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Chapter 1

Sinister Seat Plans are the Roots of All Evil

It's September first, and I'm looking at the beginning of the final year of my education, here in the infrastructure that I have so called my home. Hogwarts.

"Earth to Hermione! Ellooo!"

Way the go to Ron. Such a talent you have bulldozing sentimental moments of mine.

"Oi Hermione! Don't just stand there. The feast is about to start." hollers my red headed friend once again.

"Don't shout Ronald. You're scaring the first years." I reprimand as I walk with him to our table.

"Who cares? I'm a seventh year now. I can do anything!"

I can't help but smile upon seeing his boyish actions. He's more than bearable to be with that way. He's so liberated and so carefree. I envy him sometimes.

We saw Harry, already seated and talking animatedly with Ginny. They make such a great couple. I wish they could see that too.

"Hi you guys!"

"Hey! Guess what?" piped in Ginny.

"What?" Ron and I asked.

"Percy's got himself into trouble with a hippogriff and got his arse kick –"

"Literally! Haha!" exclaimed Harry, barely containing his laughter.


"Yeah! And now, he can't even sit even if his life depends on it!"

"But wait, how come you know this and I don't?" asked Ron.

"Just heard it from Fred and George before boarding the train. They told me that I shouldn't "spread it 'round school and should try to show sympathy to my backstabbing good for nothing brother". Which actually means that I'm free to gossip it all over the place."

Ron released a snort. "The bloody old git deserves it. I could just imagine it now. Percy being his snotty, suck up self, making declarations about himself being the ruler of the world, then here comes the hippogriff – o bless that bird! Err, I mean horse. Whatever – that blessed creature flying down to the rescue and hitting that sick bum right on the spot!" He paused to wipe off his imaginary tears. "It suddenly made the whole world better."

With that statement of his, we all laughed. And thus started, with frolicsome laughter, the Golden Trio's last year in Hogwarts.


Charms, our very first subject on our very first day of classes. I must confess that I am quite excited out of my wits. I have finished reading our book over the summer (Standard Book of Spells, Grade Seven) and I can't believe we're going to do so many incredible things this yea—what is THAT?

"What's that written on the board?" asked Ron.

Professor Flitwick, who was standing at his usual spot standing on tons of books, started answering him, "Why, thank you for asking Mr. Weasley, it's actually a –"

"Seat plan?!" Harry and I chorused.

"Well yes, you're quite right Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger."

"But –"

"What for?!"

"I'll explain everything as soon as everyone has taken their proper seats Mr. Finnigan." said Professor Flitwick, giving a stern look to Seamus, and another one to the rest of the class as we were whining and complaining (most of the whining came from Ron though). "C'mon people, chop chop!"

And so with that command, I started to search for my name in the so called "seat plan". I look at the first row of names. Nope, no Hermione Granger there. Second row, no. Third row, no Hermione either. What's going on? Fourth row, not there. Oh don't tell me Professor Flitwick forgot my name! Then I look at the fifth row, no Hermione Granger there either. Oh Merlin, oh Merlin, oh Merlin. The last row of names … there's my name! Phew, finally! I thought I was left forgotten or something. Okay, so who's my seatmate?

May all things be cursed right here and now.

Don't tell me. Oh bloody Merlin, don't tell me.

Of all the students in the classroom, I get paired up with him? HIM?!

Might as well kill me now.

Right now.


I can't believe I'm "seatmates" with Draco Malfoy.

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