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Death is only the beginning

"DARN YOU! ANSWER NE NOW!!! I TOLD YOU TO SPEAK YOU FUCKING BEAN SPROUT!" only silence answered the enraged cries of the long haired swordman who was now in the process of furiously shaking the body of the white haired exorcist so he would at the very least (as that was what he hoped so he wouldn't be all so confused) protest or reject him.

That's when the red haired exorcist who was also in the room decided he should interfere. And as he realized that fact, the apprentice bookman caught his black haired fellow companion by the shoulders in order to stop his sudden madness.

The unexpected touch made the one also known as Kanda Yû to release his grip on the exorcist named Allen Walker.

"Yû that's enough now…" said the size shifting hammer wielder in a surprisingly controlled voice which caused all the presences in the room but Kanda to flinch. Even Lavi had a hard time realizing it was him who just spoke in such a way, it was so unlike him.

Komui Lee the mad scientist and his gentle sister Lenalee, the only other witness of the act played in the cold room, both watched in disbelief the usually ice hearted samurai showing such a display of emotion without shame in front of their eyes.

The calm composure Lavi had managed to keep until now crashed down as his memory replayed itself against its owner's will…

He remembered a few weeks ago when his innocent and kind white haired friend was sent away on a simple innocent looking mission that consisted in retrieving an innocence that the finders had secured and by some kind of miracle no Akuma had been detected yet over the area.

The bookman in training also remembered all too well just a few days back when he had gathered the courage to confront his childhood friend…

The red head was walking down the seemingly endless corridors of the black order's HQ before stopping by a giant double oak door behind which the library could be found as well as the man he was searching for at the moment (or at least that was what Lenalee had told him).

Upon opening the doors he could see the parody of Cerberus the three headed dog of hell calmly sitting at the opposite end of one of the long tables that were here so people could sit when they came to read or work peacefully without the trouble of some unrespectfull mad scientist as the said fellow had a saint horror of this place.

(Well the place WAS peaceful, as long as Kanda didn't appear in a more than ever fool mood, glaring with such a might that it would probably freeze to death the soul of any poor being that dared have the madness of making direct eye contact with the cruel glare or approaching the meanie less than a mile radius.)

Sighing at his mental image of Kanda, Lavi approached the beast who had raised his head in order to glare fiercely at the now immune exorcist, who dared come and invade his personal space.

"Yo, what are you doing here Yû-chan? Komui told me you were all PMSing around the HQ since this morning… And actually as I see you I think he wasn't all that far from the truth…" he stated with a frown but couldn't resist from adding that last part to his speech as he saw the other glare intensify with each word and which clearly said I'm going to rip both yours and the guy's guts out and arrange them in soba for that'. Maybe then he realized he shouldn't have named the poor scientist, but hell if he was going to put up with the PMSing male alone. Even though that if he hadn't named the man there wasn't a lot of living (or even dead) being who had enough mental issues to speak out loud such tough about Kanda anyway.

"What the hell do you want? AND DON'T CALL ME BY MY FIRST NAME YOU IDIOT RED!!!" ok so he retired what he said earlier Cerberus was Kanda'S parody.

He shivered and for a moment though he really hadn't choose his day for talking with the swordman but continued nonetheless "I came to have a word with you actually, not on you unexplained wrath but on Allen…" he deadpanned; now there was really no longer any means for him to escape. He watched his companion face as he pronounced the name of the predicted destroyer of time.

"What about that moyashi ?!" Kanda often used to transform some part of his speech in his natal language when he was especially annoyed, but the said idiot red' didn't miss the slight interest that had suddenly appeared in the tone of his Japanese friend. "Did he screw up yet another mission?! Though I heard it was quite a simple one! Feh! Maybe that was still too hard for him and the other useless woman. If you came here because that maggot asked for us to go for help-"He didn't finish as the other exorcist before him began to laugh. "Now Yu-chan ("don't call me Yû or chan BAKA") aren't you getting a little too worked up about him? Mmh? And sorry to disappoint you but so far we haven't received any news about the mission yet, and ya know… no news, good news!". (A/N: I dunno the right English translation for this expression it just mean that if you don't receive any news that probably means everything is too right for the people to even bother calling you)

Kanda was lost; if the idiot hadn't come here to confront his bad mood nor was he asked to go on a mission and they had sent him the professional trouble maker to tell him to go… Then WHAT THE HELL COULD THE FUCKING IDIOT WANT FROM HIM AT SUCH A TIME WHEN HE WAS SO PEACEFULLY BROODING (and plotting evil but that was a whole different matter what he though of doing when the moyashi was there so he could piss him of to no end as it was his personal sadistic pleasure)!!!! It couldn't be possible that the red head of all people had found out… His though were interrupted as the bookman apprentice confirmed his fears.

"I'm here to tell you that instead of being a pure asshole in its entire splendor, you'd better tell Allen your feelings for him ya know…" The red head had finally dropped the bomb, now he was truly determined to stay until he had the answers he came here for. As to know if his instincts telling him the apparent iceberg wasn't all that ice when it come to Allen and that he was a highly dangerous treat to the boy's purity. He certainly didn't want the other to convert the pure (not so) innocent being into a somewhat masochist as the other was definitely a sadist pervert… He shivered at any mental image that was crawling up his mind at that moment… He sure never wanted to imagine such possibility… Particularly since it aroused him somewhat… (A/N : insert bondage scene here XD;) GOD HE DIDN'T JUST SEE THAT IMAGE COMING RIGHT FROM SOME FANGIRL'S MIND!!!! . ;

Kanda watched is friend in disbelief as he saw the other's face contorting in a few different emotions before setting into one of pure horror. Then he came back to his senses as he denied the future bookman's saying "I have absolutely no idea of what your talking about baka, the stupid bean sprout always knew that I never stood his face I hate that Fu-"once again he was interrupted in his speech, which seemed to annoy him more and more.

"And is it because you can't stand his face that last time you stared at is ass like if you were some rapist that had found it's pray??? Man everyone but the poor kid know by now…"

"WHAT?!?!" the sword wielder was quite shocked, he hadn't realized he had let such evidence escape him… AND FOR GOD'S SAKE SOME PEOPLE SAW HIM AND SURVIVED TO TELL THE WORLD!!! Now shame would devour him for all eternity! Lavi fought the urge to roll his eye to the point it would actually make a 360° in its socket at the idea that Kanda actually though no one had seen him doing that. "God forbid, I was actually ready the eventuality that you'd pounce the poor thing straight on if he didn't left the room in time -sigh- really…"

Had then ensued a few heated comments from the fool mouthed exorcist. Their meeting actually took quite some time as it was already dark outside the building as Lavi realized that by the time everything was sorted between the two fellows and as Kanda opened up to his friend (as much as opening up to someone was to the grumpy samuraï, to Lavi it just seemed as he threatened is worse enemy to make him tell some really important secret that would in all case result at said enemy's death after he had spilled everything), for a moment Lavi though that the always unhappy swordman was going to suicide after saying that, he indeed, had a soft spot for the undersized cursed boy (not his word but Lavi's translation at the never ending trademark injures of Kanda, he swore that he actually learned new words and heard some that he never though were possible to leave someone mouth without giving some sort of tongue sprain).

As he exited the library the redhead turned his face one last time to his friend just to warn him : "Bean sprout-chan IS a very loveable person you know… I gave you some time 'cause you're my friend and more than anything I don't want you to be sad, even though you wouldn't admit it, and especially I don't want to be the cause of your sadness…" At that Kanda tensed before Lavi decided to fully face him completely serious this time. "But I'm not like Allen… I just have that much of selflessness; even spend for you more than I though was capable of giving… Once he's back, you won't be the only one in the line, as much as that old panda probably won't like it, I have the intention of having him as much as you do" 'if not more' he though "and I WILL have him if you don't hurry your sorry ass… I no longer care for you and your too much of an egoistic asshole for me to understand why I even bothered to care in the first place…" the redhead voice was slightly shaking with the sadness he tried to held down, he had realized that his feelings had surpassed his friendship so much that he had came down to HATE Kanda; his childhood friend, the one he though he'd always care for even if he was an ass… He couldn't stand him anymore and surprised himself once for having wanted him gone. Those thoughts for his friend made him extremely sad and confused, often it pushed him to hate himself for being such an asshole but he couldn't stop the feeling. Love really was a cruel feeling he though.

He still smiled to his ex-friend, new rival, as he finally left the library, leaving some space for Kanda to seriously consider what had just been said.

End flash back

It has only been a few days back and Allen had actually returned, Timcampy had kept the innocence secure, Miranda too had returned as she had been assigned with him on the mission. Kanda and Lavi were both ready has time had passed and had accepted the fact they were now some sort of rivals, at the better until Allen had made a choice, at the worse until the two of them died as they'd still hope or fear that the choice could be reversed in favor of the other. That of course if the albino wanted any of their love in the first place, as that was put in the worst case scenario on both sides.

The two of them had walked in silence side by side as Komui had called them along with Lenalee down to the medical area.

Allen and Miranda's orders were to go to the innocence location, take it with them, and go back to HQ as the finders told them no Akumas were to be detected so far so they weren't concerned about any order to eliminate what wasn't even here. Simple enough. Without taking in the fact that between the time that the message was sent and the exorcists to get there, utter chaos had happened.

They heard that Miranda was gravely wounded and in a coma, most of the finders were dead. They feared that the object of their dispute might have met the same fate as their other exorcist friend/acquaintance even though they heard nothing about him and his health status which usually means he was ok but the weird thing was that he usually came directly to them and that hadn't been the case.

The crazy scientist made the teens enter a cold white chamber in the underground of the HQ, probably the lowest room of the whole hospital department. "We though you should see it first… The higher ups still don't know, I didn't have the time to go report just yet." Komui felt like giving some excuse for the 'unreporting' but the truth was that he didn't want those pigs to dissect what the few remaining finders had managed to bring back with so much difficulties putting their own life second priority to get it…

The seriousness that held the voice of the man made the teens shiver, it was at the time hard to believe that the man who had talked truly was Komui Lee the craziness incarnate.

As he lifted the sheet that covered whatever was laid on the metal table in the center of the room, the reactions of the three exorcists displayed various stades as Lenalee opened her eyes wide and looked like she had been paralyzed on the spot, Lavi's eye also widened and he seemed like he had a hard time controlling his breathing, he was hyperventilating, and he shacked all over like his worst nightmare happened, Kanda was the one who showed the less emotions as usual seeming just surprised at first then confused, it was clear that he refused to understand what was shown before him as he asked the question that he would regret later : "What's this ?... What's the FUCKING MEANING OF THIS????"

Just then Timcampy flew his way toward the three companions and its mouth opened to show a scene that would never be forgotten by the presents. It showed a place apparently one of the streets of the deserted town where the last mission had taken place. Allen was there, bleeding profusely, from his mouth a trail of blood accused the possibility of internal bleeding, as if the large gash to his right side wasn't already proof enough. But the exorcist seemed determined, looking straight forward like if the horrible wound was the last of his worries.

As the three could only watch the past replay itself a man approached the helpless child. He had short straight blond hair, cruel blue eyes, tall and quite muscular but in a handsome way (not like Skin Boric) (A/N : ever seen Cliff from SO3? well imagine his evil version now) but what alarmed the exorcists and scientist was his dark skin and the crosses on his forehead. "A NOAH !?" the four exclaimed at the same. A new Noah indeed and beside the fact that the man looked quite strong already, on his right arm was attached what resembled some unknown big weapon as it swallowed his whole right arm in a prison of metal and ended round just a few inches from the ground, it was impossible to tell was it could do or if it was even a weapon! The only indices they had was the way the young exorcist looked at it like if it was that thing which held the very end of the world and not the Earl of millennium. Allen then turned to what seemed being Timcampy's location as, through the retransmission, his eyes looked directly into the ones of the exorcists and he asked for the little golem to escape. With that the transmission ended and everyone returned to their initial shock except that now the two younger boys turned a ghostly pale and looked like they were going to throw up any minute.

"Tim has shown this to the finders squad as soon as it has reached them… but they came too late…" Komui had offered an explanation to them, he hoped it would calm the pain a little to know no one had wanted to abandon the poor boy.

Allen had indeed returned from his mission, but not alive, as the lifeless body on the table could prove. They didn't want to trust this, even if the proof was here right before them they wouldn't believe this happened.

"That's not true, that can't be true,… right!" No one ever heard the cold Kanda Yu speak like that, never.

That's how it ended with him throwing a tantrum and taking the body off of the medical table in order to wake the younger, now dead, exorcist. And had his childhood friend grab him in order to stop his madness.

Kanda had escaped Lavi's grip and was now sliding against a nearby wall to end in a leap on the ground screaming at the top of his lungs and CRYING of all things and in front of other people!

Lavi trembled but couldn't stop his gaze from falling on the dead white body of the one he secretly loved. The one that had always been so full of life, full of love, radiating heat offering warm smiles to everyone,… always expressive… and now, here, all he could see through the tears that welled up his eye was a dead, frigid, unmoving and expressionless body that bore the traits of his forbidden love. He couldn't be what bookman wanted him to be in front of this, he couldn't bring himself to be just a heartless recorder of history, for he couldn't even stop his tears.

As his eye traveled down the body of Allen Walker he suddenly couldn't stop his urge to throw up anymore, and as he heard from his left he wasn't the only one, but Lenalee would be okay with her brother next to her and Kanda, who was at his right, just continued screaming. Kanda's earlier crisis had made the body fall to the ground were Lavi now watched in pure horror at the expand of what was before hidden by the sheet, now was in the open for their eyes to see. Now, they saw what the new Noah had done to their friend. Lavi was indeed the bookman successor, so his eye picked up every thing as he couldn't turn his head because of the sick fascination for the body in front of him, even though his stomach was rejecting whatever it held of his previous lunch.

(New warning : now this is getting kinda gore so if you don't want to hear the description of the body you should pass up till you see the next paragraph!)

In the former white haired exorcist's abdomen was an enormous hole that almost separated the fragile looking body in two if it wasn't for the maybe one or two inch thick remains of flesh and torn muscle that still relied the upper body to it's lower part by the left side. Lavi took in all the details of the disgusting gap, which consisted in a few ribs sticking out and parts of the spine…

of gore.)

Somewhere the Noah was laughing like a maniac at what he'd done. But his pleasure was far from satisfied yet! Those exorcist were really hard to break, that's why he and his friend had planed on something that would be even more evil to do. They would break them so deep and shatter their souls in bits so little that no one would ever be able to put them back in one piece… ever. Unknown from the other living beings in the black order the blond haired Noah wasn't alone, and their pleasure didn't reside in the death of the exorcists, noooooo, their pleasure was far more twisted and perverted than the ones of the other children of Noah.

After all death is only the beginning…

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