AN: This is my first attempt at a Sasori/Sakura pairing, it is pure smut!

Very heavy lemon!

Summary: She couldn't remember how it happened, but she was trapped in a bare room with no windows and a heavily reinforced door with a crazy puppet master.

Sakura mentally scolded herself for her lack of awareness. All her mind processed was the red silk sheets and the oversized comfy bed she laid in. Her second realization caused her to scream at the top of her vocal cords. Whatever had happened, the pink hair ninja was left in her only black lacey bra with matching panties and unfamiliar warmth. A red-headed stranger, also wearing very little, had one of his hand latched onto her waist. It didn't take much to break the hold, and she took a moment to study the form in front of her. Sakura wanted to physically beat this man who had the nerve to touch her inadequately covered body. Instead she wrapped the top cover around her slender form and made a mad dash for the door. It wasn't a big surprised to find it was lock and all the racket she created caused the other occupant to rise from his slumber.

"It's nice to see you're awake, Sakura!"

The moment she heard his deep voice, Sakura stopped pulling at the door and spun around to face her captor.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?"

He snickered at the fear in her eyes; this was his favorite part, watching his victims see how helpless they really were.

"I'm hurt that you forgot; Sasori of the Red Sand, and why else do you think you're here."

Sakura noticed that his eyes hungrily appraise over her body, "I'm not some toy you can play with, I'm a human being; damn it."

In a blink of an eye, Sakura found herself back on the bed, and a menacing presence hovering over her. "That was uncalled for; I've treated you with nothing but kindness. Show your master respect."

A sneer nearly escaped her lips, this man wasn't her master, and she was no one's property. "I awoke next to some deranged man, half naked. Somehow I'm supposed to respect him."

Sasori gripped her wrists tighter earning a small yip from the girl below him, "I can make your stay pleasant or painful." Then he slowly lowered his head within inches of her lips, "I leave the choice to you."

She closed her eyes, feeling his breathe against her skin made Sakura's stomach queasy. Sasori was slightly disappointed when his guest turned away but she unintentionally gave the puppet master access to her body. Taking advantage Sasori's cold lips began a trail of kisses starting on her lips and the final touch was leaving his mark above her collarbone. He briefly halted his assault to admire her flushed cheeks, and sweat collecting in across the top of her forehead. Sakura tried in vain to break his hold, but with no chakra no strength. Tears collected at the corner of the young medic's eyes, and swallowing her pride pleaded for him to stop.

"Don't cry, it will start to feel good very soon," as he lovely caressed her cheeks and licked the droplets away. The low sultry tone Sasori used Sakura made shiver and cry even more. It was like tasting her innocence and he craved to experience more of her. Her body jerked wildly as the puppet master used his chakra strings to secure Sakura's wrists above her head and anchored her to the bedpost. He didn't waste any time tearing off her remaining pieces of clothing.

Sasori resumed his onslaught slowly tracing the kisses down her chest and started to encircle Sakura's breasts with his tongue. He left a moist trail of warm circles around her right swollen breast and move to the opposite side until he could see and feel the puffiness of her engorged areolas. The pink haired captive bit her bottom lip to keep any moans from coming out. Her inexperienced body had never felt the desire Sasori was triggering. The missing-nin smirked at his guest as she thrash about against the desires and lust, it wouldn't be long until she beg him to take her. Until then he would take it slow and concentrate on getting her more fire up by sucking and tenderly biting her nipples.

Little by little, Sakura resolve was slowly fading; small mewing sounds were escaping as she inadvertently arched her backside giving the puppet master more access. Sasori glimpse at Sakura's lust fill eyes and flicked his tongue on her stimulated nipples earning a louder moan each time.

Sasori slowly moved his hands down to her lower bottom, and brush against her sex. In was very intoxicating to a control freak to have a strong woman succumbing to his skillful ministrations. By the way she acted in the beginning Sasori knew this girl was a virgin, which made her more alluring. His hands could feel the moisture and smell the aroma of sex.

Sakura had given up fighting and focused on the attention Sasori; lost in her own yearning she didn't notice Sasori's eyes on her. "It looks like my little princess it starting to enjoy herself," as he kissed Sakura on the lips. Much to her surprised Sakura returned the kiss, "Please untie me, Sasori, I promise I won't run away."

"All in good time, princess, besides you have not shown respect to your master."

Sakura given him a puzzled look, to the best of her knowledge she hadn't insulted the puppet master. He added, "You forgot to add the suffix –sama or if you like call me master." The lustful trance the young kunoichi was in quickly faded as she defiantly remarked, "Like hell, I told you before I'm no ones property."

Sasori paid no attention to her tantrum, as her body language spoke otherwise; "Soon, you'll be under me screaming my name, Sakura."

His placed on finger on her mouth silencing her and moved towards her tummy. He left wet kissed and ticked her stomach with by tracing circles with his ghostily touch. Sakura gasped as Sasori's tongue worked her lower stomach. The lower he went the darker her cheeks blushed. Until today, no man had ever seen her naked and he was about to see her most private area. Sasori pushed the inexperienced girl's legs apart, and chuckled as she offered little resistance. Now he had an unobstructed view of Sakura's soaking aroused pussy. To her disappointment Sasori licked and bit her inner thighs, leaving her vagina untouched for now.

Sakura pulled on her restraints, she was on sensory overload. Her face was flushed, and her moans were bordering on screams. She watched with anticipation as Sasori worshipped her lower body. Her skin was so sensitive and she could feel a burning feeling building in the bottom of her stomach. She weakly pleaded for him to continue his aching caresses.

"Tell me what you want, princess. Exactly what you want," demanded Sasori in seductive tone. "I hate to stop, when we're having so much fun."

Sakura couldn't tell if her cheeks were red from arousal or embarrassment. She didn't feel very comfortable expressing her desires to a stranger. "Please, Sasori-sama, finish what you started."

She was rewarded by the feel of his tongues on her outer lips, and automatically moaned in pleasure. Sasori couls smell the muskiness of her arousal, but forced himself to slow down. He wanted her to feel the bliss of his touch and crave it more and more. Even though her body responded like a pro, her youthfulness demanded him to proceed with caution.

Her hands once more pulled at her bindings, as the touch of his tongue stroked her exposed sex. Sasori unhurriedly licked up her slit and flicked her enlarged inner vulva. In reply Sakura's hips started rocked back and forth, following the rhythm Sasori had set. The puppet master decided to gently restrain her movements as he continuing licking her outer walls. The missing nin thought it was time to experimentally enter her vagina with the tip of his tongue. Sakura screamed in approval as the feeling in her stomach increased ten fold, very soon she would explore from all the attention her captor as showered her with. She pushed herself down, trying to take more of his tongue in her.

Sasori fought his own arousal, and seeing her wetness was a major turn on. The girl below him lost all control and anxiously needed to release. He increase his pace as Sakura moan in encouragement, he didn't want her to cum just yet. He pulled out and slowly licked her outer wall once again. She moaned in frustration at the lost of warmth.

"You need to be patient, Sakura," replied Sasori as he took his left hand and massaged her inner thighs, "You're going to enjoy this." Using his index finger, he gentle starting fingering her pussy. Sakura arched her back like a cat, her eyes were fixated on the site in front her. As she experienced the sensation of one finger, she couldn't help wonder what it would feel like when he took her completely. Sasori added another finger as he increased his speed. Sakura bit her lip as she tried not to call out his name.

Sakura was extremely tight, and her vaginal walls were contracting around Sasori's fingers in spasms. Using the tips of his fingers, he encountered her most sensitive spot and licked it in earnest. The medic's moaning was increasing with each stroke.

She gave a hoarse cry and thrust her pelvis forward in hard jabbing thrusts increasing in rhythm. The puppet master heard her mumbling, "Please Stop! Sasori-sama, I can't take anymore!"

"Quit fighting and let go!"

He increased the pace, as he inserted a third finger. The results were immediate as fluid flowed down her inner area. Sakura looked slightly embarrassed as her essence dripped on the sheets beneath her. Sasori eased slightly, but still used his fingers to pump in and out of her. His captive was on an orgasmic high, and he planned to keep her that way for the time being.

Sasori removed his fingers, and lightly touch the outer pussy. "Look at me, Sakura." He licked the contents off his fingers, "Princess, would you like me to continue."

"Yes, Yes! Sasori-sama, don't stop!"

He resumed his slow torture of her lower area, Sakura was extremely wet which helped to lubricate the way for his fingers into her again. Sasori rubbed slowly in his own rhythm and slowly applied pressure to over sensitive areas. Before her second orgasm could hit, Sasori hastily cut the ropes, and embraced his new lover. Sakura kissed him intensely as his fingers triggered another released.

In Sasori's opinion, her afterglow made her twice as beautiful. Sakura was thoroughly exhausted, but very relaxed. Ino once told her, that sex was the best stress reliever, and she was right.

Sasori couldn't wait to claim her as his, but now wasn't the time. He settled for having her next to him very content. The way the kunoichi responded to ever stroke was addicting: Sasori had made the perfect choice. Sakura sighed and cuddled against his body, not caring about the sweat and smell left behind.

"Did my princess enjoy herself?"

Sakura slightly lifted her head, "Why do you keep calling me princess?"

"You're going to be the center of my puppet collection." Her eyes widen, "You're going to turn me into a puppet."

"Of course not, I would never destroy your beauty. Sleep we'll discuss this later."

Too tired to argue, Sakura pulled the sheets over both of them, and fell into a deep sleep.

It is my first attempt at a lemon, I would love to know how I did. If there is enough request I could make it more than a one-shot.