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Shrike Bookstore

"Hello, may I help you?" The woman at the cash register greeted the five of us as we entered the Shrike bookstore. She let's out a small gasp at seeing our party. I guess we are quite the sight.

"I would like a book about magic."

"What type are you looking for? We have books about Arcane, Rune, Shadow, and Light Magic." Well, I already wield the gift of Shadow and Rune, so I need to research their counterparts, Light and Arcane, to prepare for battle.

"I'll buy the book on Light and the book on Arcane Magic." The shopkeeper browses the bookshelf and gets my request.

"Here are your books. Is there anything else that you need?"

Would she know anything? Somehow, I doubt that a simple shopkeeper of a bookstore would, but it's worth a try. "Do you have any books about Space Magic or Time Magic?"

There's a confused look on her face. I doubt she even knows what I'm talking about. Figures, I shouldn't have bothered asking. "Time Magic and Space Magic are just legends. I've never seen anyone who wielded them before."

You probably never seen a lot of things, but I kept that comment to myself. I turned to the other members of my party. "Do any of you guys want anything?"

"Do you have any books about martial arts?" Liza, the martial artist of the group, steps forward, her purple hair swaying from her movements. Everything about her shows that she is a martial artist. Her red dress with yellow rims was just above her knee and the sleeves reached her wrist. Her purple hair was neatly combed downwards and reached just below her neck.

Her clothing was light and allowed for quick movement, unlike my own robe. She and I are the only humans in our group. The shopkeeper got the book and then I turned to Dr. Nusakan. "Do you want a book about diseases? I know how much that interests you."

Nusakan just chuckles at my suggestion. "It seems you know me too well, Blue, but that won't be necessary." I stare at the shopkeeper and notice that she's trying to avoid looking at Nusakan. His dark green hair which sometimes can be easily mistaken for black reached below his waist.

His skin was a ghostly pale color of white and his white lab coat draped down to his knees. Nusakan readjusted his glasses and smiled. "I've spent years of my life in researching diseases, far longer than any humans have ever lived."

Despite the fact that he can be mistaken for a middle-aged man, his pale skin and green hair give away the fact that he is a mystic. Like all mystics, he stopped aging at a certain point and it's futile to guess his age by looking at him. Dr. Nusakan left Facinatru, the land ruled by Orlouge, the Charm Lord, because he's fascinated by diseases.

Nusakan completely ignores the conflict between the humans and mystics and joined me when I told him about my quest and asked for his help to search for the Hide Rune in Koorong.

Although the eternal life and immunity to diseases of mystics may give the illusion that they're vastly superior to humans, they do have one weakness. Unlike humans, mystics can't improve their abilities through power other than increasing their endurance to take damage, physical energy to use special attacks, and magic energy to cast spells, and use special attacks. Mystics are able to use spells just like humans but they can't learn gun skills, fighting skills, or sword skills.

To increase their strength, quickness, and other combat abilities, they absorb wild monsters into three mystic weapons, the mysticsword, mysticboots and mysticgloves. There are only so many types of monsters in all the regions and there's a point where a mystic can't get any stronger. Absorbing monsters into their mystic weapons also grant mystics a special attack for each of their mystic weapons. Dr. Nusakan even admits that I am the strongest magician in our group despite his years of pursuing his art.

"Do the two of you need anything?" Although Dr. Nusakan might have been mistaken for a human, the remaining two members of our group certainly can't be. Riki may seem like a kid from far away, but once anyone takes a good look at him close up, they'll know that he is a monster.

I don't mean one of those wild monsters that attack everything on sight, but the tamed ones that can absorb abilities by defeating other monsters. Riki's normal form looks like a child wearing yellow. His white feathered ears are inhuman and stick out like horns and a bushy tail sticks out, giving him the appearance of a cross between a human and a dog.

Riki's current monster form is a mighty Blackdragon. After countless hours of fighting Blackdragons, he finally absorbed the attacks he needed to transform into one. His defense is the highest in our group and his endurance increases every time he absorbs a new technique.

"What do you know about rings?" Riki joined me because he wanted my help in a quest of his own. He told me that he needed to collect magical rings in order to save his homeworld. I told him that I'd help as soon as I complete my quest, and then my power will increase tenfold.

"Well, what type of rings are you looking for? We have one about gold rings, silver rings…"

"Ah-hem." I cough to stop her form talking. "I don't think you have any books on what he's looking for." I need to get back and start preparing for my duel as well as finding out more about Space and Time Magic.

"Scanning data…" The last member of our party is T260G, the mech. It lost its memory and joined me because I told it that I was on a search for data about magic and it thought my search will help recover its memories. T260G is made out of tin and has a very stocky build. The only facial feature it has is two small round glowing red eyes and antenaes sticking out the side of its head.

Its shoulders just looked like a cube of iron and its body had a simple cylindrical shape with two large battery packs on its back. Its legs were short and it was about as high as Riki. T260G is made up of scrap parts and isn't like any of the other advanced mecha with fancy machinery. I thought about leaving it at the Scrap Pub at first, but then I learned that his lack of built-in weapons made equipping him easier.

Mecha gain power by the equipment that they have and can put on multiple suits of the same kind of armor unlike humans. The ability of a mech is obtained by absorbing data from either other mecha or computers and other electronic sources.

"All data in files have no relevant information to my mission. Files not necessary." T260G stops inspecting the bookstore and comes back.

"That will be sixty credits." I pay the shopkeeper and head outside to the streets of Shrike. Those are the companions that I made on my quest. I don't know why I'm observing them so carefully now, but this may be one of the last times I see them. If I fail in my quest, then it's the end of me.

I have the four main races that occupy all the regions in my party. I guess now it's time to talk introduce myself. My name is Blue and I come from the Magic Kingdom. Recently, I just graduated from Sol Academy and got the gift for Realm Magic, the signature magic of Magic Kingdom. During my graduation, I was voted unanimously to be the Master Magician of Magic Kingdom.

I have been sent out on a quest to refine my skills and acquire the gift for new magic. Once I acquire Time or Space Magic, I will be able to take the next step in claiming my destiny as the true Master Magician.

You see, when I graduated, another magician graduated from our rival school, the Lunar Academy. The two of us have both been sent on the same mission, and once we're ready we'll fight in a duel to the death. "There cannot be two Master Magicians. That is not necessary and the Magic Kingdom does not need it." Those were the words that the schoolmasters told me before I left.

The winner will absorb the loser's magic abilities and be able to wield opposing magics. That is what a true Master Magician is, someone who can wield the magic of Shadow and Light, Rune and Arcane, Space and Time. I have even heard that once the gift for Shadow and Light Magic is in someone's hand, something called Life Magic will be unlocked.

"Many sacrifices will be made on your part on your journey to become the true Master Magician, Blue. Make sure that you don't lose yourself in the process. That is not one of the necessary sacrifices." Those were the words that were told to me by my closest master. I still don't know what he means by that, but my path has already been paved and the only thing I can do is keep walking.


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