Chapter 31

Epilogue - Happily Ever After - Not Figuratively speaking

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to unite two souls as one," started the Minister.

Harry and Severus stood together, both in beautiful green robes, and they still looked the same age as they did when the first got together. Harry's best men were the twins, Draco and Neville. They never did anything normal so why should their marriage be? So it was there became more than one best man. Severus' best men were Trey, Derek and Zarek. Not as many as Harry but Severus had wanted it that way. Sirius had been given the real honour of walking Harry down the isle. Luna was sitting with Remus and Tonks, both females were sobbing like little girls. Remus was very awkwardly trying to console them, looking ready to have a panic attack.

Remus had Tonk's had gotten together within a month of him coming around, and engaged three months later. They had created a date for their wedding, but ended up pregnant and decided to postpone it until their son or daughter could join in the wedding. Tonk's was currently eight months pregnant, she had one month left to go.

Luna and Neville were together, not yet engaged or married, but unbeknown to Luna, Neville was planning on proposing…tonight. She says yes.

Fred and George were still Fred and George; they had no intentions of settling down yet. They were having too much fun being single, and experimenting without the input of their restrictive parents.

"Do you Severus Snape and Harry Potter join us here of your own free will to acknowledge the eternal bond shared by you both?" asked the Minister.

"I do," replied Severus and Harry staring straight ahead at the Minister.

"You may face each other," said the Minister, waiting until they had both did as bid before continuing "Join hands, Severus, Harry, you may recite your vows."

"Sev…you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I was afraid you were too good to be true, that I didn't deserve someone so pure, and loyal and loving as you are…but here we are. Surrounded by the people I love most. I feel so proud and blessed to be your husband, I love you and I always will forever." said Harry.

"Harry, through the tears and many struggles, I always hoped we would make it here. Setting out to do one thing has brought us here today, and I would never diverge from that road. I promise you that I will always respect, protect love and cherish you for always." said Severus smoothly.

"Here, before witnesses, Severus and Harry have sworn their vows to each other. With this cord I bind them to those vows." said the Minister, cords shot out of his wand, binding both of them together for life.

"So be it," said the witnesses finishing off the binding.

"You may kiss your life partner," said the Minister.

"Congratulations Mr & Mr Snape," said Trey, shaking their hands, in congratulations.

"We did it," said Harry once he was back with his husband.

"Indeed we did Mr. Snape," said Severus his hand automatically rubbing soothing circles around back. Harry had never really gotten used to bigger crowds of people, even if he loved them all. It made him nervous, some things did end up having a lasting impression but over all - they were for most parts extremely happy.

The reception was beautiful, but now it was over. Harry and Severus were off on their honeymoon. Harry had been given a lot of compensation for what Dumbledore and the others had done to him. He had told them he didn't want it, just wanted his own money back, and the money used to help the other victims. For whatever they might need therapy or whatever. He had indeed gotten all the money back, even from Granger and Weasley, it seemed as though they hadn't spent it all. Speaking off they had entrusted Dizzy to keep Granger and Weasley in line. Nobody outside their group knew where they were and that's the way it was staying.

"Have a wonderful time," said Sirius hugging Harry, and shaking Severus' hand.

"We will," said Severus, he was looking forward to it, three weeks just him and Harry no interruptions or annoyances.

"Bye guys," said Remus, watching them both a small peaceful smile on his face. His hands on Tonks' very pregnant belly.

"You be careful, and if you find the time let us know you are okay, alright?" said Draco sternly. Who was here with his own fiancée, Daphne who had survived the war of course. Soon to be Daphne Malfoy, and Draco's magic had fully recovered and he was as cocky as ever.

"Will do, Bye!" said Harry loudly, and before the rest of them knew it they were gone.

They had their honeymoon in Alaska, Trey's house, if the married couple were honest, they were just glad to get away for a while. Alone.

Needless to say nine months later…Harry gave birth to a little boy called Aaron Snape.

He had many play mates, one year older Teddy Lupin. Two playmates, younger by a month or two, Frankie Longbottom, a little girl. Then there was Malachi Malfoy, all born on the same year.

The End

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