1. Closure.

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The decision to return to Central had been made more out of a whim than any firm belief that there was anything waiting for him there and so it'd been the most pleasant of surprises when the chaos had begun…when it had become clear that, somehow, Edward Elric had come home.

The boy's return had fuelled him with an enthusiasm he'd long thought snuffed out and, before he was quite aware, he was five foot above the ground, thick canvas, finely woven wicker and a hot air current, the only things between himself and certain death.

When he had come again face to face with the boy who had, over the years, become the main player in his more lurid fantasies, he'd had tome to register the changes that age had made to his face, that the other was more 'man' now than 'boy', before the situation about them had claimed the entirety of his attention.

Somehow the chaos of the situation had led to an almost 'autopilot' reaction from his body and, before he could stop himself, he'd been insulting the younger Alchemist….

…had allowed things between them to fall again into the old pattern.

He'd only realised how very destructive such a thing was as Edward had mounted the alien aircraft, as the other had given him a look that had effectively said his farewells for him and as he'd felt Alphonse tense up at his side.

Running on pure instinct there would have been but one sure conclusion to the whole affair and, recalling the promise he had made to himself, he'd leased his hold on Alphonse, taken a step toward the other and, fixing those beautiful golden eyes with his own, more mundane, onyx eyes, he had said,

"I love you, Edward Elric."

At which point things had fallen again into chaos.


He'd been propped in his current position for a good hour now, eyes focused on the small line of photos which sat on his desk and his right hand played, almost absently, over the fabric that all but covered that side of his face.

Had this been a few year previous she would have forced him out of whatever foolish stupor he'd fallen into with a hard tone and the threat of her loaded gun. Now, however, he was likely to become worse for the sight of her, his foolishly misplaced belief that he'd somehow wronged her making it impossible for he to do anything other than treat her as some fragile doll.

She had attempted, more than once today, to tell him that she had not viewed their time together as anything more than simply friendship, that she had known, long before he, where his heart lay. Yet each time she had stepped into the office he had begun asking silly question that had led to even sillier answers and her being again on the other side of the doorway.

"Care to share your thoughts?" Havoc enquires as he props himself, somewhat precariously, against the left hand edge of her desk.

"Not particularly."

"Which means that you're mulling over the unsettled issues that lie still between yourself and our newly returned commanding officer, right?"

"And you say that you're not a physic." The response brings a lazy smile to his lips and the reply of,

"I'm trying to keep my talents a secret," before his mood sobers and he informs her, "You can't keep edging around him forever, especially when what he needs right at this very moment is the sort of 'tough love' that you're a pro at delivering."

"I'll assume that there's a compliment in there, shall I?" She enquires as she gains her feet.

"It's probably the best bet, yes." He responds, the humour in the words bringing a smile to her lips for the first in what seems a lifetime.

That smile lingering on her lips she heads to his doorway and pushing it the rest of the way open, she remarks,

"I think it's time we talked, sir."


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