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In This

Chapter 2 -

Brooke stood on the bathroom stool as she studied her stomach in the mirror. She poked it a few times as she mumbled incoherent words about being pudgy and fat.

Brooke isn't your typical fat girl. In fact, she's not fat, nowhere near it. And that's what she thought too, until they convinced her otherwise.

What had started out as a pretty simple girl's night in turned into an ugly disaster...

"Hey mom." Brooke said after letting out a yawn. Brooke is definitely not a morning person.

"Oh, hey sweetie, good morning." Her mother who was dressed in her work attire replied and gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning." Brooke replied as she moved a stray hair off her face. "We're still all on for tonight, right?"

"Actually." The middle aged woman cleared her throat and directed her eyes towards her daughter. "Your father and I both just recieved notice about last minute meetings. I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's fine." Brooke gave a soft smile to hide the frown that was about to appear.

"Okay, great. I knew you'd understand. Me and your father will probably be out late so why don't you invite the girl's over. Here's some money. Gotta go, have fun." The woman said quickly before she grabbed her briefcase and dashed out the door.

Brooke drew out a loud sigh as made her way to the fridge and grabbed a carton of milk. Then a bowl, and lastly a half empty box of Cap'n Crunch.

As she shoved another spoonful into her mouth, she realized that she shouldn't be upset. Why would she? This was no different than what happened last week, or the week before, or even the week prior to that. Her parents always had "last minute" meetings and always had to cancel plans with her. They cared more about work than their daughter's happiness.


Brooke was actually enjoying herself. She was spending her night with her two best friends, Peyton and Haley. This was way better than spending the night with her parents while they discussed politics during dinner.

The girls were all laughing at some cheesy movie that they had found on HBO while flipping through the channels at two in the morning. Her parents had come home about an hour ago and as Brooke guessed they were probably sleeping.

After the movie neared the end and all the ice cream, popcorn, and other chips and candy were finished, Peyton whispered something in Haley's ear causing Haley to nod and stand up.

"Guys, where are you going?"

"Come and see." The two giggled as they ran out into the hallway.

"Try and stay quiet." Brooke complained. "I don't want my parents to wake up."

Before Brooke could even realize what was happening the three of them were in the bathroom, Peyton kneeling on the cold tiled floor in the bathroom.

Brooke stood there, mouth agape. The three of them had been friends forever and she never knew this was what the two had been doing. Sure, they were extremely skinny, skinnier than Brooke not that Brooke's not skinny, but still. She'd never thought anything of it.

After the two had finished their "business" and brushed their teeth with the toothbrushes they had brought along for their sleep-over, they turned to the brunette.

"Guys." Brooke said quietly and slowly. "You shouldn't have done that, especially not in my house. You shouldn't be doing it period."

"How else would we stay so skinny? In fact, you're getting a little on the chubby side." Peyton giggled. "You should try."

"Ugh. Um no thanks. Let's just go to sleep."

"Suit yourself."


Brooke tossed and turned in her bed. Were her friends right? Was she chubby? Maybe she should try what they did...just once! She stood up and walked slowly drowning out her friends' light snores. Once she stepped into the hallway she made sure her parents were still sleeping. Her question was answered when she heard snores coming from down the hall. She tiptoed into her bathroom and studied herself in the mirror. She had gained some, not a lot, of weight in the past month or so. But it wasn't like she weighed so much to begin with.

After studying herself in the mirror for ten minutes her mind came to a conclusion that she was indeed getting fat. Without another thought she forced herself to throw up. Just this once, she told herself, just this once.


She stepped down from the stool, ready to start her next wonderful day at wonderful rehab.


"Rise and shine, buddy. Are you ready to start day 35?"

Lucas groaned as the sun overtook his eyes. It was 6:30 AM, way too early to be woken up. Lucas rubbed his eyes, yawned and sat up as he watched his room mate, Mike, open up the window curtains allowing the sunshine to peer through.

"How can you be so upbeat all the time?" Lucas mumbled in a sleepy tone. For the past month and few days he'd been in rehab he'd still not gotten used to waking up so early.

"Because. I'd rather be here than at home where my dad drinks a lot causing my little sister to cry and my parents to fight constantly."

"At least you still have both your parents." Lucas mumbled as he rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"Right, sorry."

Lucas held his hand up and nodded signaling that it was okay.

After a few minutes he got up to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth.

As he reached out for the toothpaste his scars on his arm caught his eye like they did every morning. He ran his hand over the diminishing lines. He hated how some people called him 'emo' for cutting. He's not emo. He's just a troubled kid.

Lucas Scott cuts himself. Lucas Scott is in rehab.


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