By: BlackNinjaWarrior93

A crossover of Inuyasha and Futurama. Hope you enjoy!

The Beginning Chapter

One day, Inuyasha and the gang were all hanging all around the well waiting for Kagome to continue searching for the secret jewel shards. Inuyasha yelling as usual, "What's taking her so long?!" Miroku sighed and said, "You have to be patient, Inuyasha. I'm pretty sure Kagome is on her way now!" Inuyasha sighed, "I'm bored." Shippo said, "But we've been sitting here for 1 minute now! Just wait patient like Miroku said, OK?!" "Whatever..." responded Inuyasha. While they were sitting there, all of the sudden a purple and black hole appeared in the air right next to Inuyasha and the gang. Inuyasha shouted, "What the hell---?!" He and the others stared at the strange big hole. Shippo scared and shaking, "What is that thing?!" " really don't know Shippo..." said Miroku with a surprised expression on his face. Curious Kelala ran to the hole to find out what it is. "Kelala!" shouted Sango. "Step away from it! It might suck you in! Kelala listened to Sango ran back.

Inuyasha stepped forward in front of the gang and walked to the hole. "Inuyasha, what are you doing?!" shouted Sango. "Get away from the hole!" "Will you shut up?!" Inuyasha shouted back. "Ok, if something happens to you, don't blame us!" said Shippo. Inuyasha stepped really close to the hole. It wasn't sucking him in. "This isn't a sucking hole..." said Inuyasha. "It's just some strange hole just floating in the air...hmmm that's very we..." BAAAAAMMMM!!! Something big got out the hole and hit Inuyasha right in the forehead! "INUYASHA!!!" screamed everyone frightened. Inuyasha was flying in the air and then crashed in to some trees that were around the environment. Inuyasha ugghed and passed out. The others looked up in the air.

Some flying thing was in the air and came toward the gang. "What is that thing?!" shouted Shippo frightened. "It's a bird!" said Miroku. "No! It's one of Naraku's demons!" said Sango. "It's a..." Shippo stopped. A green and red ship came toward them landing. "AHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Shippo. "ALIENS!!! THEY HAVE CAME TO INVADE OUR WORLD!!!" "But aliens ride in UFOs!" said Miroku. "That's true." said Sango. The ship finally landed. The gang was just standing there staring at the landed ship expecting someone to come out of it. The door opened and the ship released stairs from the botton of it and the stairs landed safely on the ground. A guy with orange spikey hair, an old man with a weird-shaped head, a female cyclops alien, a robot, a Chinese girl all wearing pink, a black guy with brown hair and wears glasses, and a red lobster.

All of them walked down the stairs and stepped toward Shippo and the gang. Are these guys friends or foes? Why did they come here? What did they want? Find out in the next chapter!!!

To Be Continued...