Title: Once Upon a Universe
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters/Pairings: Tezuka/Ryoma
Genre: Shounen-ai, dream.
Notes: Mmm... Not too happy with it, even now. But okay.


Echizen is the universe and Tezuka is absorbed in it -- absorbed in him for a thousand light-years, watching as the galaxies shift and change in a pair of oddly catlike golden-amber eyes.

It is a universe of shallow intentions and reasons -- a universe that Tezuka wants to change and shape; a universe he wants to make better than it already is.

But perhaps Tezuka shouldn't. Perhaps it wouldn't be advisable for him to meddle with what doesn't rightfully belong to him. Perhaps he shouldn't shift from where he stands rooted, for fear that he'll get too lost in this strange universe.

Perhaps he should just listen to the softly-murmured words that the universe whispers not-quite in his ear but into his temple as butterfly wings brush against the skin there. Perhaps he should just draw comfort from that little bit.

Tezuka should wonder when his universe got swept up into one boy. He should wonder when his universe became an oddly charismatic -- if antisocial -- freshman. He should wonder.

But it's too late. The magnetism drew Tezuka and the gravity bound him and now he's stuck on this one planet in the universe that is Echizen.

Tezuka doesn't think that he has the power to defy the gravity that keeps him here. He doesn't think he has the power to escape.

Tezuka doesn't think he wants to try.

Butterfly wings flutter against his temple again and Tezuka tries to listen to the words that the galaxies murmur to him -- but it's in a language that's too old for him. It's the language of the celestial bodies, and he doesn't understand.

Tezuka, being Tezuka, is about to calmly -- if a little drowsily -- explain this to the galaxies, but before he can get a chance, the stars hold him in place and the butterfly wings press against his lips.

And then Tezuka understands that the universe -- his universe -- is kissing him.

It is... intoxication. Brilliance. Supernovas and black holes and stardust and moonlight and luminescence. And Tezuka looks deep into catlike golden-amber eyes and wonders how he could ever wrap his arms around a universe.

His heart tightens and swells and skips and races and Tezuka suddenly doesn't care if he gets lost in his universe.

He doesn't care if he gets lost in Echizen if it means that he can hear him whisper Buchou... against his lips.


Tezuka wakes up with a shock-jolt of the blaring of his alarm clock.

He turns off the alarm and then throws an arm over his face, trying desperately to grab at the edges of the already-fading dream.

It is always like this. Always, always, always.

Echizen is still the universe when he wakes up, but the universe has never whispered against his temple, never fluttered against his mouth, never let Tezuka drown in the galaxies and stardust prevalent in catlike golden-amber eyes.

Tezuka shifts and gets up, reaching for the glasses beside him, suddenly resolute.

But one day...