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"Bella, it will be fun." Edward told me as we walked out of my house. He was trying to get me to watch scary movies with him and his brothers and sisters. No way was that going to happen, but then again he was dazzling me.

"Fine." I said, giving.

"Great, Alice wants you to stay over so leave a note for Charlie and I'll go and get your stuff together." Before I could protest he was gone. So I walked over to the counter, pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. I scribbled, almost unable to read,


Alice invited me to stay the night at there house, for movie night, if you need me you know the number.



Just as I finished, I felt two strong cold arms come around my waist. Cool breath on my neck. "Bella," He whispered in my ear. "Nobody will be able to read that. I can barely read it and I have perfect eye sight."

He expected me to write a note to Charlie when he was dazzling me like this, I think not. After a moment he seemed to realize that I wasn't going to move, he laughed lightly and took his right hand from my waist and flipped the paper over. Then he grabbed my right hand and re-wrote the note. After he was finished it was legible and it looked like my writing. He laughed again when he saw me stare at the paper for a moment, but the truth was I was hoping he would forget about making me watch movies all night. No such hope.

"Let's go, Bella. Alice wants to play Barbie today." I paled, if that was possible. Edward laughed again. God, I loved his laugh.

"Don't worry, love, she can't keep you from me forever." Edward said as he placed a quick kiss on my check, with his hands still on my waist, guided us out of the door.

The ride there was uneventful; we talked about mindless things and sat through the comfortable silence. About 100 yards from the house, Edward parked the car. I looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. He gave smiled as he turned his body to face me.

"Bella," He already realized my question before I even asked it. "If I keep driving up to the house then-" He was cut short, by non other than Alice. She was knocking on my window. Edward sighed and rolled down the window.

"Oh Edward sometimes I think you forget that I can see the future." She smiled but that was soon turned to a frown when Edward rolled up the window. He just raised his arms in a questioning manner and pointed one finger to his ear.

"EDWARD ANTHONY MASON CULLEN." Alice yelled, it made the car shake. "You will hand over Bella." To answer her Edward just nodded in defeat and reached over and unbuckled my seat belt. Alice opened the door at human speed but that was her one big mistake. Edward had already grabbed me and started running down the rode, at vampire speed, to his house. But of course we had to cut through the forest. Edward was booming with laughter as I wrapped my hands tightly around his neck. When he finally stopped, we were in the middle of no where in the forest. Edward set me down on my feet and soon started shaking with laughter. In between breaths he said, "Her face was priceless, I'll remember that forever."

All though I couldn't see what was so funny because, I new she was going to keep me from Edward as long as possible now. I sat down with my back to a tree. After Edward finished laughing he looked around for me. I sat down next to me and in one swift motion; I was sitting on his lap. He put his arms around my waist, the back of my head resting against his chest. After a few moments, heck it could have been hours, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it. Then I felt an overwhelming feeling to go to sleep. But that was impossible seeing it was only about 4:30 p.m. Then out of no where I felt being lifted off of Edward, then the laughing. I opened my eyes to find Jasper holding down Edward, who was growling. Then I was being lifted again, only this time I realized that I was in Alice's arms and we were running to the house.

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