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Living Forever In You AU

By kara papas

Chapter 21 – An Epilogue For Lovers

After one intense night of love the couple decided that it was simple enough to say they were stuck with each for the end of their days and perhaps even beyond that. The sheer romantic unreality of their love was never tested or questioned. It was until they finally removed their friends' presence were they able to do what they wished.

Shizuru graduated from college with a degree in criminal justice. It wasn't something that Rika Fujino enjoyed, but Hanzo Fujino found rather amusing. Natsuki ended up going to college and finalizing her career choices in the most interesting turn of events. She got a degree in business, and decided to pursue her education further to keep her beloved amused. The raven haired women got her masters and ended up working with the Fujino Corporation as a junior partner.

As the years passed Natsuki and Shizuru never seemed to grow apart. If anything were possible their love grew stronger. At a certain point they both had to make a decision that would tempt fate itself. They wanted to return to Fuuka. They're return would either be meant with danger or triumph. Only the setting sun would tell.

A beautiful sunset scorched all the horizon as two women sat on a cliff side. The way the light reflect across the ocean shown in such a picturesque fashion from red to rich green. Their hands clasped together as they sighed deeply. The distant sounds of sirens could be heard drawing closer and closer. The wind picked up just a little more as if to carry the sounds of the sirens closer.

"Ne, Shizuru, can you believe it's been this long?" A rich husky female voice said.

"Ten years isn't so long is it?" Shizuru sighed. "Natsuki, we did it though."

"Yes, we did. And it will never end..." Natsuki said in the happiest tone she could as she tossed a dozen calla lilies into the water. Shizuru stood behind Natsuki and held her as tightly as she possibly could.

"She would be so proud. You know she loved you with all her heart." As Shizuru said the sounds of vehicle were wildly close. She looked over her shoulder like an angry goddess. Her eyes followed the motions of the police vehicles and emergency vans with each turn they took. Natsuki's hands tightened around Shizuru's arms.

"Don't..." Natsuki's voice pleaded. "We've only been here for four months. This can't happen now."

Shizuru red eyes glared harder as the head vehicle slowed and then parked not too far from them. As the door open a man in uniform stepped out and walked towards.

"What do you want?" Shizuru protested. The man in the uniform grimaced under the stare.

"Fuuka Gauken is under attack by a rouge corporation madam." The man's voice said sternly. "We need your help."

Natsuki let go and stood by Shizuru.

"Well Chief Fujino..." a husky voice whispered. "Will you need the assistance of a Junior CEO?"

Shizuru sighed and she looked at Natsuki and back to the officer.

"Tell them to head out. I'll signal you when most of the threat level is gone." The officer nodded and smiled.

"Save some for the guys boss! Same goes to Kuga!"

The two grinned.

"Kiyohime!" "Duran!"

And with that two sailed off into the sunset towards Fuuka Gauken. Living their lives the best way they knew how.

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