Dean: "See what I mean? Something is off, dude and I'm not liking how this looks. That chick has something to do with why that thing didn't turn us all into lunch meat as soon as that salt line was crossed and broken."

Sam: "If that girl is the link to all this and somehow related, there is something way stronger going after her then we're even thinking about right now. She went to Standford around the same time I did. She's my age, Dean."

Dean: "Another psychic kid?"

Sam: "She's got some sort of control over that thing. That's all I know. I have to figure out if she's another psychic or not. I thought the Yellow Eyed Demon killed all of us."

Dean: "Well, apparently she's a part of another generation that we have no clue about."

Sam: "You know what, I just figured this whole thing out."

Dean: "Did you."

Sam: "Yeah. Mom didn't walk in on the Yellow Eyed Demon trying to convert me. She walked in on him trying to make me his own."

Dean: "What do you mean?"

Sam: "He was trying to make me his child. You know how a mother breast feeds with her newborn. Well, he was trying to bond with his son. Mom walked in on that and knew damn well who he was and that he was here to claim me. That's why she was killed. She was trying to protect me from him. She died defending me."

Dean: "Why just you though? Why wouldn't he have gone after the first born son? Isn't that usually how these "Sell your child to the devil" stories go."

Sam: "Mom knew I was supposed to be the next leader. She told Dad and Yellow Eyes was trying to make her make good on her promise to let me lead the army when I grew up. She changed her mind in the middle of the game. She didn't want him taking her baby. So, she tried to fight him and had no idea what his powers could do. That's why dad walked in on her on the ceiling above me burning. She underestimated his powers and lost. She tried to welch on a deal she made for my life."

I get up and walk over to the window. My whole head is spinning. I thought this whole "psychic thing" died with the Yellow Eyed Demon. I was connected to him and everything he did. Now there's a possibility that it never left me and it's connected to why this girl came to our doorstep. She could've landed anywhere and been bleeding. She could've went back to her own room and been perfectly all right. The funny thing is, she doesn't even know what's going on. What the hell did Dean bring back that night at Cold Oak? I needed to find out more about the girl. Was she one of the special kids left alive like I was? Why wasn't she at Cold Oak fighting with the rest of us, if she was one of us. Is she supposed to take her place next to me once Dean is gone?

This whole case is making me a little bit crazy. She seems normal like me. Nothing special about her other then the tattoo and the fiery attitude of hers.

Sam: "I need to clear my head. I'll be back."

Dean: "Sure. No problem."

I head down to the lobby. As I'm coming downstairs, I hear a group of girls coming behind me talking. Sandra is one of them.

Sandra: "Can you believe it? I get rescued by two totally hot guys and they both turn out to be Ghost Hunters of some sort."

Her friend: "Wow. That is nuts. So, how did you get those huge wounds on your back?"

Sandra: "Some sort of animal attacked me. Sam was the one who rescued me and patched up my wounds. This is his shirt."

Her friend: "That is a crazy story. So, your saying that Dean and Sam are Ghost Hunters and they rescued you from some wild animal attack. That's why you were gone all night long."

Sandra: "Yes, Marcy. For once, I am telling the truth as nuts as it sounds. Sam is hot as hell though. I wouldn't mind a piece of that action."

The girls laugh and take a seat at the bar. I try to be conspicuous and hide out in the corner. Maybe some information will come out of the conversation other then knowing she wants to jump me.

Marcy: "So, certified Ghost Hunters in our town."

Sandra: "Yeah and I wonder what kind of ghost they're after. They seemed pretty knee deep in lots of occult related materials. Not very many guys come out and ask you if you practice black magic over a tattoo on your back."

Marcy: "Black magic? That's some dangerous stuff to get involved with."

Sandra: "I couldn't tell you. I don't know a damn thing about it Apparently that little drunken symbol that I have tattooed on my lower back is a Celtic protection symbol and these two crazy ass Ghost Hunters think that whoever put it on my back is trying to protect me from some sort of occult that may try to attack me again."

Marcy: "That sounds dangerous and scary."

Sandra: "Yeah. I think Sam was trying to get me to stay the night with him and he figured if I was running scared, I wouldn't want to leave his big strong arms."

Marcy: "Are you serious? That is no way to pick up a woman."

Sandra: "That's what I said. I think he's been hanging out with his brother a little too much, if you know what I mean."

Marcy: "OK, ewe. Too much information here. Now I have this image of two drunken Hillbillies trying to jump each others bones. It went from heroic to tragic and I'd rather not see where else this story is going to go."