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After Math

Chapter One

CeeCee knows. When I say she knows, I mean she knows everything. It's not like I could, you know, not tell her after what happened at the Winter Formal. With Jesse, I mean.

I couldn't blame CeeCee for coming over to my house the morning after the dance. I mean, if I was in her shoes I totally would have knocked on my friend's door at seven in the morning and demanded an explanation for what had happened the night before. Well, maybe I wouldn't have done the whole knock on the door at seven part, more like eleven or twelve. Hey, I like my sleep. Sue me. I mean, it's not like I'm constantly up until all hours of the night kicking some ghost butt.

So you can't really blame me either for throwing my pillow at CeeCee when she barged into my room after being let in by my stupid step-brother Dopey. To be completely honest, I'm surprised he even let her in. I mean, my friends are definitely not at the top of Dopey's list of likeable people. In fact, they are near the bottom, for the bottom slot has been claimed by none other than yours truly.

"What is going on?" CeeCee demanded as she caught the pillow that I had flung at her. Although flung isn't quite the right word. Oh, I tried to fling it, but in my weakened sleepy state, it more sort of flopped. That's right. It kind of floated through the air and if she hadn't reached out to catch it, the pillow would have hit the floor instead of CeeCee. Hey, you can't really blame me. After the amazing night I had at the dance with Jesse.

So of course, I had to tell her everything that had happened. About me being a mediator, Jesse being a ghost of an incredibly hott male specimen (in my opinion at least although really, it was hard to dispute the fact that he was HOTT!) who had died over 150 years ago and oh, yeah, about everything that had happened to me since moving to Carmel and attending Mission Academy. Really, all my explaining did was fill in a couple of holes. CeeCee already knew about Jesse's past from the article I made her print and that Jesse was the one I loved, the only one I would probably ever love, and that he was a ghost. At least, up until recently. That was where my story telling actually did some good. That was the explanation that CeeCee had so lovingly barged into my room and demanded.

When I finished my story all she could say was, well a lot of things. "You actually met Heather's ghost!!! And you were partially responsible for the school falling down??" I tried to tell her that I had no part in the school, it was all Heather's fault, but CeeCee was on a roll now, and there was no stopping her. She went on to talk about and question me about Tad Beaumont, the RLS Angels, my visit from Maria and Felix Diego, and oh, yeah, Craig who was intent on bringing his brother down. The only part she—surprisingly—didn't question was the part about my going back in time to…save Jesse. If you could call it that. In the end, I saved him, but I didn't always want to keep him from dying so that I could, you know, still…talk to ghost Jesse.

Although, CeeCee never did let me answer the questions she asked. And at the end of her rant all she could say was, "Cool. Now get dressed, you and I have places to be."

I groaned, rolled over and pulled the comforter over my head. "It's eight in the morning Cee, I'm not going anywhere."

"Oh, yes you are," she grinned and pulled me out of bed. For a regular sized girl, she had incredible strength let me tell you.

She threw me into my bathroom and closed the door before I could escape and put a chair in front of it. "Really CeeCee, if you expect me to go out, which I am not going to by the way, you are going to have to let me out of the bathroom." I jiggled the doorknob to no avail.

CeeCee opened the door to throw some clothes at me. Before she could close it again, I pushed the door wide open. "I am not going to wear this."

She grinned, "Why, what's wrong with it?"

"Um, you've grabbed two shades of blue that clash. No way am I going to wear this." I walked over to my closet and pulled out an outfit that actually matched. It was my favorite pair of jeans because they just fit me so…perfectly I guess would be the right word, and a really cute pale pink sweater set. Just because it was California, does not mean that it is always warm here. Oh, no, it can get pretty chilly here.

When I emerged from the bathroom after getting dressed and brushing my teeth, CeeCee grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs and outside where Adam's car was waiting. "You made Adam wait?"

"Yeah," CeeCee shrugged. "Why not?"

"We were upstairs for over an hour Cee! How could he wait that long without coming and knocking down the door?"

In answer to my question, CeeCee knocked on the driver's side window of Adam's BW Bug. To my surprise, although I don't know why I was surprised, Adam jerked forward and shot up in his seat, hitting his head against the roof of the car.

"Was he sleeping?" I asked, eyebrows raised.

Again, CeeCee shrugged. "He doesn't like getting up early. Don't worry," she said as she walked over to the other side of the car and opened the door, "he's okay to drive; he just needed a little nap."

"Hey Suze," Adam said as I climbed into the back seat. Oh, yeah, I guess I should have explained this sooner. My name is Susannah Simon, commonly called Suze. And yeah, about that mediator thing I mentioned earlier, it's no big deal. It just means that I can see, touch, and oh yeah, talk to the dead spirits who have yet to move on. Like I said, no big deal. Except when you are me and you happen to fall in love with one particular ghost who haunts your new bedroom. That is what happened with Jesse and as it turns out, he kinda loves me too, so it's all good. Last year, I moved from New York to California because my mom got remarried. So we were the ones who had to move because Andy had three sons, whom I affectionately call Sleepy (for that is all he ever seems to do is sleep but his real name is Jake), Dopey (on account of his, well, dopiness, because honestly, Brad is the stupidest person on the face of the earth, and Doc (the only one of the three that I can stand because David is the coolest little kid I have ever known, I mean, he is three grades behind me but is way smarter than me so he kind of helps me with my homework when I need it). This change of location is how I happened to meet the love of my life, Jesse. It sounds corny to say that at seventeen, I have met the love of my life, but I truly have. Jesse is perfect.

So as I said before, it's all good.