Okay, I know that this is a super short chapter, I just thought that the way it ended would be a wicked cool cliff hanger. Again, I ask you, if you have time please review. Critism is the best way to realise a mistake when it comes to writing.


A few hours passed and the last of my so called friends left, Yosuke snuck in during the rush and wedged himself in a corner watching me, "Are you quite finished now?" He walked over to the bed and sat with me.

I held the cedar box between my hands, tracing the Eye of Horus with my eyes, "I still need to say good bye to my parents," I stated, in a daze. He sighed and pushed himself off the bed. "Will I be able to see them again?"

"I am afraid that, that will not be possible," his back was to me, but I knew that it hurt him to say that, I just didn't know why. He turned to face me, though he didn't make eye contact, "I will start to move your things to the car. Would you like me to take that as well?"

I stood and gave him the box. As soon as it made contact with his skin he let out a curse and dropped the box. It would have broken if I hadn't caught it, "What's wrong with you?!?" I shouted. He was cradling his hand as if the box had hurt him. It couldn't have though; the wood had been sanded down. He glared at me, or rather the box.

"Keep that box away from me," his voice came out in a hiss that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. There was something definitely wrong with that man. Something inhuman almost. I stepped back and pulled the box open. He grimaced at the smell that came from the inside of it.

Smiling wickedly I shut the box and walked past him out of the room, I could use this to my advantage. I giggled slightly and went to my parents.