As the two students made their way to the Nurse's Office, they had no one stopping them.


Everyone was parting like the Red Sea.


Because they knew Hermione had to give birth. They didn't want to impede her at all.

"Breathe in and out," the Nurse calmly told Hermione, whose face was writhe with pain and fury.

Hermione was short of breath. She couldn't do this. She was only, what? Eighteen years old? Nineteen years old?

Did that really matter now?

"It…wants…out…" Hermione panted, "I…can't…do…this…I'm…trying…to…push…a…fridge…through…a…straw…"

"You can do this," Harry soothed, "Just take a breath and ready yourself."

"You…" Hermione seethed, "Did…this…to…ME!"

"Hermione, please…" Harry calmed her down, "Yeah, I may or may not have done this to you, but at least I'm here, by your side."

Hermione felt a pang of pain. She groaned out of agony.

"Alright, sweetheart," the Nurse rolled up her sleeves, "Like it or not, here it comes! On three, Granger…one…two…three, PUSH!"

Hermione screamed in pain as she pushed with all her might.

She gripped Harry's hand for support, squeezing it as she tried to push the baby out.

The Nurse felt something in her hands as she cupped them around a slick, slippery sphere.

The head was out!

"That's it, Hermione!" she cheered, "I can feel the head! Give it one more push! One more, then the baby's out!"

Hermione panted. This was it. Do or die.

She closed her eyes, scrunched her face, squeezed Harry's hand, and then pushed.

She could feel the baby slide out of her body, though right now she could only focus on pushing.

"That's it!" the Nurse cried in joy, "IT'S OUT!"

After the newborn's first cry, the umbilical cord being cut off, the baby's wash, etc.; Harry thought that this was the happiest moment ever.

Here he was, eighteen, nineteen years old, a father.

A father, and damn proud of it.

"What's her name?" the Nurse asked, curious, "What are you going to call her?"

Hermione was asleep with her child, resting, she needed it, too.

So our Mr. Potter answered for her.

He let out a deep sigh. He recalled everything that he and Hermione had been through, everything, all the way back to when they first met on the Hogwarts Express.

"Gallifrey," he replied, a smile coming to his lips, "Gallifrey Ursula Potter."

Hermione woke up, yawning. "Mweeeeeer…Harry? Did you say something…?"

Harry sighed, the bloody grin never leaving his face. "Yes, I did."

Hermione blinked a few times, trying to feel awake. "Is the baby named…?" she asked, still tired.

Harry nodded. "Yes. Gallifrey Ursula Potter. That's our baby's name now."

"Gallifrey…? Sounds…nice…it fits…the…girl…well…" Hermione sighed, still a little bit tired.