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My glum reflection stared back at me through the mirror, scrutinizing every flaw. My once golden complexion had gradually paled to match the ivory paint against the bathroom walls. To make it worse, dark circles clung to the skin beneath my sapphire eyes.

"My God, what's wrong with me?" I whispered to my reflection.

Summer vacation had started nearly two weeks ago. Since then I began sunbathing at least four hours everyday, and yet I grew ever paler.

"Leanna, get to bed. It's already twelve o'clock!" My mother's hoarse voice rang through the house.

I ran a brush through my long auburn hair once more, and walked to the living room. My mother sat on the couch, the latest addition to her murder mystery collection clutched between her hands. (Sadly, to this day I still cannot remember the name of that stupid book.) My father sat silently across from my mother, his face hidden behind the daily paper.

"Goodnight, mother," I whispered, and kissed the top of her head.

The warm smell of lavender filled my senses like it always did. It was more than just the shampoo that softened her curly red hair; it was like it was a part of her skin.

"Goodnight, darling," she replied, her voice cracked from years of smoking.

I glided around the coffee table towards my father. Only the top of his slowly balding head poked from above the paper. "Goodnight, father."

"Yes, yes," he mumbled and waved me away, he had always been like that, no emotion.

Over the years I had grown accustom to his cold nature. I walked carefully to my room, glancing at my mother along the way. She rolled her eyes and we exchanged smiles.

In my room the window had been left open by one of the maids and the cool night's air had drifted in. Between that and the A/C the room was freezing, though oddly comfortable. A heavy gust of wind raged through the window slamming the door and sending papers flying.

The muffled sound of my father's swears leaked through the crack beneath the door. "Sorry, father!" I cried, a smile sliding across my lips.

It had always been my favorite pastime, to see how far I could push my father, especially as a child. I had forgotten how much fun it was, for I no longer partook in such childish activities. I was much too old for that now that I was sixteen, or rather seventeen in two hours. My mother had to remind me of this for several years, though I was never pleased with her spoiling my fun.

I slid the window closed halfway so that the night's air would cool me during the night, and slid beneath the heavy velvet covers of my bed. It was not long before I drifted to sleep.

I woke with a start. A hunger washed over me like none that I've ever felt before. The hunger was painful and every part of me ached with it. The room was black as pitch except for a set of red numbers that read two'o'five. In ten minutes I would officially be seventeen.

A soft hiss called to me from across the room. Perched on the window sill was a large black snake. Silver diamonds turned red in the dim glow of the clock as it moved ever so slightly. He hissed once more beckoning me forward. I found myself moving away from my bed, closer to the window.

I stopped abruptly and another wave of pain ran through my body. The snake hissed again, an odd edge of frustration clinging to it. The snake was glaring at me in a way that was eerily human. Intelligence filled his eyes unlike I had seen in any other animal.

He hissed again and the incoherent noises formed into words. Fear trickled down my spine. "Come over here now, you ignorant child," the words were slightly slurred, but as if it was natural unlike a drunk.

"Who," I swallowed, steadying my voice, "What are you?"

"I'm a snake, you foolish child. Now come here."

I moved closer, when pain shot through my body again. It was the same hunger pain I felt earlier.

"The faster you move, the soon the pain will ease." The snake's words were rushed.

"Just tell me what you want."

The edge of the snake's mouth curved upwards, "I just wanted to wish YOU a happy birthday."

Something cold and heavy pushed its way towards my conscious mind. I passed out.