What happened with the girls through out their years:

Emma Nelson: Emma had her baby girl named Rachel. Sean kept his word and stayed with them forever and loved them as well as protected them. He got a job at an auto shop that soon turned to his own and Jay and Spinner came working with him. Emma got into collage with the major of photography so worked home a lot and took care of their daughter. Emma and Sean fought sometimes but Rachel always reminded them of what kind of love they had and were always happy in the end. Which was what really mattered. A true, happy family.

Manny Santos: Manny decided to give into porn tapes. She was the next Paris Hilton who had a star life and into acting, for the press to get their hands on two sex tapes. Impressive or what? Her career, I mean. She's a known actress and she always comes home to see Emma, Paige, Ellie and Darcy. She moved in with her long ago school mate, Marco. Yes, the gay one. She didn't want to commit or settle down until she met up with Craig Mannings again on his tour. This time, no drama. The two got married and had twins.

Paige Michealchuck: Surprizingly, she kept her relationship with Spinner and they are now living with another. They never got married in fear they'd be off and on again like what is usually is. University never worked out but that's okay cause Spinner worked at the auto shop and she became a reporter. They have a love child...well, love dog. He's a chocolate lab named Max and they can't get enough of him or they're friends who they see every day.

Ellie Nash: Ellie moved on from Jesse and met a guy named Tommy. He was a producer of a music broad cast and got her famous. She was good with the singing and doing her own guitar music until she settled down and did the photography again only this time along Emma's side. She lives far from Degrassi but comes home every holiday to see them.

Darcy Andrews: Darcy gave Peter a shot and they lasted a while until Darcy saw why Emma broke up with him. Dumb Jerk. Shes now a house wife and her husband is a billionaire. Can you guess who? No other than Jimmy Brookes.