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Three Moons Of Alicidale

The door opened to the room that Yue was in and he awoke almost instantly. Floating before him were Sleep and Watery. They waited until he was fully awake to talk to them.

"It's done." Watery said. "The portal is open. We can go back home, now."

"So why haven't you done it, then?" Yue asked them.

Sleep gave her a look nd she gazed at him with pleading eyes before turning back to Yue. She took his hands in her own. "Lazeal said that she was letting all the humans go. We're all going back home."

"Is there something that you want to say?" Yue asked pointedly.

"I want you to come with us." She said. "Lazeal's going to erase everyone's memories of the clow cards, including Sakura's. You might as well come, too. Don't you miss Alicidale?"

"Why do you want me to come?"

"Yue, it isn't as if we're enemies. You know that."

Lightning burst through the door and charged itself, growling at him. Rain and cloud floated together above him.

"Yue, why are you fighting this?" Rain asked.

"What about the queen?" Cloud questioned.

That struck a cord with Yue. He had abandoned his post ny her side, but he always still worried over her. Her and the Princess. Though despite that, his mind still went to Sakura. Of course, she wouldn't need him without the clow cards, so he didn't need to worry. Yet, why did he still feel so protective?

"Give a moment to think about it." He said. "I have been trapped in this room and asleep." He pointed out. "I have to get my head straight."

"Fine." Watery smiled. "You may not think so now, but you'll feel better once we all go back home."

"It's true." Said the Cloud card. "Plus, I'm still worried about our home. We don't know how effected it was by our departure."

"And once we're home, I can be together with them again." Rain looked at cloud, then Thunder adoringly.

"We all be together like before." Watery smiled.

'Like before.' Yue thought. 'If it's going to be like before, who will I be going back. too? I won't abandon the queen again, but I protected another in Alicidale, as well. And now...Will this be another duty that I skip out on?"

Sakura woke up laying on something soft. Once she opened her eyes and looked at it, she discovered it to be a giant marsh mellow. 'Shaoran!' she thought, looking around. He was behind her, still passed out. 'Thank Goodness.' she thought.

"You're awake." Sakura hadn't taken the time to look around. Once she looked around the room that she was in, she was a bit surprised to find that the Big card was who had spoken to her. "Are you hurt?"

"U-umm....I-I don't think so." Sakura stuttered, surprised by the kindness the card was showing her. All the other cards were doing as they pleased or being mean to her, so this was unexpected.

"That is good. I guess the others were a bit rough with you." She smiled sadly, sheepishly. Big walked over to her and sat near her. "I want you to understand why they are doing this."

"It's because they want to go home, right?" Sakura said.

"Sakura, they can't go home." She said. "Not just because they have no way to do, but because of you. As long as they are bound to you, they cannot leave. You have to no longer want them, or Yue has to take them from you. He's the only one with the power to do so. Unless one of you does something, we will never get to return home."

"That's awful!" Sakura cried.

"I know that you cannot unwant us, so the only other thing..." She broke off, looking down. After a moment, she turned back to Sakura. "Please, Sakura! You have to let Yue take the cards from you. I want...I want to see my home at least once more!"

Sakura stared at the Big card. She remembered the last time Yue almost took the cards from her. The whole world had changed. And even if that didn't happen, she would defiantly lose her memories. She didn't want to forget the times that she had with everyone. She didn't want to forget how she felt. She wanted to keep her memories. 'I can't let go of how feel for them all. Meiling and Tomoyo and the cards and Kero...' she turned her head to look at Li. 'I want to keep my feelings for feelings for Yue... I don't want to lose them. I don't want to forget.' Tears poured from her eyes and she cried.

"Sakura?" Big called. "Sakura, what's wrong?"

But Sakura couldn't answer. All she could do was cry.

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