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Naruto: 16
Sasuke: 16
Neji: 16
TenTen: 16
Ino: 15
Kakashi, Tsunade: … Old.

Ch 1- Strange Picture Stealing.

Walking here doing nothing just taking a walk, and do nothing!
Ever feel like you can't do anything for the person who needs you the most, even though you really want to? That's how I feel. I try every day to help Sasuke in any possible way I can, but it never seems to work, he always pushes me away. And now he left me and the village here behind. Sometimes I think it was my fault. Because I never helped him, and he always told me to leave him alone but I never did, I just kept annoying him.
'Why can't I do anything right!?'


'He left all because of me!'


"Why do I have to be like this all the time!?"


"Why me!"




"Naruto, why do I have to be like this!?"
"Like what, Sakura-chan," asked Naruto as clueless as ever.

"Like this always so annoying and weak," She asked depressed

Naruto looked at her in pity. He hated seeing her like this, she would always blame herself for Sasuke leaving.
'If only Sasuke can see her now, just to see how much pain she's going through'
"Sakura-chan you're not weak, but you can be annoying at times," replied Naruto.

"See what I mean I'm annoying," she stated. "No wonder Sasuke left. I must be some big annoying brat."

And she started to walk away before Naruto can reply.
Naruto wanted to go after her, but he knew it would be best for her to have some alone time. So he went to go get some ramen. (-A/N: I love ramen It's SO good! -Her Bestest Buddy: Get Back To The Story! -A/N: Okay Geezz!)
When Sakura got to her house, she still blaming herself in her mind she found out that there were some things misplaced in her house. (She's not living with her parents, she moved out . . . yeah)

"What on earth happened here," she said out loud when she got into her room she saw her whole room destroyed.

"Who could do this and how did they get in," she wondered out loud again.
Soon she decided she should report what happened with Tsunade.

"So that's what happened huh? …," Tsunade asked.

"Yes," Sakura replied

"Very well. This seems to be happening a lot for some reason. Was anything missing?"

"Yes, a few pictures of myself and family, even pictures of my dog," Sakura said, amused at her own words.

"That's odd…, " Tsunade stated.

'Tell me about it,' stated Inner Sakura.

'Shut up! Can't you see were talking to Lady Tsunade?!'

"Well Sakura, since you're the only person that those people have stolen from, you will have to stay with someone else. For your safety "

"Okay with who though," Sakura asked, a bit irritated. 'Great, anther person to chase off with this annoying gift of mine,' Sakura thought.

"SHIZUNE!" Tsunade yelled to the other room.

The door suddenly banged open and there stood the oh so mighty Shizune and the oh so wonderful bacon Tonton. (lolz. I'm Hungry now! Darn!)
"Yes Tsunade-sama," Shizune said.

"Find all ninja s that Sakura knows and they must not be on a mission. Call them here," Tsunade ordered.

"Right Away lady Tsunade," Shizune then bowed in respect and left the room.

"All ninja," Sakura asked.

"Yup," She responded.

5min later.

'Well I sure do have a lot of friends,' Sakura thought.

"Well It's not that bad I mean at least people don't have to fight over you," Tsunade said.

"Well…," Tsunade started. "Neji you wouldn't mind having Sakura stay with you for a while would you?"

"Not really, just as long as she stays out of my way," Neji stated.

"...Ummmm . . . flicks tongue…Okay then. … What do you think Sakura?"

"… Uuuuhhhh…How thoughtful," Sakura said sarcastically.

"Hn," was Neji's answer.

"Well then," Tsunade started sweetly. "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Tsunade yelled.

Sakura ran out of there, while Neji just walked quickly (or jogged --') out the door.

Hyuuga Manor

"So Neji where am I going to stay," Sakura asked. (They're walking to his room just to let you know.)

"My room." He said not even looking at her.

"And ware will you sleep?" She asked again.

"My room" He said again.

"NANI!?" Sakura yelled.
"Can you keep it down?!" He half yelled and snapped.

"Gomen." Sakura apologized.

In Neji's room.

Well, Neji's room was very big, and had a king size bed, desk, some CD's, a TV, and a blow up mattress that Neji was putting up. The walls were a grayish color and his bed sheets were tan. His carpet was a white color.

"Nice room Neji." Sakura said happily, even though she really didn't like it at all.

"Hn," was his only reply.

'My god, he's starting to sound like Sasuke-kun, what if I'm being too annoying?' She asked herself.

'I know maybe will chase him off to.' said her inner.

"Sakura." Neji said.


"Are you going to sleep her or what!?"

"Umm its only 8:05," She said.

"That's because your going to spar with me in the morning." He stated

"What!? Why!?"

"Because I have nothing else to do, and I'm not leaving you alone in my room."

"Joy. I get to train with the oh so powerful Neji Hyuuga." She stated sarcastically.

"Watch it Pinky." He threatened while glaring at her.

"Yes Milady," She said quickly.
Sleeping time.

'Ok I'm not feeling comfortable here with a boy in the same room as me.' She thought

'Tell me about it. It's so weird, maybe we should tell him.' her inner responded
'No no! We will just be annoying.' she said.
Soon enough her and her inner fighting to the death, until Neji spoke up.

"You're not comfortable, are you?" he asked.

Sakura snapped out of her argument and said

"Me no way!"

"Liar," He stated.

"Ok well maybe a little, but its ok, I know I'm just being annoying and weak so night." she said quickly and pretended to be asleep.

'Annoying?' He asked him self. 'She's not being annoying where did that come from? She's just being worried and uncomfortable. And I can admit this is kind of odd.'
He said to himself. He saw Sakura 'sleeping', he knew she wasn't but let it slide anyway.


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