"Maybe someone will come soon" Manny told Emma.

"This is horrible! So...horrible" she bitters. Manny laughed a little sitting on the girls bathroom sink.

Degrassi school ended just 5 minutes ago and here the best friends were, trapped in the schools bathroom.

"How did it lock?" huffs Emma trying to pick at it.

Manny shrugs as Emma came back over to her "Maybe it's some technolgy thing after school is done" she guesses.

Emma just laughed a little until the door opened.

Emma whirled around as Manny put hands up "Don't close-"

Behind Darcy, the door closed, now locking the 3 in it.

"The door..." drifts Emma for Manny who huffs.

"Great" Manny said in pure sarcasm "Now we're locked in the school with the next Paige Michealchuck"

They didn't even here the door open and close again as Emma's brown eyes looked over.

"Speaking of which..." she mutters.

"Were you talking about me?" Paige crossed her arms glaring right at Manny.

Manny ugh's loudly and groans leaning on the wall "Yeah, cause you are so stupid! It's 10 minutes now, whos going to come and get us?" she whined.

Darcy made little noises trying to open the door "It's locked!" she exclaims.

"No dur" Emma jokes.

"You mean, I'm trapped...in this room...with...you, people?" Paige started breathing heavily.

Manny rolled her eyes "Get over yourself"

"Really" nods Darcy watching Paige make a scene "You look like a dying animal"

Paige gasped and Darcy with Manny, rolled their eyes.

"Hey, you guys actually agreed on something" Emma teased and gave a little giggle.