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Death is only the beginning (chapter 3: Exorcist! A curse to the Silvites.)

The white haired exorcist had passed out after the last session the Noah and Silvite made him pass through... It seemed the Noah enjoyed the good old traditions more than his friend's ways of torturing, as the battered body of the now profusely bleeding exorcist could prove. His back was covered in whip marks, he had cuts about everywhere on his body, a few holes where the blood flowed abundantly looked like the exorcist had been stabbed multiple times in his chest plus he sounded like he had great difficulty with breathing. His face was no exception, he had cuts on his cheeks, his left eye looked like it had cried blood behind the white blindfold.

Sinel sighed, exasperated with the Noah's antics "And pray tell WHO will have to heal those FATAL woundS???"

The blond looked at him sheepishly "W-well... I'm sorry Sin-chan. But that little thing sure is entertaining with his screams! I guess I was... just too into it... so... could you, please...?" He looked truly sorry, like a child that would have stayed too long at some playground and was trying to calm his angry mother with his innocent face. Except that Volt wasn't what you could call an innocent child with cute features, and Sinel was all but a loving mother and what they had done was far from any kind of child's game... Well, except if your name is Rhode Camelot that is...

"Well, all right, but remember to go easier on him next time! Besides I still have things to do so I won't use too much energy on healing him! We still need to fulfil our little plan! -sigh- I take care of everything in this house really!!!" The black haired one replied indignantly.

"That's because you're a very good wife, ne!?" at that statement the Noah's face met with the hard surface of the floor in a very painful way, a foot behind his head stepping on him a few times just for good measure. "Mmhfforrie!!!" (sorry).

The dark haired one sighed again in reply. They needed to complete their game so they could finally savour a victory over the exorcists, in a way far more interesting than the earl's plans.

Their only pleasure was to make those horrible creatures named "exorcist" suffer after all! They hated them to the core and their plan's goal was to relish in the sight those exorcists would make once they were completely destroyed from the inside! They hoped to see them fall into despair and suffer the sweet agony of insanity.

The plan was simple yet complicated:

Step one was to find a weak spot common to a lot of the Black Order's followers and exorcists.

They had found that weak spot in the form of Allen Walker: he was kind and gentle, humans tended to like that. Everyone around seemed to like the kid and with further investigation on Sinel's part, who, as a good psychologist he was, saw that two or maybe even three important and very powerful exorcists in the order kind of...well, more than just liked the innocent boy.

That information made them decide against directly attacking their HQ and destroying all the innocences they were keeping inside along with every living being, like they first had intended to do.

That step had been a meticulous game of spying; they had learned almost everything about the order. With his Silvite ability Sinel had been able to take the appearance of a golem, sometimes he even had to hide like some kind of decoration since his powers didn't allow him to change into the appearance of another human, he could only make corpses with a little help from wires or transform into an animal. But as cute as he could look when transforming into a kitty, animals weren't accepted inside the austere tower.

Step two was to lure then capture the said weak spot and create its body replica so the others would think he was dead.

They had used both their powers to make the people think strange things were happening. Sinel made the finders think the innocence was trapped so they would need the help from exorcists, of course it wasn't forcibly that Allen would be the one sent, so he made sure to release a good deal of his power so they would need someone powerful or at least a few exorcists. Volt on the other side made sure no Akuma would come to mess up their plan in case they too thought there was really an innocence there. Then they had finally heard the orders of Komui Lee the head of the scientific department saying the names of the exorcists coming: Miranda Lotto, someone kind but scared about everything, she controlled time and she was a weapon type since her innocence was apart from her body, and Allen walker.

Once they were sure about the new they killed the, now useless, finders and waited patiently for the exorcists arrival and attacked them. Volt had been occupied with Allen and Sinel wasn't supposed to show up but that Miranda had caused a few problems since every wound the Noah gave the boy was healed by her innocence. So Sinel had taken initiative and attacked the woman, she had been the only person seeing him. They then made the same injuries to the clone adding Volt's personal touch "for better effect" he had said...

Step three was to wait for the exorcist to wake up after they healed his wounds. They did their best to put the boy in a position and situation that would stress him to no end. And apparently it had worked. With the blindfold not only did Allen was unable to know what they prepared for him but also since he didn't knew Sinel's existence he couldn't know what his second captor looked like. His half naked state had made him in a position of vulnerability and the touches of his two tormenters that were sometimes quite bold didn't help that fact. For them it was a play to see and test the kid's resistance, when something proved inefficient or when their victim was too used to it to care they got to the upper level of torture they knew.

The fourth step was to wait for the Black Order to find out about their little trick. They first thought that they would see the problem when they saw that the innocence was still there while the other exorcist would have told them about the Noah or when trying to take off the innocence since the body had none and that they would surely find it strange for the boy's members to be linked with wires. But in case that didn't happen they had reserved a "step 4-2".

Step four-two was that, when the exorcists finally get over the sadness of losing their beloved friend they would just cruelly put them back into it. Throwing them the real, tortured, lifeless body and guilty over the fact that they didn't realised the precedent body was fake and that they could have saved him... well Sinel said as a good psycho(logist) he was, that it would lead to a few suicidal ambitions, maybe...

But "step 4-2" didn't happen and it was all the more fun to them: when the fools almost reach the end of their search and feel like their friend was already back, when their hopes are at their peak, they would crush them mercilessly. The very same way they would have crushed them in "step four-2"...

And that was about it. Of course each of them has their own thoughts about the current situations.

Sinel was searching in the depths of his brain what he could do to make the their playtime long enough so they can entertain themselves longer but not make it too long so that they wouldn't get bored, after all, once the exorcists found themselves broken and their victim dies, apart from watching they will do absolutely nothing... and that was boring to say the last. Maybe he should prepare another plan for when this one is finished or something.

Volt on the other hand knew his friend better than that and he just KNEW the plan wasn't going to go completly as predicted! His companion had a far too vivid imagination! Just seeing him in deep thoughts while he healed the worst of the injuries could tell him that he had already something in mind. The black haired Silvite was always unpredictable though, and whatever he would find, you could be sure it wasn't going to be easy. Nothing could be truly easy with him. He wasn't easy to understand, he wasn't easy with his enemies, his ideas were NEVER simple and easy looking, and he wasn't even easy to satisfy either! If the Noah was to describe him in one word then he would say that Sinel meant difficult!

The Noah decided that it was useless trying to tell the other he shouldn't get too lost when their "mission" had just begun. So he left to see if he could get a little more fun in the outside world or know how the exorcists were doing since Sinel's "doll" couldn't be used to inform them anymore. And waiting here for their toy to wake up was way too boring! Last time it took DAYS before the sleeping princess decided to open his eyes!

But once he left and Allen's gravest injuries were healed, the "sleeping princess" woke up while Sinel was still in his own world.

"Why are you doing this to me?" The albino asked, still dazed because of blood loss.

"Huh?! Well if I don't heal you you're going to die and that would be troublesome..." The Silvite answered dumbfounded: he had just been torn away from dream world himself and the younger's question had surprised him.

"I mean why did you capture me!? Why are you torturing me!? If you expect to use me as a bait so other exorcists would come for you to trap them, then I'm sorry to inform you that they're far from being stupid enough to risk their lives uselessly! I know them! They won't come just for me! I'm not important enough for them to risk losing more exorcists!" He said angered, he hoped the other would understand his point! No one cared for him, none would come to save him, he knew that he alone wasn't important enough for the Black Order.

Lenalee was probably sad though, she cared for everyone but she was smart and wouldn't fall in such an obvious trap.

Lavi was his best friend, he was a reasonable and intelligent person, he was also a calculating bookman in training, so he would know that his loss was nothing compared to what they might lose if attacking a Noah who surely prepared a plan to get them.

Kanda... Kanda hated him so the question about him going to risk having his coat dirtied for the only purpose of saving a bean sprout wasn't even worth to ask.

He slightly wondered at the same time if Miranda was okay, or if she had the same treatment as him... Or if they had killed her back at that deserted town. The poor woman, he hoped she would be ok.

Thinking of his friends and particularly Lavi and Kanda made him sad. He liked his fellow comrades a lot and even if the feeling wasn't shared by the cold man. He wished he had been able to tell them goodbye. It was selfish but he would have wanted them to be with him now. So he wouldn't have to play strong before his captors. It slowly killed him to resist the pain. It definitely killed him to know that he was alone and his only hope of freedom was death itself.

"Poor little thing, hehehe..." The other mocked. Not quite the reaction Allen thought he would receive 'doesn't he understand what I said or something!?'.

"What are you laughing at!?" Allen exclaimed.

"Pfuh, you say you know them!? You say they will never come for you!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My poor little A-chan! Do you know the idea of abandoning you never even crossed their minds!?" The young exorcist looked surprised, well, as surprised as you could look with a blindfold anyway.

"But that's normal though! Since they think you're dead!"


"You see it's an ancient art, that us, Silvites know about; I created a perfect replica of your body and let its lifeless carcass at your place... You know they were terribly sad... All of them, I could see it since I can see everything through my creations eyes ! Even that cold looking man how do call him-ah!- Kanda! That poor little admirer of yours!" 'Admirer?!' "You should have seen how he and that redhead cried over the body! Didn't you know they loved you?! That was such a beautiful declaration from the both of them!" This time Allen was truly and utterly dumbfounded.

The HELL!? Kanda and Lavi!? Declare? Love me???' Everyone knew the sword-man hated him, and Lavi was really only his friend so that was impossible! Not to mention the three of them were men!!!

"Doesn't trust me A-chan? But it's the truth. We took you away because you were really important to them! Don't you understand that because of your sweet and kind heart they ended in love with you?! You've become one of their weak points!!! I can see them sink deeper into despair day after day! Mourning over your death! When your still here and alive! Do you know what will possibly happen when we hand them back your mutilated body? How deep do you think they'll go before killing themselves? Knowing you were tortured and killed when they were just depressed over a fake body? AH, or maybe even better!!! They'll ask the earl to bring you back and YOU will kill them! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?" The man snickered, it was way funnier to keep to himself the knowledge that the exorcists knew about the fake and were already searching intensively for information about him and Volt, so they could save their friend. He wanted this sweet, disgusting exorcist to break first! He was so handsome, abandoning himself to nothingness, giving up on everything because his hopes were crushed mercilessly one after the other, it was a sight he wouldn't give up for anything! It was only a question of time...

"You... You're lying!!! It's impossible, right!? RIGHT?... impossible..."

Oh god, how he wanted to see those eyes, confused, sad, or maybe transforming in deep lifeless depths, 'They must be gorgeous! I believe Volt told me they were light grey, like full moons... But I can't take it off just yet... Be patient Sinel, be patient.' The Silvite reasoned with himself.

"...Why...?" The light, powerless, clear voice of the restrained boy tore him from his perverted thoughts.

"Huh!?" 'Wow great reply as ever Sin...'

"Why are you with him? Why are you with a Noah!? I don't know what a Silvite is, but you're human too right?! Please, why are you doing all of this?! Why being so cruel!?" He sounded helpless, his voice weak from the previous emotional shock. Who wouldn't be in shock after learning your best friend and your rival are both in mad love with you and when even the enemy was able to tell, you were too oblivious to see it!

"Why am I cruel? Why am I with a Noah? You don't know a thing about the Silvites, don't you!? A human you say!? You better NOT QUALIFY ME AS A HUMAN EVER AGAIN, YOU LITTLE SHIT!!! I'll tell you what a Silvite is, so you better pay attention..." The angered man replied making the poor exorcist gulp and nod.

(location: Black Order HQ)

"So did you find anything of interest about those "Silvites"?" Komui had accompanied the two Bookmen to the library. They had decided that before doing anything they should learn more about that mysterious enemy first. So currently since no one seemed incline to go and do nothing until something of interest popped out: it was library time for him, Crowley and Kanda. Crowley had wanted to join the party since he felt kind of useless and depressed watching over Miranda and wait for her wake. Lenalee wasn't here since she had replaced Crowley at Miranda's side.

Miranda had been with Allen on the mission so maybe she would have some information about the Noah...maybe.

"Humf, useless books..." Kanda's usual bright mood was first to speak, well he wasn't really passionate about books, so his search didn't get too far, he contented looking at a few pages before throwing the thing away.

"Not much here either, Komui-san." Crowley was another problem since he got lost into books that weren't any interest for their search just because he found them interesting...

Komui though he was intelligent, (really...) couldn't help his over expressive joy and in joy when you talk about Komui Lee you must read it as insanity...

"I think I've got a few interesting info..." Lavi said still plunged into a book before closing it and looking at the others.

"I have a few as well, I guess well have to do with that for now..." Bookman said after a wile. "Maybe we should assemble everything now so we can see what can be considered as valid information and what is not."

"All right then, we'll explain what we can to you once this is finished and-" Lavi was interrupted as a finder entered the room looking exhausted like he had ran a marathon.

"Komui-taicho, Miranda-san awoke! The doctors said she was all right now and that you could talk to her freely!" The finder exclaimed.

"Ah, thank you very much. Now let's go: we'll ask Miranda-kun if she knows about the Noah's powers." Komui turned to the four exorcists. Things were beginning to move, finally!

(at the medical branch)

"HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH????????????!" A terrible shriek coming from Miranda's room greeted the library company.

Said company was lead by Komui, who opened the door in haste just so they could see what happened.

Only to find Miranda calmly (as calm as the woman could be) sitting on her bed and looking at a smiling Lenalee like if she had just told her she was a Noah and was going to marry the earl in an hour or so, everyone invited, asked her if she could be her best woman, ah, and her brother AGREED without a fight and Kanda was going to dance in a tutu for the occasion! Well to put it short she looked like she was going to faint.

"Herm, are the two of you OK?!?!" Lavi made a weird face at the two women.

"Ah, yeah: I just told Miranda about everything that happened just before you burst in." Lenalee offered with a smile which seemed permanent since the new of Allen's survival.

"Hum, that's good but what about that scream?" Crowley brought his own contribution.

"Ah that, well, I was just telling her about Kanda's and Lavi's beautiful declarations of love to Allen when they didn't knew it was a fake. I guess that was just too much emotions to bear after such a long sleep..." The young female exorcist explained, completely oblivious of the murderous look in Kanda's eyes.

"Herm-I see... Then Miranda-san since you are already well-informed, would you answer a few questions so we can be all at the same pace?" The mad scientist kindly asked.

"Ah! Of course Komui-san! P-please ask anything and I'll tell you if I can!" Miranda exclaimed regaining her normal expression which looked like...she was going to faint...

"Very well then, let's make it clear: what happened. I want every detail from your arrival at the deserted town to the point you awoke here, understood!?" Komui ordered the wounded exorcist.

"Y-yes. well it all began when we arrived at that deserted town..." She trembled as she remembered the horrible sight. "When we arrived... The town was drenched with blood..."

"Blood?!" Kanda couldn't believe his ears.

"Yes, blood, everywhere... the finders they were... all dead. Their bodies were exposed and rotting. The bodies weren't even whole!!! The smell... the smell was... it was horrible! The finders that accompanied us said they had probably been killed a few days ago and apparently no one had the time to call for help since there were finders in towns nearby as back up... So we tried to get to the innocence place quickly, Allen said that if it was Akuma's doing, for now they weren't in eye sight. But when we arrived to the innocence location, there was a man in front of us: he said he had been waiting for us... or more precisely for Allen. At first I didn't understand what was happening but the man's skin became darker and darker..."

Flash back

"A Noah?!" Allen exclaimed at her side.

The said Noah had a strange device attached to his arm, she didn't know why but the thing frightened her.

"I was waiting for you, Allen Walker!" The creature said, the fact he knew the exorcist name slightly surprising them, enough for the Noah to raise his weapon at them. The round ended object splitting in three equal parts revealing the Noah's right arm holding the thing as well as a metal and glass like structure placed inside. Just before his fist was a glass-like cylinder held to the structure the Noah held in his hand by four spikes of white metal. Inside the strange weapon was engraved shining blue symbols that were unknown of the two.

The whole mechanism glowed and a ray of light shouted out of it. The exorcist reacted quickly enough to get out of the path but the finders weren't that lucky and ended literally disintegrated along with a third of the city.

The Noah himself looked impressed. "Fiyou, Sin didn't tell me that thing was so powerful... Ah-well anyway, now Allen Walker, you will come with me, ne?!"

"And if I don't want to...?" Allen still asked although the answer was classic and they both sounded seriously cliché.

"Well, you saw what that thing could do, didn't you?!" But Allen made an attacking pose nonetheless.

"Stand back Miranda-san, you can't fight so I'll take care of this!" The white haired exorcist commanded her. She then complied and left to another side of the place, ready to invocate as soon as the fight started.

"Feh, an exorcist who can't fight?! And me who was hoping for a little challenge here!" With that the weapon changed: the metal that had covered the mini-canon retracted to the base until it completely disappeared, the canon shone. But instead of releasing another blow like they expected, it transformed in a glass-like giant blade, still with the strange blue symbols on it.

Allen reacted by summoning his innocence and the fight began...

"They fought but even though Allen did his best it looked like it did nothing to that creature,... So I kept healing him again and again. Since he was alone and occupied with his fight with Allen he didn't manage to hit me... Not once..."

"But if he didn't hit you then how did you end in a coma? And with those wounds?!" Lavi asked.

"Ah-well... I said he was alone but that's not entirely true... We THOUGHT he was alone." She cleared.

Realisation fell upon the audience: 'Could it be...'

"It had been quite a long time the fight was on and I was too preoccupied with what was happening I didn't realise someone else had been there... I barely saw him. I didn't have the time to react... I felt an incredible pain, it was so horrible that I fainted. Then I woke up in this room... The rest is just like a black hole in my memory..."

"I see... Then the man who attacked you was probably the Silvite..." Bookman analyzed.

"Yes, I thought so too when Lenalee explained it all to me..."

"Very well, during the time you explained everything Panda and I got everything finished! So?! Wanna hear about the Silv-" He was interrupted by a powerful kick in the face. "DON'T CALL YOUR MASTER A PANDA!!! I'M BOOKMAN, IDIOT APPRENTICE!!!"

"Arg, OK-OK, so wanna hear about the Silvite's civilisation?!" When everyone in the room nodded he took that as an invitation for him to begin.

"Well you already know they worshiped a Noah who had the ability to transform in a giant black snake. And that those people had special powers. Well about that it's quite interesting: We guessed their powers were in a lot of points similar to the Noah's."

"If they were alike the Noahs then why did they worshiped them?!" Kanda couldn't understand the reasoning of those people.

"Well, they weren't invincible: the Noahs can regenerate, when the Silvites couldn't do that... At least for themselves that is. And it seems that there were deeper meaning for this alliance but it was lost long ago, both for the records and for the Silvites it seems..."

"Why did such a powerful civilisation disappear?" To Lenalee this sounded like a school class.

It was Bookman that answered her question: "Well, the books state of a human war... They were scared of their power so they declared them war. The Silvites possessed a high technology and so they thought that if their knowledge ended in human hands it would be a disaster. Humanity at such a moment of turbulences: the world ravaged by war, a world where conquests were the only things that mattered... If their weapons were in their hands the books said it would have destroyed the world... The reason those books were hidden and considered heretic is because that if you attentively read them you could say those people were the guardians of the world."

"Guardians of the world?" Komui asked wondering.

This time it was Lavi that answered: "Yes, the Silvites departed in different categories determined by their powers, and one of them was in charge to determinate what development was ok for the humans to know about! Their duty was to observe the human's mentality evolution and control the possessions they acquired. And for long humans accepted them as judges without complain. But with the Silvite's growing technology and monster like god. Their position was no longer a good thing in their eyes. For them having such an advanced technology was the key to possess the entire world! The truth was that they feared them... So the humans went to war against them, but... Well it isn't precise neither it is sure: all that is said is that a few Silvites asked to continue living alongside the humans, that their god left to the "greater god" and asked them to hide somewhere no one would find them and wait for his consent before coming back. It was not long before the famous great flood..."

"And what happened to them then?" Miranda asked: she really was into the story.

"Well, after the great flood they never reappeared again. Then it's were it becomes harder..." Lavi began.

"Harder?" To Kanda all those book stories were giving him a headache, but considering that TWO bookmen got to work on something then normally you could consider everything solved. 'Hard' wasn't something a bookman usually says when he talks about his researches, with a bookman all the information is sorted, arranged and but back correctly, nothing was amiss and every information given is a hundred per cent sure. 'Yet again, this whole situation is far from normalcy.'

Bookman answered the question, which hung in the air and made the room unbelievably tense. "Yes, it was long since last time I fell on such a situation, but sadly it's true. It is impossible even for us to know exactly what happened. This whole situation is beyond our understanding. For example: we don't know to what point those people's technology was advanced! It could have simply been that they knew how to create houses like there is now or catapults: at the time were they lived it was technology yet unknown. Or like some books tend to say it could be that they possessed a technology beyond anything conceivable even now... As for what happened after the great flood, I only can tell you the different versions since considering what I just said, you can only presume: everything's possible." The gravity of such a revelation seemed to hit deeper than intended in the eyes of his audience.

Lavi, however, didn't let his mentor continue: the silence and tension too much for his taste. "Some books said that the Noah forgot about them, or that he left them behind while they were waiting for him eternally. Others said that they all disappeared to nothingness, being destroyed like all the other beings on this planet because they didn't have the time to escape or have a place safe enough to save them from the flood... Others said the Noah vanished after his duty was accomplished and therefore he was unable to contact his servants to tell them they could come back... As for their location, well like I said some books affirmed that they all died, which is supposedly untrue since one just recently used his powers like you all know by now. But from those that talk about their possible location, well it's really vague... Like they sank deep into the sea, which one I have no idea, or that they got to make their city fly so high they actually landed on the moon and were now living there, or another supposition would be that their city became invisible to every mere human being..."

"I have a supposition here!" Komui exclaimed.

"Well, be our guest..." Lavi said.

"That person was, well I'm like ninety-nine per cent sure, with that Noah and the Noah perfectly knew about his existence didn't he?!" everyone nodded even those the question wasn't directed to. "So it is quite possible that he actually reside at the very same place the others Noahs live in... And from our precedent meetings with the other Noahs it looked like they all lived together alongside the earl, so why desperately searching for the location of the Silvite's city...?" His point was logic even if didn't brought them any neared their friend's location.

"That will bring us to a point we still haven't come to: that Noah was far from alike any that we encountered before and Miranda even confirmed that." Lavi said.

"Heh?! How come?!" Miranda didn't understand her own implication in that.

Bookman continued the explanation. "Think everyone! His ways of doing things are not what we usually encountered. It's not like he was at that place by coincidence: Miranda-san did tell us "he said he had been waiting for Allen" up until then, each time you encountered a Noah it was always by what you could consider as mere "bad luck" but he had been waiting for someone specific! The other point is that considering what you told us, the Noah didn't know about the power of his OWN weapon! This can only mean that he didn't use his Noah powers. Another thing is, never before the supposition of another kind of supernatural beings helping the Noah was met. He didn't kill Allen, neither did he kill you, though the two of you are exorcists, he didn't even destroy Miranda's innocence, we can't be too sure about Allen's but here is evidence. And one last thing is: Not once did Miranda say anything about Akumas being here!"

"So that means..." Lenalee let her sentence hung over everyone heads.

Which Lavi eagerly finished: "That means there is eighty per cent chance that Noah isn't with the earl the same way the others we saw before are! It is quite possible that the Noahs don't need the earl to awaken their powers but that for some reason they can't use them, so as a replacement he uses a weapon created by the Silvites. This Noah's goal isn't the same as the earl's one since destroying the innocence wasn't his priority. So it's quite possible by then that he doesn't live with the other Noahs or with the earl for that instance. So our only hope to find more about his location would be to find the lost city of the Silvites first... Of course all of that is pure supposition." Lavi was quite proud of his little explanation, and everyone in the room (except for Kanda and bookman of course) looked in awe at him: he really became a true bookman.

Then a few claps and a low laugh were heard coming from the location of the only window the room possessed and which had been ignored ever since the beginning of their little discussion. Only to find that it was wide open and a not so unknown man was conveniently sitting on its sill, and leaning nonchalantly on its frame.

"Well, well, well... "

(location: unknown base)

"What truly happened after the flood? Were did your people went!?" Allen hadn't expected the conversation to turn out like that. Beginning with simple things and the "Silvite" actually ended with spilling the whole history of his race.

"Well the Noah we considered as our god died... So the elders said we should wait for his resurrection as another Noah to come and free us... Those stupid bitches!" Sinel exclaimed. It had been long since he could free his talkative personality and he just chose to spill things to a prisoner! 'I really must be tired' he thought.

"And this Noah just happened to pass by, so you followed him without a thought is that it?!" Allen asked, to him it was how it looked after hearing such a story.

"Well, now you make it sound simple! It's hard to just "pass by" over there you see. Actually it's more like I happened to pass by him... But it's kind of a complicated story." His black haired torturer said.

"Or maybe it's just that it's really as simple as it sounds...?" The white haired exorcist countered, if he knew enough about this man then maybe, maybe he could think of a way to get out of this place and go back to his friends. 'I can't, I CAN'T let myself down into despair once again: I have a mission to accomplish! And I can't let them hurt my friends! Lavi, Kanda, Lenalee please wait for me: I'll come back!"

"All-right, all-right... Well after the great flood we survived in this hell like we could with our technology. But generations after generations our number lowered until a few years ago we were reduced to a mere hundred people, more or less I don't exactly remember. I had a brother which was the great hope of the whole city: he was strong and intelligent... And so was I. I hated him to the core for being loved by everyone when I was rejected. He was always here to put me down before the others and the elders hide me like I was the plague. My brother was to become god's right hand if he came back while he was still alive. So one day I just decided to leave those stupid people who hated me anyway. I went to the human world... But when they learned I was different: that I had powers they didn't have, they began to fear me and reject me like the others. But I was young and hopeful so I left to another place were there was no one I knew and I hide my capabilities. But I quickly learned the true nature of those humans... Humanity, feh! What kind of shit is this thing! And they even dared to say that I was a monster!? They are way neared the definition of monsters than I could ever have wished to be!" A maniac laugh followed his statement.

"W-why do say that?!" Allen was enraged: how could he say that the people he worked so hard to protect were monsters! Sure humans were far from perfection but... still! And humanity wasn't "some kind of shit"!

"Just look at them! I studied humans for some good amount of time! But to me it was clear that the amount of people that were, almost good enough to be worth saving, wasn't important enough to compensate with the worthless part. Parents that make their children go through hell for profit, sometimes selling them to disgusting men for them to rape them or torture them for a few stupid pieces of paper (aka money)! High hierarchy sending men to the front lines of war while they were calmly sitting before dishes even their whole army reunited couldn't afford. War were humans don't even see that what they kill are just other desperate humans that share the exact same problems, fears and wishes as them. So, I learned... I learned to be like them! And I killed... I killed every human being that stood in my path. When I came by a city, I wouldn't leave it until every living soul it had was destroyed! That's how I met him. He wasn't like the others. He had looked human but a bit different even if I didn't know why... He was just a few miles away from my last town... And I knew he saw me kill them. He proposed me a fight, I know now that it was because he was thrilled to fight someone strong, someone that wasn't weak and easy to break like those humans! But when he transformed into a Noah I recognized the god's marks. So like I did to you I explained him everything about us, Silvites. But he wasn't like I had imagined our god to be: he was kind to me and even when I told him I was cursed he didn't reject me..." His voice passed from the utter disgust in the first part of his speech, to a more peaceful loving tone when he began to talk about the Noah.

"Cursed?!" The young exorcist was quite surprised at the revelation. 'Is he cursed like I am?'

"Yes, I bear the worst curse a Silvite could ever have! It was even worse because of "it"! "It" had been attached to the city ever since the great flood and it just had to curse ME!!! I was but a child when it happened and it's then that everyone began to reject me! To their eyes I wasn't even worth being alive for having the greatest level of curse that can exist for us. I was a nuisance that might even make the god reject them... I owe my salvation only to my family's influence." His voice was full of anger and pain. Anger for "it", and pain for being rejected because of something he couldn't even do anything about.

"The...worst curse...?" 'Is there different level for curses?' he wondered. 'And he said it was the worst for a Silvite?! Maybe it's a curse that can only be given to Silvites...' His curiosity was at his peak. 'He sounds sad... Well I guess I truly can't help the fact I'm worrying over everyone, even if he is my captor...' Allen sighed audibly at his thoughts. "What is your curse? Why do you say it's the worst a Silvite could ever have?"

On the other side of the room his torturer let a good amount of time pass without giving the albino any kind of answer. For a moment Allen even wondered if the man left while he was in his own thoughts but finally the voice gave him his answer as though he had been calculating if it was a wise decision to let him know.

"I am an accommodator, I bear an innocence inside of my body the very same way you do, parasite-kun! I am an exorcist!"

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