Three Moons of Alicidale

"Hey Hero," Sakura said. She walked over to him holding two pieces of cheesecake. Tomoyo poured them tea, then sad at the table with her own piece of cheesecake.

"Tomoyo and I were wondering about the clow cards. How did Clow Read create these cards?"

"Well," Kero shoved a piece of his cake into his mouth, "He didn't 'actually' create them."

"Huh?" Tomoyo and Sakura gave each other confused glances. They blinked at Kero.

"What would be more accurate to say is…that he captured the power and sealed them in the cards."

"How?" Sakura and Tomoyo asked simultaneously.

"Why?" Tomoyo added.

"I was told some of it, but not all." He stuffed another huge piece of cake in his mouth. "Yue knows a little as well, but I think you'd have to ask the cards."

"Oh, okay. Do you think they'd want to tell me?" Sakura asked.

"I'm sure thy would." Tomoyo encouraged her, "They love you, Sakura."

"You think so…?"

"Of course. There isn't anyone who wouldn't like you if they knew you. Even Li, who was your rival is really good friends with you. Meilin, too."

"Thanks," Sakura nodded.

Kero sat strangely calm. "Why don't you ask the mirror card," he suggested.

"That's a good idea, Kero. Thanks."

Sakura and Tomoyo went to the stairs. They stopped when they noticed Kero wasn't following them. "Aren't you coming?"

"In a bit. I think this day will be a good day to ask them. I hope you learn what you wish."

"It was very good of you to tell us, Kero," Tomoyo said.

"Don't worry," he replied. "He watched them leave. 'Yes, this will be a good day. The first of the days these powers grow. The first of the days before their capture. This would be a good time for you to learn the truth.'

In Sakura's room, she went in and closed the door, then opened it, remembering Kero would be up. She went over to her star wand. She shuffled through her cards for the mission card. She found it and after releasing her card, called on his power.

"Mirror, I wanted to ask you something," Sakura began slowly.

"What?" The card asked.

"About…how you all came to be clow cards."

"Oh, that. It is not very easy to answer, but we'll do it for you Sakura." The mirror card, which had been in Sakura's likeness, stepped back into the mirror and her own image. The mirror vanished and the card hovered before them with closed eyes. A power swirled around her, enveloping her in a translucent light of pink. In her hands, a wand of her own appeared. It had a black staff with a dark crescent moon. On top of that was a heart with a crown over it.. She grabbed the wand then made herself in Sakura's likeness.

"First you have to be tested."

The cards zoomed out an formed at a circle around the mirror card. They did the same around Sakura. The rest were spread around the room. "You will have help me make the test. At random, call upon a card. You'll know what it is after this done. You have three chances. Go!"

The mirror card pointed her wand at the card. Wings appeared at her feet. "Jump!" She did a back flip and jumped across the room. She threw her staff forward hitting a card. Waves of power rushed over her telling there the name of the card.

"Thunder!" The thunder card formed in front of her. It growled menacingly. "the cards can't tell us apart, so whatever card you call on, the moment you r wand touches a card it is under your command. Same goes for me."

Tomoyo clung to Sakura. She whispered to her friend. "Are you going to fight her?"

"I don't have a choice. Stay close to me."

"Right." Tomoyo nodded.

Sakura pointed her wand at a card. A quick wish of power washed over her. It felt strong and reliable. She felt the name of the card and called it out. "Shield!" The shield appeared in front of herself an d Tomoyo. The thunder hit the shield then faded.

"How did you know card it was Sakura?" Tomoyo asked.

"I'm not sure. I just felt it. I could feel the cards' power and the name just came to me."

"Watery! Twin!"

"Huh?" Sakura turned. She caught a flash of water go past and hit the shield.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo pointed above them. Mirror Sakura was gliding past. Wings on her feet.

"Thee Jump Card" Sakura realized. The mirror card activated another.


"Oh no!" Sakura gasped as she figured out her plan.

Watery twirled around the shield, being made into two by twin. Freeze came over, crashing into the shield that was covered by water, right when Watery escaped. The shield was frozen. The card, also frozen, fell to the ground. They were covered by a thick wall of ice. They were unable to see out.

Sakura sighted. She bent down and picked up the frozen card. "I'm sorry," she said. "This is my fault."

"Can you fix it?"

"I don't know," she stood up.

"I wish I knew what was going on out there. I wish I was better at this."

Tomoyo put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "You'll get the hang of it and think of something," she told her softly.

"I hope you're right."

"I know you will."

"I Hope its not too late. Who knows what will happen without me to stop the cards if something bad happens."

Outside the cave of ice, the mirror card stood glancing around the cards. She tried to concentrate on sensing their power. She knew exactly which card she needed. Her eyes darted but her senses went slower. Making no mistake in missing the card she wanted. "There it is." She jumped over to it.

Inside their ice chamber, the two girls heard a yell. "Wood!" After a moment, they heard the sound of the ice cracking.

Vines broke the ice and wrapped tightly around the two. Sakura struggled and accidentally hit a card. A soft and gentle feeling pulsed thru her. Relaxed an calm, she called its name "Song." The card appeared before her. "

Tomoyo," Sakura struggled. "Wood is a gentle card, we just need to relax it."

Tomoyo replied, also struggling against the pain. "Okay, I'll try."

She began to sing a soft melody, joined by song. She was squeezed tighten, forcing her singing to stop. Song, however, remained singing. The vines slowly loosened around them.


The card stopped. Sakura wriggled further out the vines. She hit a card, she felt an intense but short pause in her. She mouthed the name of the card. Time. Everyone froze. Sakura got out the vines. She went over to the mirror card. She tried to aim for a card but hit the wood card instead. It became able to move and the card glowed like it was under her power.

"Bind her!" Sakura yelled. The vines wrapped around the mirror card just as the effects of the time card wore off. The mirror cried out in pain. "Mirror, you have to stop this."

The wand fell from the Mirror card's hand. It hit a card. A blackness swept over her mind and she called the card. "Dark!"

Black tendrils of darkness swept outward from the card. It burst over the sky. The afternoon sky that had still been visibly light was covered in shadows. In the sky, the only thing that could be seen were three moons that were almost perfectly in alignment. A red moon, a white moon, and a yellow moon.

Back in the room, the mirror card, still trapped by wood looked up to where the moons were. (though she can't see cause of the ceiling.) Her eyes held a faint red light suddenly, and looked like she was in a trance.

The dark cards showed its true appearance, then disappeared from the room.

In the city, Toya was walking with Yukito. They stopped and stared at the sky, wondering.

"What's going on?" Toya asked. Wings wrapped around Yukito's body, covering him. They glanced with a strange blue light and he emerged as Yue. "I don't know but I'm gonna find out." He took for the sky. He went in the direction of Sakura's house. He spotted the dark card in the sky. Blackness around his form. Hey looked at Yue then shot darkness at him. He dodged.

The Clow cards, all except Dark and Mirror, returned to their card forms. The cards lined themselves in a wall on the side of Sakura and Mirror. Kero entered the room and floated to the mirror's stars.

"The next apart of the test shall begin. you have two chances. I know I will win. I have the guardian beast on my side." Kero muzzled her cheek. Her form transformed into her own created image. Straight and long reddish hair, (color of Miss Mizuki's) with bangs, wearing a long flowy pink dress.

"What is she talking about, Kero?" Sakura looked at her friend.

"If you attack her, I will protect her." He said.

She looked back toward the sky. Without seeing the moons she stared directly at them. Her eyes glowed again with the faint red. "This time I will involve everyone.