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Chapter 8: Narcissa and Draco

Cassie woke up in Malfoy manor with a broad smile; her article yesterday had done exactly what it was supposed to, caused utter and complete mayhem. Not to mention outing Voldemort as a half-blood and Dumbelfuck and Fudge as incompetent bastards. Late last night she had sent a copy of Severus memories to Rita to continue the chaos. 'The fact that Sirius and Severus get along now is good, not to mention they will be her to witness Narcissa and Draco getting thrown out of the Malfoy family.'

Meeting the Dursleys, as they had their rooms in the same wing, a house elf showed them to the sunroom where they would meet the rest for breakfast. Cassie knew that Sirius had something planned for Narcissa as well and she really didn't want to be in the blonde's position when he was done with her. Sirius had disowned Bellatrix a year ago after the attempt on his life during the battle in the Ministry. Entering the Sunroom they were greeted politely by the others, all except Cassie, she got the stuffing hugged out of her courtesy of her two godfathers. They were a tad bit spooked by what had happened last night with Dumbbells order.

Suddenly Cassie realized that someone extra was in the room. "Prof McGonagall! I didn't expect you to be here." She gave the strict Scot a hug then realized that she hadn't introduced her relatives. "Prof McGonagall these are my relatives Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and my Cousin Dudley. Minerva shook hands with them and marvelled at the change the spells had done to them. They were completely different people hen in control of themselves.

"No matter how amusing this is we have things to take care of before Narcissa and Draco wakes up." Lucius said as calmly as he usually did but something told the people listening that he was up to something, the looks on Severus and Sirius´ faces was enough to confirm the suspicions. Cassie was showed to sit next to Lucius while Severus sat on his other side facing Cassie. Petunia was sitting next to Cassie facing Minerva who sat next to Sirius who faced Dudley. Vernon was seated next to his son.

"Neither Draco nor Narcissa will be up until at least noon so we have time enough to do what we have to but it's not a reason to linger." The rest knew that either way they would be forced up before noon, considering the smirks on the men's faces. They finished they breakfast with more then enough time for the things they were planning to do. Cassie returned to her room to get the things she needed from her trunk, she was about to remove the Dark Mark from her Godfather and Fiancé.

Flashback to the fight in the Ministry

Voldemort was trying to posses Harry. While he was doing that he, unknowingly, transferred a lot of information into Harry's mind, how to remove and give the Dark Mark was a few of the things he gave his enemy not to mention every spy he has and the names of every Supporter and Death Eater.

End Flashback

Cassie sent a message to the Council as soon she realized exactly what it was she had in her mind. Returning to the living room she set up what she needed and twenty minutes later the Marks were gone. It had hurt like crazy but neither man had made a sound. Until Voldemort tried to summon them he wouldn't know that they were gone.

Not even twenty minutes later twin screams tore through the Manor seems like Narcissa and Draco had been woken up. Minerva and Petunia looked up from their discussion about the difference between life as a muggle female and as a witch. Five minutes later the doors slam open, an enraged Narcissa standing there with Draco at her side. That is all it takes for the room to erupt in hysterics, everyone who had been in the Leaky Cauldron recognized what had happened to Lupin. Those who had not been there found it amusing either way.

"What is th…" Narcissa began to shriek but Lucius cut her of calmly. "Narcissa Malfoy nee Black you are hereby removed from the Malfoy family. You have no rights on the Malfoy name nor fortune. From this day on you shall be known as Ms. Narcissa Black. Draco Lucien Malfoy I herby remove you from the Malfoy family, you have no rights to the titles, name nor fortune. From this day on you shall be known as Mr. Draco Black. So mote it be." While the two were staring in shock Severus picked up. "I, Severus Shane Snape, have today witnessed the removal of Narcissa Black and Draco Black from the most Ancient and Noble house of Malfoy. So mote it be." "I, Sirius Orion Black, have today witnessed the removal of Narcissa Black and Draco Black from the most Ancient and Noble house of Malfoy. So mote it be." As it was only legal with two witnesses they were magically stripped of everything connection them to the Malfoy family, for Draco that meant half his magic as well.

When the magic faded from the room Narcissa and Draco was standing there staring at Lucius in utter shock. But the day wasn't over yet for them.

"Narcissa Black, I, Sirius Orion Black, Head of the Most and Noble and Ancient house of Black hereby disown you. You are no longer a Black. So mote it be." "So mote it be." was echoed by Severus and Lucius. Sirius voice sent shivers up everyone's spines by its frostiness. Oh, he was completely and totally pissed off. "Draco Black I herby declare you…" Draco smirked, expecting to be named heir to the Black fortune." "…The ward of the Tonks family. You have no say in it. As the Head of family I order you." Draco was staring at Sirius as if he had told him his mother was a muggle. But then again technically he was an orphan, he had been removed from his father's family and his mother had been disowned from their family. "You can't do that!!" "Watch me! The next Heir of the Black family is Nymphadora Tonks until I have children of my own. They were reinstated as Blacks a year ago."

"Now that the drama is over kindly leave my property Ms. No-name and Mr.Black. You will be allowed to bring a change of clothes with you but nothing else. If you try to remove anything else you will be charged with theft." Turning to check the time Lucius noticed them still standing there gapping at the rest of the room. "Very well, Lilt will show you out." With that a house elf popped into the room and banished Narcissa and Draco of the property, still in their nightclothes.

As Narcissa and Draco were in complete denial they never noticed the rest of the rooms occupants, when they finally snapped out of their minds they were standing in the middle of nowhere in their nightclothes. A crack caused them to turn and when they did they came face to wand with Nymphadora Tonks. She raised an eyebrow at what they where wearing but then it wasn't her business if they wanted to prance around in their nightclothes. "Come along Draco. Oh, almost forgot. Your wand." Draco did as she said, mostly because he was so confused. She did not resemble the clumsy woman he had met previously. She oozed confidence. "Have a nice day Ma´am, you might want to get some clothes and a last name." With that she grabbed Draco and apparated away.

Narcissa was left standing alone in the middle of nowhere until Nymphadora´s words penetrated her mind, nightclothes and last name. Looking down she saw that she indeed was in her nightclothes. She was a nobody now, not a member of the Black family and not the wife of Lucius Malfoy. Her Lord would not be happy about this. She had promised him the Black fortune and the Malfoy fortune when he took Draco as his consort.

Meanwhile Draco was facing Andromeda and Ted Tonks in their house. Nothing made sense to the confused boy but then again his world was turned upside down only an hour before. It wasn't fair that this happened to him, first Potty is a hot girl, secondly he's removed from his family and third he's been declared a minor in the eyes of wizarding law.

In the background Nymphadora was watching and waiting for the brat to screw up. "What are you staring at Filth?" Ah, and here it comes. "You will while under our roof treat everyone here with cordiality and respect. You will clean your own room, cook your own food, do your won laundry and earn you keep. We do not use house elves, that are for the lazy ones." Andromeda said calmly. She took his wand from her snickering daughter. "Now, young man, the bathroom is on the second floor as is your bedroom. Your bedroom is at the end of the hall and the bathroom is on the left side three doors from your room. There are some clothes on the bed that should fit you until we go to Diagon Alley to buy some new clothes." Ted said it calmly as if the boy had not insulted him just a moment earlier. Draco stormed up the stairs in a huff. Entering his new room he stopped dead, it was tiny. Looking around he could not see his wardrobe, personal elf or the door to his private bathroom. This was way below him, turning his eyes to the bed he saw the clothes laid out for him, common. Stalking into the bathroom he stops again its way below his standards. He strips and enters the shower for a long, hot shower.

"You have ten minutes, we are leaving for Diagon Alley and Gringotts to set up an allowance vault for you." Draco stared at the door uncomprehending. An allowance, he has a reputation to maintain! Ten minutes later the shower was turned of, much to Draco´s irritation as he was barely done washing his hair. Getting out, grumbling, he dresses in the clothes he's given the stalks downstairs.

Narcissa is entering her Lords Manor to inform him of what's happened. He will not be pleased. She was right he was furious. As she no longer had access to either the Black or Malfoy fortune she was useless, not to mention not having Draco. He would have to find another consort then.

Cassie was sitting in the drawing room at Malfoy Manor when Voldy threw his temper tantrum. Usually she would be on the floor screaming her head of but since Lucius and Minerva had checked her over for any tampering it was only a slight buzz in the back of her mind, as it should have been from the beginning. When they did the spell her scar had lit up like crazy. It had taken awhile to find the right spells but when you have the Black, Malfoy, Snape and McGonnagall libraries to look in… Voldy could no longer look through her eyes or take over her body. Dumbdoor could not affect her dreams anymore so he could not get her to believe what he wanted her to believe.

Cassie was waiting for a monumental visit, for the first time in centuries a Weasley was entering Malfoy Manor. She had asked Lucius if her friends could visit, all of her friends, and he had agrees as long as they didn't destroy the Manor. She had promised that they wouldn't. Fred and George were not that stupid. What Cassie didn't know was the true reason Lucius agreed, the Manor was to quiet and he was tired of it.

The Weasley family was in shock when owls dropped letters bearing the Malfoy crest in front of Ginny, George and Fred. Ron on the other hand was having a fit. He was accusing Ginny of being a Death Eater. He shouldn't have done that as both his parents and siblings were pissed off at him as it was before he opened his big mouth. He and Hermione had disgusted all of them by what they had done to Harry/Cassie. Listening to Dumbledore because he gave them stolen money. Ron was not allowed to leave the Burrow and Herminone was banned from entering. Before the portkey activated Arthur took Ginny aside, he gave her a letter she was to give Lord Malfoy as soon as they met him.

They landed in an elegant room that radiated money and a house elf popped n to show them the way. Minutes later Luna appeared followed by Neville and they were also taken to where the rest were. Cassie met her friends in the Sitting room and while they greeted each other Dudley sat back and watched them. After the introductions were done Ginny brought out the letter. "Cassie, I have a letter to Lord Malfoy from my father." "Right, Licit!" "Yes, Mistress?" " Could you get Luc to come here?" "Yes, Mistress." The other inhabitants of the room stared at her like she was crazy. It took her a moment to realise why they were staring at her like that. "Ehh, oops." That was all it took for them to start laughing. "You practically ordered Lucius Malfoy to come here and all you say is oops?" Neville said.

Entering the Sitting room Lucius expected a lot of things but seeing Cassie, Ginny and Luna shrieking with laughter as the boys tickled them was not one of them. Moving quietly to one of the sofas he sat down and watched the children play. Neville saw him first but decided not to call attention to him, the aristocrat seems to be highly amused by their antics.

Lying on the floor gasping for air Cassie meets amused silver eyes. He sees that she's finally noticed him and smirks. "Well Cassie if you wanted something rolling on the floor is not the way to get it." She blushes cutely at that. "Actually, Lord Malfoy, I asked for you. My father asked me to give you this." Ginny hands him the letter, blushing like crazy the whole time. "Thank you Ms. Weasley. If you will excuse me." He stands, gives them a short bow then strides out of the room, cane matching his steps.

Entering his study he watches the letter for a moment, the feud between the Malfoy´s and the Weasley´s may end today if it is what he thinks it is.


For the past generations there has been a feud between our Houses. I have since my father informed me thought it ridiculous. Not to mention childish to keep it going for this long. Dumbledore always advised against trying to end it.

I do now know of the idiocy listening to the old man is. What is between our Houses is none of his business. I know that my House is considered Light, so was yours until the feud started. Now the Malfoy name is automatically 'Dark' while the Weasley name is automatically 'Light'.

I think it's ridiculous to name a person Light or Dark because of family name. My apologies I ramble.

I wish for the feud to end, we have bigger problems than petty grudges. I hope that you share my sentiment and gives careful thought to end the feud.

My wife and I have been members of the Order since the first war and seen first hand how Dumbledore operates. What Ms.Potter accuses him of is only the beginning. There are no longer any Weasley´s in the Order.

Give our regards to Ms.Potter and thank her for not believing all of us capable of being idiots like our youngest son.

Arthur Weasley

Head of the Weasley Family

Lucius leaned back in his chair and pondered the letters meaning. Obviously it was a genuine offer and that the Weasley´s supported Cassie. Not to mention the fact that the youngest boy was an idiot, his only goal was to surpass his siblings. What a petty child who didn't know the value of family.

Chuckling he gathers parchment and a quill, the feud would end finally.


It is true about the feud between our Houses. As I am sure you have noticed taking advice from the Headmaster is stupid.

It is true that what happens between our Houses stay between us. He is not a member of either family so it does not concern him. I did not know that anyone still knew about that. Labelling someone either Dark or Light because family name is ridicules.

As I share your views there is no need to apologise.

I agree with you, there are much lager problems in our world than this petty grudge. I have thought about this feud for a long time and was in the process of contacting you with the same offer you are giving me.

I am glad that you do not label Ms.Potter as a liar; she has been called that enough. It will please her that you are no linger involved with the old man.

I will give her your regards and I do not doubt that she knows that Ronald is not a prime example of your family.

Lucius Malfoy

Head of the Malfoy Family

Folding it and sealing it with the Malfoy crest he leaves the study and heads towards the Sitting room. It is safer to give his answer to Ms.Weasley, who knows what the old fool will try now that the Weasley´s are no longer on his side. He enters to utter chaos once again, not surprising considering what he has heard about the Weasley Twins.

"Ms.Weasley, can I speak with you for an moment." Ginny follows the blond out into the hall. "I have answered your fathers letter and the answer will please him. Please give it to him in private." He gives her the letter with the Malfoy Crest. Ginny is surprised that she is the one who he gives the letter to. She nods to him the re-enters the Sitting room. She hopes that the letter really will please her father. Everyone needs to work together to survive.

The others watch Ginny as she enters. She just smirks and refuses to answer any questions. A house elf pops in with tea tray the pops out again.

The rest of the morning they all fool around and acts their age. Later they decide to have a prank war, girls against boys. Their laughter echoes through the Manor. But as pranks have a tendency to hit everyone, one of the boys' traps is sprung not on the girls but on Lucius. Neville, Dudley and the twins are terrified, they had hit a very dangerous man with a prank that made him look like a walking rainbow. "Now Mr.Dursley, Mr.Longbottom and Mssrs.Weasley that was very crude. You need some finesse." To say that they were flabbergasted was an understatement; did he just say what they thought he said? A few minutes late Lucius is storming through the Manor, rainbow coloured. "Cassie did I not request that you stayed away from the North wing!" Cassie, Luna and Ginny pales when they see him and then quickly start backing away as a very angry Lucius Malfoy stalks towards them.

Unfortunately they can't see the difference between pissed off Lucius and amused Lucius, at least no yet. The girls never see what hits them. They are utterly and completely taken by surprise. Who would expect Lucius Malfoy to help in pranking?

Cassie stared at Lucius in shock; did he just help the boys with pranking them? She could see the same confusion on the other girls' faces. The boys just smirk at the confused girls, shrugging they leave to the guestrooms to clean up. Meeting half an hour later in the Sitting room, lunch has been served.

Diagon Alley, The Ministry and Voldemorts Manor

Being sideapparated is not a nice experience, especially when you have an apparition license of your own. As a ward his license had been taken away and he was not allowed to apparate without his guardian. Not to mention not do any magic. The walk through Diagon Alley was humiliating for Draco. Especially when the papers reported about his removal from the Malfoy family. Not to forget his new status as a ward of the Tonks family. Lets not forget the fact that his mother is Narcissa No-last-name. The Dark Lord will really be pissed about this. Suddenly it hits him, Narcissa is not his mother and Lucius not his father, he's technically an orphan.

Tonks had apparated her father while Andromeda had apparated with Draco. She left for the ministry afterwards. Andromeda and Ted can see the looks directed towards their ward but as long as it's only looks they wont to anything. Entering Gringotts they wait in line, Draco not used to it is very irritated. Ted can see it and it's amusing as hell for him; he can't keep the laughter completely at bay. Unfortunately Draco hears it and his temper snaps. "What do you think you are? You are below everyone here! You pathetic Mudblo…" A Silencio cuts him of from Andromeda. She is not amused by the brats' actions. "You will never speak to anyone like that again, do you understand me Draconis. If I hear another one of you pathetic temper tantrums again I will go to the Head of the Black family and have you removed from the family completely. It's your choice." Everyone in the bank, goblins and wizards, is staring at Draco. Turning to the teller Andromeda continues as if everyone is not staring at them. "I would like to open an allowance vault in my charges name with 10 galleons a month. Draconis Black." The teller nods and does it. Draco is ranting at her but he's still silenced so it doesn't matter.

At the doors Severus Snape is standing, appalled. He had heard Draco´s screaming when he was entering the bank. How stupid is the brat? He is on thin ice as it is and pissing of Andromeda Tonks is not wise. Draco is used to get whatever he wants thanks to his mother, no matter what Lucius said Narcissa would get him what he wanted. At least she never had access to the Malfoy vaults, only her Black allowance.

When Tonks enters the MLE Umbridge storms in ranting and raving. The Aurors share confused looks then one of them stuns her and places her under arrest. She is the called to the Directors office regarding what happened with her cousin in Gringotts. That surprises her a bit but not much, the blond brat is spoiled as hell. If he's not given what he wants then he'll throw a fit until he does.

Narcissa is kneeling at Voldemorts feet, trembling. "Your hussband annulled your marriage, your coussin dissowned you from the Black family. You have no accesss to Draco? No way of getting to him?" The cold hissing voice of her master shook with fury. Narcissa bowed even lower. She was put under the Cruciatus once again. "Ye-yes Mas-master. No-o, Ma-st-Master, I-I have no-no acc-access to-to h-him. I do-don´t kn-know wh-where they li-live." Narcissa has no illusions of what will happen to her, as she has no use to him, Draco was the only reason she was important.

Before Voldemort can resume his temper tantrum a Death Eater enters with the news that several of his allies has broken of the alliance because of the article in the Daily Prophet. "Pettigrew!!" The snivelling rat scurries in as soon as his master calls him. He gives his arm so that the Death Eaters may be called. Narcissa uses the distraction to drag herself into the shadows. She will not be treated like a simple commoner she's a Black. What she fails to remember is that she was a Black now she's a nobody.

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