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Warnings: Shonen-ai between Light and Mikami

Chapter 13

In the end, Voldemort ended with a whimper and not with a bang. Mikami took one look at the hairless white face, the slit-like reddish eyes, and shuddered, but quickly wrote down Tom Marvolo Riddle on the piece of paper he had secreted in the robes his disguise-self wore.

This abomination should not be allowed to interfere with Kira's Kingdom. Never…

Then, he proceeded to sit down and listen to the egomaniac begin talking about how pure-blood breeding was of the utmost import and heard from his own lips the admission that there were no more Horcruxes. Oh, how the madman seethed!

Mikami tuned the relatively unimportant information out, and by the time Snape came to fetch him, was wondering why the man chose to hide out in a decrepit shack of all places. He had already lost track of how many varieties of mold infested the damp wooden structure.

Voldemort's robes were lying in a pile of dust he had not decided to investigate too closely. However, the Professor spent several moments confirming that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was most certainly dead this time, running a series of diagnostic spells and then checking his arm, now bare of the Dark Mark. It was a pity that the removal of the bond would not apply to many, as most were already dead and beyond that saving grace. It was also doubtful whether they would have wanted it or not.

The newspapers the next morning gleefully proclaimed Harry Potter's triumph over Lord Voldemort. Fudge sent over the most expensive sweet collection that Honeydukes had to offer, along with a sentimental not-so-much-apology-as-could-you-help-sway-the-public-to-reelect-me letter. Harry was nearly buried inside piles of fan mail. Ron and Hermione gave him reproachful looks, both for sneaking out and also for making such a life-changing decision without them! Dumbledore declared a school holiday.

Draco Malfoy shot him scornful looks, but was inwardly quite relieved. Snape was unchanged in behavior. The mysterious black-haired man with red eyes who had killed Voldemort by writing something down on a piece of notepaper was nowhere to be seen. It was all very confusing.

Harry wasn't even sure how you could kill someone with a piece of paper. Sure, he had seen a wand tucked behind one ear, but whoever it was hadn't used it. Had the fact that the man been 'him' in Polyjuice at the time of Voldemort's death fulfilled the prophecy? By now, he was even less inclined to believe in Trelawney's drunken ramblings.

No matter what though, Voldemort was gone and that was the most important part. He could get on with his life now.

That was kind of odd. He'd spent so much time focusing on the man that he hadn't really had time for other things, exams notwithstanding.

It was… freeing.

Light and Mikami booked a plane back to Japan without too much hassle. Their role in this saga was complete.

Near really didn't know what hit him, except that when he met Aizawa again, the man seemed on edge, and there was just something off. It was almost as though the one he had met was not Aizawa, which was completely ridiculous because no matter how good Yagami Light's disguise skills were, there were certain things that could not be faked and Lester had searched the man for bugs or Death Note scraps. Nothing…

They had even attempted to pull his face off, but to no avail. So, unless the vain Kira suspect had gotten plastic surgery to look perfectly like the man (ridiculous and completely out of character), he was just being paranoid.

Of course, it would have been nice had they not all simultaneously died of heart attacks the next day.

A few extra vials of Polyjuice, token of a grateful Potions Master, went a long way, and Mikami did have the most wonderful eyes.

Light was quite appreciative that night.

Half a world away, Harry Potter was too.

Mello was still technically a problem, but Light figured that he would deal with it when the time came. Until then, he had to figure out some way to explain his long absence from the Task Force. Well, he could probably spin another lie and they would buy it. Misa would not be waking up any time soon, he had Mikami, and another threat to Kira's Kingdom had been eliminated.

It might not be perfect, but it was getting there.

Ryuk sighed. It looked like he would be bored again.

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