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Natsuki Kuga stood in Director Fumi's office awaiting her diploma. She had decided to take as many course as possible during the summer after Shizuru's graduation. Natsuki worked so hard she actually graduated during that very same summer and would not be returning to Fuka Gakuen. Director Fumi grabbed the diploma and a package with Natsuki's name on it. She handed them to Natsuki and urged her to open the package at her apartment. Natsuki stubbornly sat in the garden where she met Shizuru for the first time. She opened the package and read the letter that was from her mother.


Natsuki sighed and got up and went to her bike. Today she'd leave Fuka for good. She had already rented an apartment in Kyoto and got transferred from her mechanics job to the shop there. Natsuki looked at the sky and wondered if anything would really work out as she planned.

The wind blew around her body as she drove her motorcycle recklessly down the road. She would find Shizuru no matter what. She had not spent a moment since the end of Carnival thinking about the red eyed girl. Her heart longed for the company of another and only Shizuru's company could fill that void. After the drive Natsuki went directly to new apartment and started unpacking thinking about what Director Fumi had told her.

"Natsuki, I must warn you if you choose to stay in Fuka, the First District will be after you to get Shizuru."

"What? I thought they died?"

"No. When all the Himes were reborn towards the end of the Carnival, any sin committed was undone. However the actions themselves were still remembered and I more than certain the First District holds a secret grudge against you and Ms. Fujino. Also I should warn you. The First District has managed to keep certain things about your past concealed from you. They may try and use these things against you. So Natsuki, tell me, are you going to stay here in Fuka?"

"No, I have already moved everything of mine to Kyoto. I've said my goodbyes. Thank You Director Fumi."

Natsuki looked to her window and stomach growl. She sighed and got up. She had thought of almost everything else, but getting food. She didn't want to drain her account of money just yet. She was truly without anything in and alone in a city where she knew no one except on person who didn't even know she was there. Natsuki walked outside and decide to just walk to the nearest noodle shop. Her stomach growled very loudly as pasted through a large crowd making the occasional person laugh. Natsuki was embarrassed as it was. As she cleared the second block she saw the noodle shop, and also Shizuru walking out of a restaurant not too far from it. Natsuki freaked out and ducked into the shadows. Shizuru was with a tall woman who looked a lot like that American actress Jennifer Connelly, but a tad bit more exotic. Natsuki heart hurt seeing Shizuru with someone else, but she thought to herself I deserve this after all I couldn't come clean with my feelings. However Shizuru wasn't smiling and then a man came out behind Shizuru resting his hand on her shoulders. Natsuki guessed that this must be Shizuru's father. The woman bowed in respect to the man and shook Shizuru's hand. Natsuki sighed when she saw that the man left with the woman leaving Shizuru by herself.

"Think Natsuki…think"

Natsuki pulled out her cell phone. She had thought a million times before I should call and today she would. She watched as she dialed Shizuru number and saw Shizuru reach into purse and pull the phone out. Natsuki saw Shizuru's expression go from her blank emotionless expression to sorrowful one. Why? Why aren't you happy that I'm calling? Come on, answer it Shizuru I want to hear your voice. The phone picked up.

"Natsuki, I'm sorry I never called to tell you about me leaving."

Natsuki stayed silent for awhile as Shizuru voice lingered against her ears. It washed over her being until her stomach furiously growled.

"Natsuki are you okay? Natsuki…"

"I'm fine. Just really hungry. I didn't know you had left Fuka." Natsuki lied.

"Oh, you didn't notice."

"It's not that. I took two times the summer course load at Fuka Gakuen."

"Is that so. Speaking of which aren't you happy that the new semester starts next week. I'm sure you'll be happy to be with Mai again."

"I graduated…"


"I graduated today. I had a personal meeting with Director Fumi this morning and washed my hands clean of Fuka."

"Washed your hands clean of Fuka?"

"Sorry for being so vague. I moved away from Fuka. Too many bad memories."

Natsuki watched Shizuru stare up into the sky with a pained look on her face. Damn it she interpreted that wrong.

"I see. You know you should come and visit me. We could share a room."

"Are you daft!" Natsuki blushed and watched a smile grow on Shizuru's face.

"Ara, Natsuki must be blushing right now." Shizuru paused and looked at her watch. "I have to go Natsuki. I have my traditional arts class and then I have to go to school at the university."

"Okay, goodbye Shizuru. I will definitely think about visiting as soon as I can."

They hung up with each other and Natsuki quickly darted across the street into the noodle shop. Shizuru looked to her left and saw what appeared to be beautiful blue hair trailing into a shop and instantly thought of Natsuki. She wanted to check it out, but she was running late. The two girls were moments away from each other and eagerly awaiting each others company.

Mini Feed

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