Back To School

Summary: Now temporarily living in New York, the Bladebreakers have been sent to attend high school. But what secrets is Kai hiding that makes him so suspicious of his new school. (Takes place after the BEGA tournament.)

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Kai: 16

Ray: 15

Tyson: 15

Max: 15 (Kenny is not in this story. Let's just say that he fell off the face of the Earth.)

Chapter One: An Unexpected Change

"TYSON!!! How could you get us lost? We had a map for heaven's sake."

It was early on a cold November day and already the Bladebreakers were having some trouble.

"Calm down Max. I know exactly where we are. We're … uhh. Well maybe I don't. But I wasn't the one to grow up in New York." shot Tyson.

"I already told you I never came to this part of the city before." replied Max.

Before Max and Tyson could create a national scene, someone finally had some sense to intervene. "Listen guys, how about instead of arguing about whose fault it is that were stuck here, why don't we just ask someone where the BBA building is." said an always sensible Ray. "Or we could always just look up" said the fourth member of the group. At this the others looked up and sure enough the entrance to a large building read BBA. Grinning triumphantly a certain navy haired blader started boasting. "See, I told you I'd get us there" Then as if he owned the place he marched through the entrance. "I honestly wish we would have been lost. Then we wouldn't have to here him brag for the next week. Thanks Kai." The pouting blonde then followed Tyson through the entrance, with the other two trailing behind.

The reason the world beyblading champs were headed to the BBA was to meet with Mr. Dickinson the chairman. Apparently in its attempt to become a worldwide sport, the BBA had started many offices on an international scale. This one being in New York.

Inside the lobby the boys started to notice just how big the building really was. The walls were a manila color with many beyblading posters hanging on them. In the corner of the lobby was a circular desk at which sat a middle-aged lady with her brunette hair tied in a tight bun. Heading over to her the Bladebreakers noticed how the ceiling was made of glass, allowing the floor above to be translucent. Thinking about how weird the architecture was but putting it to the back of his head, Ray addressed the lady.

"Excuse me miss. We are here to see Mr. Dickinson." Looking up from her paperwork, the lady turned to the group. "Oh yes. The Bladebreakers right? He's been expecting you. Take the elevator to the third floor and his is the second door on the right." After nodding towards the elevator, she turned back to her paperwork. "Thanks." responded Ray and turned towards his group. "This way."

Once inside the elevator Tyson sat right on the floor. "Man am I bushed. We've been walking all day."

"Maybe if you didn't run away every time we did physical training you'd actually be used to walking and wouldn't get so tired." said Kai who unlike his normal self seemed apprehensive. Taking notice of it but deciding to drop it Ray decided to state the obvious.

"We're here" Walking out of the elevator, Tyson continued to ramble on.

"Please, you call that physical training, more like slave-driving." Ignoring the comment Kai walked to the second door on the right which had BBA CHAIRMAN written in gold letters across the front. After knocking first and then hearing a reply, he turned the brass handle and was greeted by a flustered but cheerful Mr. Dickinson.

"Ahh boys I see you've arrived. I trust your stay so far has been a good one."

"We just arrived yesterday Mr. D, but yeah it's been great. The hotel even has a free breakfast." supplied Tyson taking a seat on a leather sofa against one of the walls. Sitting down next to him was Max, and Ray sat on a chair in front of Mr. Dickinson's desk. Kai just took his usual position leaning against the wall.

"Well boys I bet you're wondering why I called you here. With the BEGA tournament ending last month the BBA has been very busy in starting up again. In fact we're so busy that there probably won't be another tournament for a while." Ignoring the protests, Mr. Dickinson continued. "Therefore, I thinks it's best that you boys got your priorities straight. For the last three years you have made a great sacrifice by dedicating a lot of your time to the BBA, but now it's time for a change. You have all missed a lot, and have fallen behind in schooling. Therefore, I have enrolled all of you in H.C. Brown's High School."

I know it's not very exciting yet, but it's only the first chapter.

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