A Heart Torn In Two

Ch 16

Nothing But Darkness.

Everything Was Gone... Nothing was left.

But I guess in a way this was a good thing. I couldnt see anything.

Then I felt warm liquid come out of my gut.

"Sasuke.." I whispered.

"Sakura... Thank you"


Sasuke stood over my lifeless body. looking down at me. he grabed his sowrd once again. and there was thud.

And just like that one time... He was gone... I was gone... then...

... I knew

.it was Over...

Mena: Ugh! i know i ended it! its done! Over! no more! she died! he killed himself after he killed her! i didnt want it to end like this! but it just came like this. sorry if disapointed anyone but.. hey! if it wasnt good you wouldnt be reading it! REVIEW!