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Chapter Twenty

"Jesse?" I murmured as I leaned against his chest. Jesse and I were sitting on the hood of my car, watching a glorious sunset. His arms encircled my waist and I couldn't help but smile. Ever since I had left my "prison" Jesse had become super protective of me. I can't complain, it just means that Jesse calls me more often, not to the point of being annoying, but enough that I feel really special. And when we are together, he has been more affectionate. I hadn't thought that possible, but apparently it is.

When Kelly got home from her date that night, she and Paul were both very shocked to see that the door had been blown in. Paul knew the reason for it. Kelly was flabbergasted. However, they couldn't do a thing about it. Kelly couldn't call the police, I mean, how was she going to explain the basement door being blown out as well or my blood on the floor? Paul couldn't do anything without betraying Kelly and if he said the real reason, no one would believe him.

The funniest part about this whole affair was the excuse Kelly made to her parents.

"I totally don't know what happened! I was like, making a volcano for science class in the basement and it, like, exploded! I know it was meant to erupt, but like I didn't think it would totally go BAM! or anything like that. So I carried it upstairs and was going to throw it away when it exploded again and ruined the front door!" Just wait, it gets even better. "It's a miracle I wasn't, like hurt or anything. Please Daddy, don't make me pay for the doors." Her parents actually believed that idiotic tale. As if she would be making a volcano for a high school science class. And as if it would destroy both doors and not her pretty little hands or anything else around there. And she didn't have to pay for the doors.

Rich people, I tell ya.

This entire story is true, Sharon witness the whole thing. Oh, and she heard Kelly talking on the phone with Debbie saying the only reason she kidnapped me was so that she could be with Jesse. Shallow much? Apparently she thought if I was out of the picture, Jesse would be hers. Right. Speaking of Jesse…

He kissed the top of my head, "Yes, querida?"

"You owe me an explanation."

He chuckled and I sighed in contentment as I felt the vibrations of his chuckled course through me. There was something so soothing about his vocal cords…

"What explanation is that, Susannah?"

"Do you remember when I asked you why you stayed?"


"And you told me 'another time'."

He looked into my eyes, "I remember."

"I want to know."

At first I thought he was going to refuse. He sighed and looked as if he was thinking of something to say.

It was the same expression on his face as when I told him we weren't pressing charges against Kelly. I mean, how would we explain the doors? Kelly's story obviously wouldn't hold and I had no better explanation. Anyway, his expression was one off wanting to do something, but not sure how to go about it. Just like he wanted to make Paul pay for being such an ass but he couldn't do anything.

"The truth?"

I nodded.

"I stayed because of you."

"That's silly, Jesse, you didn't even know about me back then."

"Yes, querida, I did."

"How?" I sat up.

He smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "You came back in time, just like you remember doing. Only the first time, things went differently. You didn't choose to save my life."

"Jesse, I would nev-"

He silenced me by putting a finger on my lips. "You told me that if I stayed in that room, I would meet the love of my life. We both knew that I wasn't in love with Maria and I wished more than anything in the world that I could fall in love with the girl I was supposed to marry. So I stayed in that room. I was killed in that room. And I continued to stay in that room for 150 years until I saw you."

Tears were gathering in my eyes, it was me. After all we had been through, it was me. "But why did you stay after meeting me. If that was all it took?"

"I was waiting until I could marry my true love," he smiled sweetly at me before giving me a tender, loving kiss.

"Does that mean if we get married you will…"

He shook his head, "No, querida." A small smile played across his face, "When we get married, I will still be here with you."

Did he just say when? When we get married. It sounded so right. So…perfect. It wasn't a proposal, I know that, but it still…he was saying someday, we would marry. And that was just fine with me.

I smiled and lay my head back on his chest. Everything was right with the world. Turning back to the view, I saw the sun just dipping below the horizon.

THE END…for now