Part 3: For Those Who Believe in Happily Ever Afters

Post-'Conqueror of Shamballa'

"I saw Edward Elric that day," said Roy suddenly. I looked up from my work and went over to stand beside him sympathetically, helping him to set his old desk back in order. It was his first day reinstated as a Colonel. Things had… happened since our promise. I feared for a long time that it was in vain, but him being here again… it was like a renewal of vows.

"He is well, then- wherever he is?" I asked carefully.

Roy didn't reply but he nodded hesitantly.

"He's not coming back, is he?"

"No… he's beyond the gate for good now," said Roy.

"Well don't you dare go blaming this on yourself as well," I replied resolutely. "There was nothing you, or anyone, could have done."

"You don't really believe that, do you, Lieutenant?"

"I do."

Roy just shook his head.

"All set," I said eventually, "you can get started on your work now, sir- God knows there's a lot of it since you left."

"Of course," he groaned in the old way.

I smiled a little, "it's necessary. Just think- there'll be even more work as Fuhrer of the country. Is it worth it?"

Roy grinned too, then, as he sat down at his desk, "yes."

I slid a hand onto his shoulder and squeezed it gently, "good luck, sir."

"Thank you, Lieutenant."

I saluted, before crouching down a little to whisper in his ear, "you know, Roy- if you ever leave me behind like that again, I'll shoot you."

"I know, Riza, baby," he replied softly and I kissed his cheek quickly, before 'accidentally' kicking him as I walked back over to my own desk- forcing myself to ignore the amused glance Havoc shot me through the crack in the door as he passed by the office. He grinned, "I'd never think of leaving you again."


Three Years Later

It's not as though I never thought it would happen… but I was still quite shocked when I opened the door around six in the morning and was immediately greeted by Roy, already dressed and ready, picking me up and swinging me around like a child. I chuckled a little and smothered it in his shoulder- noticing a moment later that I had laid my head upon the insignia of a Fuhrer president. I withdrew a little, eyes wide and shivering in my thin white pyjamas, "you…?"

"Finally, huh, Rize?"

I smiled and hugged him tight, "yeah… finally." He closed the door to keep the cold out and I led him into the living room- still in a bit of a stupor. He'd done it. He'd finally done it- become the Fuhrer. "Wait here, I'll get you some tea," I said softly.

He followed me into the kitchen anyway but I didn't bother complaining- not even when his arms settled around my waist and he adamantly refused to let go as I attempted to boil the water while being clung to by a humanoid monkey. Hayate trotted into the kitchen a little while later with a sort of 'what in the world…?' look on his face- and who could blame him? He usually wouldn't be awake for hours yet. I shook my hips a little to free myself of Roy's grasp and bent down to rub Hayate's head while he took the kettle off. "Hey, Buraha," I said, "wanna go congratulate daddy?"

I couldn't help but laugh as Roy almost dropped the kettle upon his spare hand being suddenly subjected to the pup's rough, slobbery tongue.

"What's so funny?" he asked, pouting, while Hayate turned to give me much the same look.

"Nothing- just Hayate's doggy-kisses."

Roy just grinned. "I'd rather his mommy's kisses."

"And I'd rather have my tea before it gets cold," I said, taking the kettle from him and almost dropping it myself, since he had the handle and it was still as hot as hell's flame.

"Judging by your reaction, there's no chance of that happening anytime soon," said Roy, putting it down and slipping his arms around my waist, leaning his forehead against mine with a light chuckle.

I gave him a quick kiss on the nose and ducked out of the way again, carefully pouring my tea and his and adding milk to mine before taking both cups out into the sitting room. Shaking his head and grinning, Roy followed me. We talked for a while of the meeting last night where he had been appointed Fuhrer, and when I asked why I hadn't been immediately informed, he said that it was because he'd had to drive all night to get someplace and back. I was about to ask him to elaborate, but I didn't have to,

"I dealt with the fraternization law last night. And I… went to get this," he was holding out a small box to me and he opened it to reveal a beautiful ring. I'm not going to go into the details or try to describe it to you, because I don't know a thing about jewellery, but anyone could see that it was gorgeous. My breath caught in my throat and he smiled at me hopefully. "No matter how many times I tried to practise this in front of the mirror, it never sounded the same twice, so lets just hope I don't screw up when it matters." He paused here and took my left hand in his free one, bringing it to his lips gently. "Riza Hawkeye, will you marry me?"

"Havoc would laugh so hard if I said no," I mused aloud and the most hilarious expression passed over Roy's face as I practically ruined our special moment. "But I hear enough out of him as it is…" I added. "So, yes, Roy. I'll marry you."

Roy slipped the ring onto my finger, grinning broadly and I was smiling too, as I leaned in to give him his first legal taste of me.


I pulled away from Roy, who was looking about as annoyed as I felt.

Someone else at the door? At 6:30 in the morning?

"See, guys? I told you he'd be here!" said Havoc, grinning as he pushed his way past Roy into the living room- followed, soon after, by Falman, Brosh, Maria, Fuery, Armstrong (oh, Good Lord…), Breda, Alphonse (who was adorable and almost fourteen years old), Gracia, Elysia, Sheska and Winry. "Hey, man!! Grumman called and told me you'd been promoted to Fuhrer President! So of course, I gathered up the gang and we all came down here to congratulate you!!"

"How- how did you even know I'd be here?" asked Roy and I smiled a little as I realised how much he was trying to sound happy about it.

"Oh, that's easy," said Havoc, waving it off casually. "We just figured that if you weren't at home, you'd be down here proposing to Riza."

"Remind me why we trusting him with that secret?" Roy whispered to me glumly.

"Like we had a choice considering what he and Fuery interrupted," I murmured back and we both turned around simultaneously to turn equally bright and equally fake smiles on our guests.

"So?" Gracia asked happily, "do I hear wedding bells, or not?!"

I sighed miserably upon realising that I was about to admit to being engaged in a room occupied by four women and a little girl whose lifelong dream was probably to be a flowergirl.

"Well?!" she probed, eyes wide.

I looked at Roy, who smiled sympathetically, and nodded- suddenly deafened by those four women, plus Elysia, screaming their lungs out… Still, it was better than Roy's predicament. Seconds after my tiny nod, he'd found himself thumped on the back by every man in the room- not least of all, Armstrong, who had practically hammered him into the ground.

"We're doomed aren't we?" Roy muttered under his breath and I nodded.

"Do you reckon it's even worth it?"

Roy took me in his arms and kissed me lightly, even though the others were already watching in awe. "Riza," he whispered in my ear, "I swear, I would find a way to resurrect Maes and buy him 50 million cenz worth of cameras and film just to see you smile."

I giggled softly and kissed him back. "Now that's devotion…"

"You'd better believe it."