Chapter 1

"Master we cannot enter the house," said the young vampire coming up beside his brother. They were not real blood brother, he had been turned and vampires all thought of each other as brothers and sisters.

"Why?" asked Severus Snape curiously. He had been turned when he was ten years old, trained by his own sire who was dead now. He had never attended Hogwarts, and of course didn't like Voldemort. The reason simple was because he bowed down to no one. However, that didn't matter any more, because Voldemort was gone.

"Wards of some kind," said the young man.

"Hm…" was all Severus said as he started using spells to detect what spells and wards were on the building.

"Go and enjoy your feast, I will deal with this myself. Derek stay," said Severus the other vampires started entering houses so they could drink their full.

"Do you think you will be able to break the wards?" asked Derek.

"Of course," said Severus.

Derek had no doubt, Severus was the best vampire they had, and the best magically of course. The wards came down one by one as Severus tore them to bits.

"Wonder what treasure awaits us in here," said Derek softly, for no one would put up such wards for nothing.

"Do nothing until I give you permission," said Severus as the last ward broke and he headed into the house.

"Yes sir," said the young man entering the house behind Severus.

They looked around the house, however to their confusion they found nothing of importance here. It made no sense, why would there be such wards there if nothing of importance was there.

"Nothing," said Derek disappointed.

"No we must have missed something," said Severus quietly, he closed his eyes and Derek knew that he was using his senses to feel everything in the house.

Severus' eyes snapped open; he looked shocked. Derek blinked wondering what Severus had found. Derek blinked once more, and Severus was gone, he saw him leaving down the stairs into … the kitchen? He quickly followed Severus curious to know what it was that Severus had sensed.

Severus swiftly walked down the stairs to the basement, which by the way didn't look like it had been there in the first place. There was magic on the door, so it was obvious the door was magically created, perhaps even the basement was magically created. Curious enough this was a Muggle area; he knew that, so what on earth was happening? Why was magic on that door?

The vampire's eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of a beaten boy, who looked ready to die. Severus could feel a tiny, weak pulse so knew he was alive, but he was ready to die. The boy didn't even have a bit of unhurt skin on his body; he didn't know just how bad it was.

"You might as well put the boy out of his misery," said Derek sadly.

Severus ran his hand across the bruised and bleeding face softly, causing a weak moan to come from the boy. Severus wanted to save this boy from what fate had thrown at him. He decided he would have this boy, heal him and give him everything he could ever need.

Lowering his face to the boy's neck, Derek left softly giving Severus privacy. For that Severus was truly grateful, his fangs came out, before Severus softly bit into the boy's neck, moaning at the blood. However he didn't get as much blood as he would have liked. The boy was almost out of blood as it was; Severus kept sucking until the boy was drained dry, and not breathing any longer.

He waited until Death tried to claim the boy before cutting his wrist, and letting the newly "born" childe to awaken now as a vampire. He was too far gone to be able to wake and drink the blood.

"Sir the other vampires are apparating away. Someone has come," said Derek coming once more back into the room.

"Very well, let's be going" said Severus quickly taking his new childe into his arms and apparating Derek left immediately after, not waiting to see who had turned up, or why.


Severus apparated into his rooms, which were fit for a king.

There was a triple size bed and huge mirrored doors which behind hung all the clothes he would ever need. Very expensive drawers, made with the finest of woods, beautifully coloured as well. Beautiful, almost silk-like curtains were a lovely deep royal blue colour.

The room was filled with Muggle things as well, including a TV, millions of DVDs, a computer, and there were many expensive Magical instruments as well. The place did indeed look like the place of a king or queen's room. Why a vampire had them he didn't know.

Laying the boy down on his bed, it was obvious someone had beaten him soon before they came. The sheets would need cleaned before anyone slept in it again for the boy was covered in blood, which was drying on his clothing.

"Get me Andrea now," said Severus, knowing the servant outside his door would get her immediately. Andrea was a healer, one of the best actually, but she was shunned when the rest of the world had learned she was a vampire.

"Right away sir," was said before Severus heard footsteps fading away, a sign that his servant had left to do his bidding, as they always were.

"You called for me?" asked Andrea softly entering the room. Her eyes widened when she caught the sight of the boy lying in the bed.

"Heal him," said Severus before leaving the room.


"Who came?" Asked Severus upon entering the room.

"It was not Auror's or Muggle police sir, they were a bunch of mismatched weirdo's but wizards none the less," said one of the vampires.

"They came within ten minutes of me ripping down the wards I see…well it's obvious we have something they want or want to protect. I will find out about them," said Severus his brow scrunched up as he sat deep in thought.

"It was Dumbledore," said one of the other vampires softly.

"Dumbledore?" asked Severus surprised,

"Yes sir," said the vampire who was named Tomas.

"I see so it was the Order or the Phoenix, the group who brought down Voldemort. At least we know who it was. "Now what we need to know is why they had so many wards around the boy's home, and how important he is," said Severus.

The vampires didn't ask who the boy was he was referring to because they all knew. Derek told them as soon as he apparated in. There were no secrets among vampires.

"Are we going to use him as bait and take the Order out before they take us?" asked a curious Vampire.

"We are not using the boy as bait, he has been though too much in his life," snapped Andrea coming in, it looked like she was already attached to the boy.

"No, we won't. Calm yourself Andrea," said Severus softly.

"Thank you my lord. I wish to speak to you privately; I don't think the boy will like everything about his life told openly," said Andrea.

"Very well, go enjoy your day you know the usual times we meet up," said Severus, releasing the other vampires.

They all apparated away except for Derek of course; as always he was the second hand man to Severus. Or more like a personal servant and body guard as he always watched Severus' back.

"I used a spell that would give me the entire list of his injuries, healed or not," said Andrea.

"And?" asked Severus curious about the boy in his bed.

"Well when he was one and a half he was hit with the killing curse," said Andrea.

"What? How did he survive?" asked Severus shocked.

"His mother gave his life for him; it formed a protection shield of some sorts. However it was not on her own doing, she merely helped him survive the killing curse, and he has a mark left from where it hit him, a lightning bolt on his forehead. However the list starts to get rather violent from there, broken bones, hits over the head, bruised kidneys, stomach, lungs, broken ribs, and to top it all off, he was not fed as he ought to have been." said Andrea softly.

"There is more," said Severus curtly.

"Yes, he has also had the imperious curse put on him, oblivate and Cruciatus curses, Tormento curses, cutting curses, and many, many more. I don't think there is a pain curse he has not experienced," Andrea said, her eyes sad.

"Fuck," was all Severus could say. He would never have dreamed it was this bad.

"He has also been raped many times. He is curled up and I didn't want to do it; the boy has had his privacy violated too much. He has magic suppresser on him, and I don't think he will ever get over all of this," said Andrea softly, tears entering her eyes. She was much like Poppy in that area mothering her patients and hurting for them.