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Han lay down on his bunk in the Millennium Falcon, staring at the ceiling, thinking about all the times he had done that, all the years he had spent staring at that one piece of wiring sticking out, knowing he should just get up and go fix something. Something always needed fixing.

This time he had a damn good reason not to move. Luke was sleeping next to him, using his shoulder as a pillow.

Luke. In another reality, his husband. His bondmate. Han reached out with his thoughts to touch Luke's dreaming mind, and smiled with wonder. Linked. Forever.

It should scare the hell out of him but it was still too wonderful, too new, to really feel real yet.

"We there yet?" mumbled a sleepy voice into his ear, and the smile widened.

How could someone who had gone through so much sound like a kid so often?

"Nah, go back to sleep," he replied.

Luke moved in his arms, and pushed up so that he could look down on Han's face. He grinned.

"What if I don't want to sleep anymore?"

Han grinned back, and pulled the younger man down for a kiss. One kiss turned to many, and sleep was soon forgotten.

It didn't feel the same as it had in the other reality. They were different people, with different experiences, different bodies, but... loving Luke physically felt as right as loving him emotionally.

o o o

"You know, from where I come from, newly bonded couples go away on their own, for a vacation where they are supposed to do nothing but have sex for days on end," Han said musingly after their passion had been satisfied for the moment.

"On Tatooine they would just move on the farm that was more prosperous, or sometimes build a new home, and go back to work."

Han had to laugh. "Figures that we'd do both."

Luke joined in his laugh.

They did, anyway – they were back at work but the mission should leave them plenty of time to have loads of sex. And Falcon was Han's home, had been for years. Luke had officially moved in now, leaving his X-wing at Coruscant.

They had even, after much debate, left the droids to Leia. Not that they didn't want R2 but to imagine Goldenrod on their romantic getaway... No.

"What did the mission brief say, anyway?" Han asked after a moment of basking.

"You still didn't read the datapad?"

"I checked the coordinates," Han defended himself, and dodged Luke's half-hearted swat.

"Weird rumours. Ghosts. Nothing deadly, just odd. We're to investigate."

"Sounds like fun."

"Well, with our track record, I'd be willing to bet it's anything but simple in the end."

"There you go, now you've jinxed it."

o o o o o o o

To be continued in "I Have A Bad Feeling About This"