expression darkening as Mikami described their cloaks and masks. Finally, the man stood.

"Thank you for your help, Mikami-san. But I'm afraid that we cannot let you walk out here with that knowledge. It would be quite a burden. He raised his wand. "Oblivi-."


The woman that rushed in was Kahori, from earlier. She was brandishing what looked like a sheet of rice paper.


"He's half-blood." Kahori said excitedly. "His father was one of our best Aurors – died twenty-six years ago while on duty, good family. Mikami Masaaki."

"Ah…" Rodrigo said. "Married a muggle, didn't he? The boy being half-blood wouldn't be enough to attend one of our institutions. I see. He's a Squib, then?"

"Most likely."

Mikami looked at them as they bickered back and fourth, but a few minutes later, he was politely escorted out and told to speak to no one about this.

The prosecutor did not intend to keep that promise. After all, he had no doubt Kira would be interested in this magical world.

End Chapter

Completed 7/10/07

I'm assuming that Dumbledore has a few allies in Japan – hey, he is a prominent Wizard! So if he were that well known… wouldn't he have someone report odd occurrences there too?

Masaaki "Correct Brightness". Since Teru is 'To shine'…

So… should I make Mikami and Light to join Dumbledore, or the Death Eaters? Ponders I don't know!