Tales Beyond the Woods
By: Selim
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto
Rating: M-18
Summary: Drabbles about Kyuubi and Arashi. Love isn't only destined between two humans, but a human and a demon that can defy anything for each other.
Pairing: KyuuAra, Suggestive SasuNaru, KakaIru, ect. Depending on chapter.

There was this low land area in the vast woodland that Arashi had taken a liking to as a teen. He had dug holes in the area to hide his valuables and had hidden items in tree trunks. Almost like a home away from home for when the city life became too hard. That was the area where he had first encountered Kyuubi, a nine tailed demon fox. His friend, his enemy, and his lover.

So, after abandoning his students on a test of survival like rogue ninjas with one survival kit, he had gone to his little sanctuary in the trees with his squirrels and his birds, maybe a beetle or two depending on how warm it was. There, he'd lie out on the ground and enjoy the sun's rays through the trees and the nice breeze during the summer months. And he'd wait for his lover to come and ravage him in a world of ecstasy and enjoyment that his other, simpler pleasures just couldn't meet.

Around noon, when the sun was at its highest, his body was overpowered with a shady figure and he didn't have to open his eyes to know just who it was. The scent of pine was answer enough. "Kyuubi-kun." He smiled as the heavier man crouched on him. Large hands wrapped around his thighs, holding the blond's legs open so the silver-haired demon could slip between them. Arashi opened his eyes. The man had bypassed his first inspection – sniffing out that the human hadn't been touched by another man. It was a long, uncomfortable process that included a snout smelling between his legs so Arashi wasn't too unhappy that it was forgotten. He smiled and Kyuubi glanced back up lovingly. "I want you," was all the human needed to say to catch his love's attention.

Carefully, his loose pants were slid down and discarded elsewhere. Long fingers brushed up his belly, dancing along the trail of fine, blond hairs that led up to the man's navel before poking in and around the skin. Arashi giggled unintentionally. Kyuubi's lips met the warm skin in apology since sex was supposed to be sensual and Arashi's ticklish spots were anything but sensual. They were often a mood breaker. Bringing his hand down, the blond laced his fingers with the demon's, helping them unbutton his outfit so he was completely naked in front of the other. This was fine. Foreplay was all the better when clothes weren't in the middle.

A firm mouth attached itself to a soft nipple and Arashi cried in bliss. Like a child begging for milk, Kyuubi sucked and nibbled. His tongue applied just enough pressure that Arashi was shocked that he wasn't lactating because of this. With a noisy pop the demon released the hard nipple in favor for the other soft, dry nipple. The blond found himself no longer able to sit up. His arms wrapped around his love's neck as he laid back against the crispy leaves on the ground. Kyuubi's strong belly was positioned just over his hardening shaft and the tip of his cock could feel warm flesh. Letting his fingers brush Kyuubi's long hair, Arashi touched strong shoulder blades and a powerful vertebra. He's shirtless. He noted, his mind hazy with lust as his nipple was released as their lips met in a brutal kiss for dominance. Kyuubi won. As always.

Even in his humanoid form, his tongue and taste was all demon, Arashi groaned as a longer and thicker tongue rubbed against his smaller one, carefully mapping out each crevice. Groaning, Arashi bent his leg up, to keep balance. His hold on his lover tightened as he moaned in delight when the shell of his ear was licked. His throbbing shaft was grabbed by a dry hand and stroked. For a second, Arashi almost lost it. Kyuubi stopped all ministrations and went about loosening his pants. Just as quickly as Arashi had been naked, Kyuubi joined him in the nude.

Kyuubi was like a god. His upper torso was so tight and muscled. Even the rosy nipples that were perked from the cold to his navel, the man was so well defined. In his semi-human form, the demon was hairless and perfect. His navel wasn't surrounded by fine, wire-like curls that most men had. The base of his cock was naked just like his legs. His dick, purple and bulged, was thick and dripped precum as Arashi sat up and crouched under the much older man. Kyuubi was never a fan of blow jobs but had ignored any animalistic urge to deny the human's need. Arashi had to suck his lover's dick. There was no lube in the area and he wouldn't be lucky enough to have Kyuubi prepare him with saliva before. Demons, both male and female, produced their own lubrication. If Arashi didn't spend the time, preparing his love's cock, he feared the chances of him standing up after the encounter.

As expected, the demon grunted when the blond's lips touched the head of his swollen cock. His tongue touched the tip, tasting the precum as if it were the finest wine. His tongue snaked around the head, enjoying the rough texture of the skin before he deep throated his lover. Kyuubi growled, a sign that he was about to call this game quits. Arashi opened his eyes to meet the deep red of his lover, begging for another minute or so. He understood how vulnerable the two were in this form. Instinct in Kyuubi still wanted the mating to go along quickly so they could get out of danger. That was why Arashi loved Kyuubi so much. Though foreplay was cut short, the demon always made up for the human's wants in rough sex that was prolonged with pleasure.

Warm sperm dripped from the side of his mouth as he pulled away and sat back on his heels. Red eyes gleamed at him, giving silent instructions as to what to do from there. Not that Arashi needed them as he turned to his front and fell to his hands and knees. His bottom stuck in the air and (almost playfully) he shook it at Kyuubi. Mocking his love to have a go at him. The muscles tightened instinctively for the intrusion that was sure to follow. Arashi took a deep breath as Kyuubi's weight lowered behind him. The demon's slick dick penetrated between his ass cheeks until the head touched his entrance. Trimmed nails dug into the dirt and grass, anticipating the intrusion as Kyuubi gave a warning buck and his erected dick rubbed against the skin. The second buck penetrated past the tight muscles.

"Ah!" Arashi cried, his eyes watering with pain. His breathing grew quick as he tried to regain control of every nerve. A little voice in his head made him imagine being stabbed with a kunai in the shoulder instead, but he couldn't imagine it. Strong hands rubbed his hips as Kyuubi began timed thrusts into the human's body. Each stab touched the bundle of nerves deep in Arashi. The blond moaned in pleasure, thrusting back against the shaft. Sperm made the thrusts easier as it began to build and coil inside and Arashi gasped playfully as Kyuubi's rock hard shaft rubbed against his insides, expecting an egg to be dropped and fertilized. The Konoha shinobi's arms collapsed as the pleasure ten-folded, becoming almost unbearable as Kyuubi speed up, nearing the first of his multiple orgasms, the demon's hand grabbing Arashi's neglected cock. "Ahn! Ah! Kyuubi! There! Oh-!"

Firm fingers rubbed his hips as Arashi tensed with an orgasm. Kyuubi's thrusts, once quick and aimed at his bundle of nerves, stopped in lock and the demon came. The two remained put before Kyuubi began thrusting again, earning a "meep" from his submissive lover. Arashi's body was tossed forward, painfully, and the two's eyes met with the second array of thrust. Red eyes were deep and narrow, the pupils dilated, as the rest of Kyuubi's manly features became more defined. Arashi screamed as sharp nails touched his hard nipples, playing with them, causing his body to react to the pleasure. Reaching up, the human dragged his lover into a demanding kiss, his legs wrapping around Kyuubi's waist to make the thrusts easier to take as Kyuubi's aim faltered.

Sharp canines touched his tongue and the Konoha ninja released the demon's lips, moaning as his second orgasm took his body by storm. Distracted, Kyuubi's mouth met his shoulder and bit past the skin, leaving his mark for the world to see. Animalistic thrusts began, followed by convulsions as Kyuubi's second orgasm came. They were far from over as Kyuubi's body moved with more thrusts. This time, he came in no time, filling the blond with his essence before pulling out with a pop. Semen and blood escaped from Arashi's stretched hole, but the other didn't move as his body was turned and his hips were raised in the air for the last part of Kyuubi's heat. Though he'd escaped being checked for infidelity at the beginning, Arashi knew that Kyuubi, no matter how used to human anatomy, would treat him like another demon.

Kyuubi's long tongue touched Arashi's entrance and the human shuddered as his body was forced to accept the rough tongue. Though pleasurable, saliva and a sticky solution filled his hole, licking up smeared semen and blood until cleaned. Before pulling away, Kyuubi nosed Arashi's entrance, checked that all his seed had been sealed into his mate's body before releasing Arashi's legs. The human collapsed on the ground with no restraint.

"You're getting better at this." Kyuubi's deep voice finally spoke.

Glancing over his shoulder, Arashi giggled, embarrassed. "I try." Awkwardly, he sat up and reached for his clothes. With the help of the demon he was dressed in no time, exchanging kisses with the other. "I have to get back to my team." He finally whispered, when the stars twinkled above them. Carefully, he tried to stand on his feet and almost fell. He felt full. And pregnant. Kyuubi watched with pride as the shinobi reached for his still discarded weapon pouch. "I'll see you in a week, right Kyuu-kun?"

"Oh course." Kyuubi smiled as Arashi disappeared from their sanctuary in a cloud of smoke. Alone, he watched a stray star shoot above head as the wind blew comfortably.