Part One- Another Pair of Wings to Our Flock?

1: Wake Up People!

After leaving Ella's house in Arizona I had lost the feeling of comfort. We were out in the world again and we had a mission: To save the world.

But right now, the flock and I were safe. For now.

We were maybe 50 miles north of where we were yesterday, and near a forest. It was probably about 6am now and the sun was rising.

Me, Fang and Iggy were up now. Iggy was cooking over a campfire he'd started. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious. And he used the frying pan that Nudge had begged fang and me to get. Since we were short on cash, our only choice had been to lift it.

Fang was out gathering some edible berries in the forest and firewood.

Total jumped up. "Bacon!" He ran over to where Iggy was frying. "Is it done yet?" he asked.

"Not yet," Iggy replied.

I walked over to where the three little ones were. Both Nudge and the Gasman were sleeping like logs. Snoring quietly.

Angel looked like a sweet, well, a sweet little angel as she slept. It was too bad I had to wake them up.

"Up, up, up! It's time to get up!" I clapped in their faces. They just shifted their positions. "Breakfast!" I called out. Immediately, they all shot up.

"What's cooking?" asked Gazzy. I gave a little smile

"Bacon," Iggy replied.

"Wake me up when it's done," Nudge grumbled sleepily. I went over to her a shook her, but she just resisted "Just let me sleep."

"Food's ready!" Iggy exclaimed. Nudge jump and total to, but I realized it was just to wake Nudge up.

Fang trudged through the grass carrying wood and some other stuff. He set the wood down in the fire as Iggy kept cooking. "There, that's the last of it," he said.

In the back of my mind I was still thinking of what had happen back in Germany. Was the director still alive? Were the clone versions of us alive too? And poor, poor, Ari. I hope he's in a better place. I was just so happy the flock was okay though, especially my sweet little Angel.

"I love you too Max," she said as she hugged me. She can read minds, of course. And not only that but she can breathe under water, talk to fish and control people with her mind!

We all sort of have a special ability, you see. I can fly at high speeds. Iggy's blind so he has extra good hearing and other senses which are not sight. Nudge has psychometric powers which are that she can tell what people touched something, and she's an expert computer hacker. The Gasman can imitate voices and sound very well. Fang doesn't seem to have one I guess. He is the strongest, but I'm not sure if that's an extra "power." He is the "alpha male." I guess he was created out of the super-power genes.

We all had wings and are stronger than your average/strong human, if I haven't mentioned already.

Then I started wondering to myself again. What is there are other kids out there like us? Ones with wings maybe. What if they been living a normal life this whole time. We've been cheated out of that because we were raised at the School! It was one evil place were vicious wolf-man creatures called erasers were the guards. I'm glad I'll never have to go back there ever again...