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Chapter 8

Placing her hand on the sliding door she instantly felt her stomach turn to knots. The idea of heading back to her room was sounding very tempting however just thinking about navigating back to her room was tough since she was more than likely going to get lost. 'Well rather get lost than face the entire Tskurmori Family minus Len.' As she was about to turn the slide door opened and she was face to face with a concerned Kazuki.

Kazuki's concerned face immediately turned into a happy face with a sincere smile of seeing her standing there. "Kaho-chan! I was just about to get you but am so glad you made! Are you feeling better?"

"Um my stomach is starting to hurt again." Kahoko managed to say wanting very much to escape from having to eat here.

Kazuki however would not let her escape so easily. "Then some hot green tea should help calm your stomach. Come sit next to me."

Being pulled by the hand by Kazuki, Kahoko let herself be dragged around the large table that was already occupied by the siblings however it was missing the parents. As Kazuki pulled the chair out for Kahoko he let her hand go only when she sat down. Thinking maybe the parents had already ate and went off for they were busy she felt a little better however the door opened to reveal Mrs. Tsukimori and behind her stood a tall man with bluish green hair which no doubt was Mr. Tsukimori. He wore a serious expression and Kahoko instantly thought of who Len came out like, she would do her best to be very polite to Mr. Tsukimori and not get on his bad side like the way she got on Len's. She feared he might not be so understanding like his wife. Mrs. Tsukimori smiled when she saw her seated and she spoke, "Good Morning Kahoko dear! Are you feeling better?"

Walking to one of the ends of the table followed by her husband, Mrs. Tsukimori stopped in front of the chair as her husband pulled the chair for her to sit then pushed the chair in the table. Mrs. Tsukimori thanked her husband with a smile and he smile back to her making his way to the other end of the table to sit down.

"Only slightly better. Thank you for letting me stay here for a night. I will leave as soon as possible." Kahoko replied instantly feeling all eyes on her.

"There's no need dear for you to leave so hastily."

"Correct we still need to discuss what transpired the night before. But for now let's have breakfast." Mr. Tsukimori spoke at last and signaled the servants to start serving.

The servants began to place wooden bowels in front of everyone who was sitting at the table. Kahoko glanced down at the wooden bowel in front of her and saw it was miso soup. It looked delicious and she wanted to eat it with no problem however the fact that she would have to talk with both of Len's parents worried her. Will they insist she and Len marry at once?

Once the servants placed the tea kettle on the table they departed to leave the family to eat in private. Mr. Tsukimori got one spoonful of the soup and then placed it down to speak. "Sorry where are my manners, I did not introduce myself, I am Yuri Tsukimori."

"Nice to meet you Tsukimori-san." Kahoko replied rather unsure of what to say, it was sudden that he introduced himself now. She gave a small bow where she was sitting.

"As it is for me." He returned her small bow.

After that everyone ate their soup without a word however Azuma broke the silence by asking Kahoko. "By the way how did you find the dining room?"

Placing her spoon down to the bowel she was unsure of whether she should say that Len showed her the way or that a servant pointed her the way. Thinking maybe she shouldn't lie she decided telling the truth. "It was Len-san. He kindly showed me the way."

"How was he?" Azuma asked seeming to refuse to drop the subject of Len.

"Was he okay, he has not showed up to have breakfast yet." Shoko quietly added looking worried for her brother.

"He was just fine but mentioned he did not have an appetite." Kahoko answered hoping that would be the end of the conversation.

"It's understandable that Ren would not want to eat when such misfortune befell on him."

Kahoko turned red and looked down at her bowel wanting to escape such interrogation that would no doubt come with the way Azuma stated misfortune.

Seeing her uncomfortable Kazuki immediately asked Kahoko, "Where are you from Kaho-chan?"

Kazuki's innocent question just seemed to make Kahoko even more nervous for she shifted in her seat unsure of how to respond. All eyes were on her again, quickly thinking of a place she said the first place she could think of, "Yokohama."

"Yokohama? That's a bit far from here."

"Yeah, what brings you here?"

"I felt like seeing Kyoto."


"Yes. I wanted to travel on my own without my parents. They agreed that I could go."

"I cannot believe your parents agreed. It is dangerous for a young woman to go travelling without companions." Mrs. Tsukimori said.

"They thought I would be fine alone." Kahoko said hating that she had to lie so much. Her parents would never have allowed her to travel alone especially to Kyoto where their rival family was.

"Your accent sounds like Osaka though." Mr. Tsukimori said placing his spoon down into his empty bowel.

Kahoko squirmed from being detected in lying, however she refused to say that she meant to say Osaka instead her mind quickly thought of a good excuse. "I was born in Osaka and lived there for some time when I was young but my family moved to Yokohama."

"I see. That explains your accent. What's your last name?"


"I don't recall knowing anyone named Hayashi in Yokohama. You see I have many acquaintances in Yokohama."

Feeling that her cover might be blown she tried to remain calm. Mr. Tsukimori seemed to be in deep thought and she was grateful when his wife spoke, "Honey you do not know every family in Yokohama. Now let's eat the second dish before it becomes cold."

"You're right. I figured you were from a high class family judging from your manners and I assumed I knew your family, forgive me."

Relieved that her cover was not blown she quickly said, "No that's okay. My family is middle class. Thank you for considering me high class."

Mr. Tsukimori nodded his head as his answer while he called to a servant to serve the next dish. The servants bought out plates of rolled egg omelets that smelled absolutely delicious, they also served streamed rice.

Breakfast ended without any more questions and everyone got up to depart from the table and Kazuki instantly asked Kahoko, "Do you want a tour of the Tsukimori property?"

Before she could reply Kazuki's father spoke, "I would like to talk with you Hayashi-san. So you will have to give Hayashi-san a tour later."

Feeling dejected, Kazuki hung his head low he really wanted to spend time with Kahoko but would have to wait. Kahoko started getting nervous again and she watched Kazuki leave with the rest of his siblings. Mrs. Tsukimori and her husband were the only ones that remained in the dining room.

"Let's go to the study to talk." Mr. Tsukimori said getting up from his place at the table followed by his wife.

Mr. Tsukimori slided the door opened and stood waiting for the two females to follow him. He led them down the corridor and after a few turns he opened a wooden door and patiently waited for them to enter and he closed the door behind them. Books on shelves lined against the walls, a nice wooden desk stood in front of a window with a hand carved chair tucked in it. Walking towards the window with his back to Kahoko, Mr. Tsukimori did not say anything yet. Mrs. Tsukimori saw the worried expression on Kahoko's face and she spoke at last breaking the deafening silence.

"Don't look so scared my dear. We are not going to eat you!"

"Quite the contrary we just want to know what happened?"

Not knowing where to begin exactly, Kahoko thought it was best to avoid telling Len's parents that they had an argument. "I was out in the forest taking in the scenery when I heard music. I went to see where it was coming from and saw a young man playing a violin."

"So you mean to inform me that you did not who this young man was?"

Biting her lips before she decided how to respond to that question she pondered whether she should say that she had known who he was before he ever said anything owning to the fact that he had been playing the violin. However that would probably prompt more questions that might lead to the discovery of her true identity. She decided if she wanted to hurry and get out of this interrogation she had best make her answer short and simple."Yes."

"Then what happened?"

"We talked for a bit. As I was leaving I started to feel dizzy and everything turned black. I don't remember anything after that. When I awoke I saw people who I never saw or met before."

"That's all you remember?" Mr. Tsukimori asked as his eyes studied her face searching for any hints that might say that she was lying.

Nodding, Kahoko wondered if she could leave now. "Yes that is all I remember."

Even when she had said that did not stop Mr. Tsukimori from studying her, Mrs. Tsukimori was studying her as well. With all the staring, Kahoko looked down at the ground as butterflies danced around in her stomach. How long was she going to be the target of stares? Everything she had said was true, why couldn't they accept that and let her leave.

After a few minutes of no one saying anything, at last Mr. Tsukimori turned his eyes away from her to his wife and there was a silent agreement between the two then he turned his back to the window and spoke, "You may go get a tour of the Tsukimori house from Kazuki now."

Looking up confused at Mr. Tsukimori's back, Kahoko did not know what to say. Did they still want her to stay in their house? Or that she can look at the house before she leaves?

"Thank you for letting me stay the night here at your house. I will be leaving soon." Kahoko said as she gave a bow to show her gratitude.

"I am sorry Hayashi-san but I must ask you to stay longer. This issue that has happened between you and my son is not finished yet." Mr. Tsukimori replied still looking out the window.

Kahoko stood still feeling shocked at the respond of Mr. Tsukimori. Did he not believe what she had told him? Or did he truly believe Len was capable of doing something to her while she was unconscious?

"It is lovely to have a guest in the house. It has been so long. I hope you enjoy your stay here Kahoko." Mrs. Tsukimori said smiling.

"Thank you." Was all that she could say as she left the room, thinking over and over why did this have to happen? What was she going to do?

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