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Every Which way but loose

The sun rays glistened through the glass windows of Alisa's guestroom and Trisha's eyes slowly fluttered open. This was the only night where she actually got through the night without listening to Cameron's cries of sorrow. She got up slowly, changing in to a pair of black jeans, her favourite black leather boots, a tight "Rebel" shirt and a small tight leather jacket. Trisha decided to ditch the bling today because diamonds don't really match street fighting outfits. Trisha shuffled through the kitchen, out of Alisa, Joel, Serena and herself, she was both the early bird and the night owl which amazed everyone.

Trisha was a great cook, anything you wanted you got it. Trisha stormed the room doing her thing and it wasn't long until the delicious smell of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, hot chips, melted cheese on toast and spring rolls filled the nostrils of Joel and Alisa. Just as Trisha was putting down the different types of Coffees Alisa and Joel flew into the kitchen and Serena flew through the door.

"Woah, settle down the food won't run" said Trisha

"We know, but dude your cooking is irresistible" replied Joel who was stuffing his face.

"Did you call Alison?" asked Serena who was sipping on her Cappuccino.

"Nah, couldn't be bothered besides she would be at work by now" replied Trisha.

"Don't bet on that" replied Alisa.


"Grace called me and reported to me that while she was in the hospital today the whole hospital was gossiping about what happened yesterday between Wilson, Cuddy and House. Cuddy didn't show up for work, Cameron called in sick, House came in with a major hangover and he and Wilson are not talking to each other, this is really bad" said Alisa

"Cameron really has gone and done it now" said Joel

"Man what did I do to deserve this?" asked Trisha.

"It's not your fault Trish, look you are very good at solving these types of problems, you'll figure it out and besides you're the wise one" said Serena

After breakfast the group decided to split and take their daily morning patrols through the streets of New Jersey, all was clear for now.

Alison Cameron didn't feel like going to work today, her body was drained from crying all night, so she called in work and said she had a dose of the flu, she knew it was Chase's day off and she really wanted to make things right between them. She knew she was in the wrong for doing what she did but hey it was sweet, sweet revenge. She got up to find Chase sitting at the bedside with a cup of strong coffee, he actually came home that night but slept on the couch. Chase even though was angry at Cameron for doing what she did, he was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and work this out. He had to admit it though her plan to give House a dose of his own medicine and humiliating him in front of the whole entire hospital was pure genius, if only he was there to see it.

"Morning" said Cameron

"How did you sleep love?" asked Chase

"Not so good, I feel very bad about what happened"

"Hey, It's ok I want to work this out with you and even though what you did was wrong it was good to know that House finally got what was coming to him"

"What about the things that Trish said?"

"Well, it's not like you're cheating on me with him, yes I know that you have feelings for him and they don't go away after only a few months, these things will take time and I'm willing to give you that"

Tears came down her eyes, he had given her another chance and that's what she needed. She and Chase then shared a passionate kiss that would only last for a few seconds when Trisha came through the door.

"Alison, Chase?"

"In here Trish" replied Cameron

"You work things out?"

"Yeah we did"

"Thank God"

"What are you going to do about Wilson, Cuddy and House?"

"Well Ally, you have done a very fine job, House came in with a hangover, Cuddy didn't show up to work , Wilson and House's friendship is hanging on by a thread and the not only the hospital but the whole of New Jersey is gossiping about it."

"I feel rotten, I should confess and apologise"

"Oh no" replied Chase

"That's not a good idea, on a number of levels. One Cuddy would fire you, Wilson would never speak to you again and House will forever hate you, best to not say anything" said Trisha.

"She's right, besides let them feel what it's like to be humiliated and have their world torn to shreds, calls for good entertainment" said Chase

"Now Chase we can't do that, never take pleasure in one's pain no matter how much they deserve it, we caused the problem therefore we have to fix it"

"Are you serious?" asked Chase


"I'm going to get the lowdown from Cuddy and Wilson and see if I can talk sense into them, House well he knows about me he'll be useless to talk to but it's worth a try"

"Sounds good" replied Cameron.

"You better get some more sleep, you look like hell."

Meanwhile the hospital was talking about the incident, nurses whispered, Doctors discussed it and patients laughed about it. As House staggered through the hospital, everyone started pointing, laughing and talking about it. Wilson was getting quite a bit to. People gave him pitiful looks, people whispered behind him and people gave him condolences. House felt like crap, whenever he saw Wilson he just stormed past him with his head down.

It was without a doubt, Dr Gregory House was the laughing stock of New Jersey.

The one person he blamed for this was Cameron she somehow got hold of Trisha's information about him and Cuddy and got Wilson to catch them on purpose. It was also Trisha's fault for telling her but he didn't blame her she was her sister and she thought she could trust her. His blood boiled, how dare she pull this stunt, he now hated her so much that he was willing to destroy everything she loved but there was just one problem. Trisha and the Street fighters of New Jersey, they dominated the streets, controlled every single situation, watched people liked hawks and Trisha well she was very famous for beating confessions out of criminals, he wouldn't dare cross her path otherwise she would be the last person on Earth that he would ever see. So he would use the same trick on her that she used on him and cuddy, seduce her, use her to get his pleasure, make her believe that he loves her and then make sure that Chase catches them in the hospital and when she looses him she will crawl back to him and then will he slam her down and tell her that it meant nothing to him and completely shatter her world that it wouldn't be worth living for. Little did he know that these choices and events will take the life of someone close to Cameron and he will live to regret the decision for the rest of his life. If only he knew.

Trisha stepped into the hospital only to be greeted with stares and smiles, people admired this woman, they knew all about her and most of them applauded her for her quick thinking. This however did not please Trisha, not one little bit. She hated being the centre of attention. Wilson then bumped into Trisha.

"Oh sorry, you must be Trisha, Cameron's sister pleasure and an honour to meet you"


"I just wanted to say thanks to you and Joel for stopping us before we did something that we would have regretted"

"Hey, it's my job, you think we can go inside your office to talk in private"

"This is about Cuddy and House eh?" said Wilson looking down at his shoes.

"Hey, you got to get this sorted out and patch things up with Cuddy"

"Ok wise owl" smiled Wilson

"That's my middle name" smirked Trisha

Trisha and Wilson stepped inside his office and Wilson locked the door.

"Well I don't have anything to say to her, I hate her"

"No you don't, you love her"

"I'm not a very good liar aren't I?"

"Well you are to any other normal person but not to me I know too much about human nature"

"What can I say to her?"

"I honestly believe you should express to her what is in your heart, give her a chance to explain things, I'm sure it was just a mistake."

"Then why did she go to him over and over again?"

"I guess she got addicted, it's been a long time since she was sexually intimate with anyone and with you working all the time I guess she got lonely. You have to understand that. After you left Cuddy sank to her knees and said "I love you" you can ask Joel and Alisa they heard it as well. When Alisa took her home she said Cuddy was crying for four hours."


"Well Duh, why do you think I'm here?"

"To set things straight?"


"Is it too late to talk this through with her?"

"It's never too late"

Wilson then quickly grabbed his coat, ran down to the entrance door, jumped into his car and went off to Cuddy's to give it another shot. Trisha with a smile on her face, slowly talked into her earpiece that she had hidden in her ear.

"Alisa, Joel his headed your way"

"Got it, over and Out" replied Alisa

Wilson was nervous as a teenager waiting for his first date as he approached the front door and gently knocked on it. Alisa and Joel were hiding behind the thick bushes. After several knocks Cuddy finally stepped out, in a robe, hair tousled and tears stained cheeks...she had been crying.

Seeing Wilson made her want to jump for joy but a small part of her was telling her to close the door in his face, she didn't deserve him but her heart told her to let him in.

"Wilson, what brings you here?"

"Can I come in we have to talk about reconciling our relationship"

Cuddy's heart sang for joy, forgiveness was hard to get in this world so she took to opportunity to seize it. So she stepped aside and Wilson shuffled in.

Cuddy took a seat on the couch and Wilson sat opposite to her.

"Trisha, told me what happened after I stormed out"

"Tragic isn't it?"

"No, not really look I'm still angry with you about the thing with House, if you were lonely and needed someone you could've just talked to me"

"I know and I feel so bad about what happened, it just got out of hand."

"Do you love me Lisa?"

"God yes and I made a huge mistake when I slept with House"

"Well I love you enough to forgive you and give you another chance besides I now know how my ex wife felt when I cheated on her."

Cuddy laughed while at the same time cried and flew into his arms, the two sharing a beautiful hug. Alisa and Joel who were watching through the window with huge smiles on their faces as they watched Cuddy and Wilson head off to the bedroom to "make it up to each other."

"Alisa to eagle one"


"Mission accomplish"

With that Trisha sighed a sigh of relief, at least that part was over but she still had the issue of Wilson's friendship with House to deal with.

She was now worried about Cameron working with House, knowing that House will do anything to destroy Cameron's life after what she did made her stomach turned. It made her feel uneasy. Why was she feeling this way? Her instincts were telling her that House was planning something but she didn't know what so the only way for her to deal with this was to get either Grace or Adam to keep a very close eye on House's every move. She didn't trust him at all.

As Trisha went to her car she turned to see House staring out of his balcony looking at her. Her body shuddered he was definitely planning something. It was now time for her to turn into bad cop and no longer play the game by the rules. She will play House's game however she will play by her own rules and the streets never do play fair. She gave him a glare that shot daggers at him, almost like a warning to him to back off or feel the full force.

"This job is turning me every which way but loose" muttered Trisha as she drove home listening to that song.

I've always been the kind of man who doesn't believe in strings Long term obligations are just unnecessary things But girl you've got me thinkin', while I'm drinking one more beer If I'm headed for a heartache, then why the hell am I still here

I'm testin' my resistance and its wearin' mighty thin I got the feelin' I should leave before the roof caves in My mind tells me to move along but my body begs me stay And now I feel the need to hold you close and love the night away

While you're turnin' me Every which way but loose You turn me every which way but loose Inside the fire's burnin' me In mind you just keep turnin' me Every which way but loose Baby there's no excuse To turn me every which way but loose

When the sun comes up in the mornin' it should find me someplace new But right this minute all I want is to lay here next to you Those memories still keep callin' me from somewhere in my past Better hurry if they want me cause I can feel me fading fast

While you're turnin' me Every which way but loose You turn me every which way but loose Inside the fire's burnin' me In mind you just keep turnin' me Every which way but loose Baby there's no excuse To turn me every which way but loose

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