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Not one sound was heard from the smallest bedroom of Privet Drive 4. the peaceful silence was shattered not by car or passerby but by a scream of pure pain and a burst of blinding light from the window. Even caught in extreme amounts of pain Harry could hear his Uncle coming. The door banged open not much later to reveal a man that resembled a whale.

"Boy what do…" Vernon Dursley froze and stared at the bed where his nephew was supposed to be. There in his place a girl was laying, a girl with flowing black hair, emerald eyes and a lightening bolt scar on her forehead. Suddenly a fog lifted from his mind.

"Vernon is everything alright. What are you…" Petunia Dursley saw the girl and felt fog lifting form her mind. She could think clearly for the first time in years. "Mum is everything alright? What did the…" Dudley saw the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen sitting in his freak cousin's room and the something being lifted from his mind.

Spells that were meant to be unbreakable broke the night Harry came of age. The spells that was placed on her was supposed to dissolve but not the ones on the Dursleys.

At Hogwarts a disk exploded in the Headmasters office but only Fawkes and the portraits were there to see it. As Hogwarts didn't like how the Headmaster acted the evidence of the disk exploding disappeared.

A letter popped up before the young girl sitting on the bed, in a flowing hand the name Cassandra Jasmine Potter was written. She took it knowing it was for her.

Dear Cassie,

If you are reading this we are dead. There are things you need to know in order to make the decisions needed. Don't panic about looking like a girl, you are one. We had to cover up the fact that you were a girl so we put a complex series of charms on you, charms that have now been removed. As you can guess your name is not Harry James Potter but Cassandra Jasmine Potter. Both of us knew about the Prophecy. Knowing it would either be us or the Longbottoms.

Cassie, do NOT trust Dumbledore. He is only interested in power. Having control of the child mentioned in the Prophecy will ensure that he has power.

Do not let others decide for you. You are not a pawn to be used; you are a person with feelings and needs. Your instincts will help you choose what to believe and do. If you do something do it for yourself not everyone around you.

My sister, Petunia, is the obvious choice for you to live with. Know this, neither my sister nor her husband hates magic. They don't love it but they accept it. Knowing how Dumbledore thinks he will make sure that they act as if they hate magic. Don't blame them, they offered to take you when we told them about Voldemort and the Prophecy.

Moving on. Sirius was never our secret keeper, Peter was. Both James and I wanted it but Dumbledore and Remus managed to convince him that it would be too obvious. And as we didn't know about Dumbledores manipulative tendencies at that time we allowed it. That changed when James befriended the Orders spy, Severus Snape. They didn't like each other in school but it changed the day Severus showed up on our doorstep clinging to life. Dumbledore found out and nearly cursed James to death but he managed to get out of the office and come back home. We quit the Order that night. We are Not on the Drak side. We are working with the Council, so is Sev and another spy.

The Council are a hidden society with more power than anyone in the wizarding world. They are neither Dark nor Light, they are Grey. As you have been told about them they will contact you.

The vaults will be sealed by the Council in case of our deaths. They will not be accessible to anyone else than you. Your trust vault is of course open as you´ll need it but you have to go to Gringotts to open the other vaults. This will happen to any vault that comes into your possession.

The second spy, he's not working for the Order. He is working solely for the Council. He turned from the Dark side the day you were born. Explaining this is not easy. For more than two hundred years there's been a marriage contract between the Malfoy and Potter family. Only if there was a girl born on either side would it some into play.. On the eve of the girls 18th birthday would there be a wedding between the families. When you were born there was only one Malfoy child and that is the person you will be marrying, Lucius Malfoy. Previous marriages will be nullified and any children will have the name of the non-Malfoy parent and be removed from the Malfoy line for good. You have to be a virgin when you enter the marriage. Your honor rests on it. The contract can't be removed and there are no loopholes. Both our attorneys checked it. Cassie, we don't know how you know him but give him a chance to explain. He changed because of you, don't take that lightly.

With all our love,

Mum and Dad


Good, bad… continue??