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This story is really a collection of oneshot missing moments from the series. Some of them are up to four years old. I had been waiting to write all the scenes I have in my head but that will take FOREVER so I just thought I'd put up what I've got so far.

They're in chronological order from when they happen in the books, and the chapter/line that inspired them is given after the title. They're all centred around Ron and Hermione's relationship.

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This one's from Hermione's POV.

The Morning After – TPS, Ch10.

Hermione sat by herself at the Gryffindor table, idly picking at a piece of bacon with her fork. She'd been hungry when she'd woken up but after the morning's events she no longer felt like eating anything. And she'd been so happy when she'd gone to bed last night…

Strange, really, that it had been a troll that finally broke the ice between her, Harry and Ron, but after what happened in the bathroom it was as if everything they'd been grouching about to each other for the past two months had disappeared. It had really felt like they were starting over. They had gotten food and sat in a corner together and talked and laughed for hours. They'd been playing a loud game of Exploding Snap when Professor Macgonagall had arrived in her dressing gown to tell them and the twenty or so others still awake that "dinner in their Common Room was not an excuse for a party and they should all be in bed". Hermione, not wanting to get into anymore trouble with her favourite teacher, had immediately got up to go, making Harry and Ron laugh. But it wasn't malicious – it was more like a friendly that's-just-like-you laugh, something Hermione had never experienced. She'd smiled hugely at them, and when they'd said they'd meet her for breakfast she'd thought her grin would split her face in two.

They were becoming friends. She was making friends!

She should have known it was a waste of time. Like it had ever worked before.

Hermione had woken up a little later than usual and at first she was worried Harry and Ron would be waiting for her until she realised it was a Saturday and that they slept 'til at least this time. Still, she got dressed quickly and ran down to the Common Room. Just in time to see Ron leaving through the portrait hole. Hermione lifted her hand to wave to him, when he happened to glance in her direction and catch her eye. He waved a hand at her before quickly ducking out of the room.

Hermione stood rooted to the spot, confusion coursing through her. That had been a 'see you later' wave, not a 'come with me' one like she'd hoped. And the look of annoyance on his face had made it abundantly clear that he hadn't wanted her to follow.

Unable to figure out what could have gone wrong, Hermione looked around the room where half a dozen Gryffindors were lounging on the sofas. She noticed Neville walking towards the portrait hole and hurried over to him.

"Neville, hi," she said.

"Hi Hermione," said Neville.

"Neville, is Harry in your dormitory?" She asked him.

Neville shook his head. "No, why?"

"I was just wondering. Did he and Ron get up a long time ago?"

Neville shook his head again. "They were both asleep when I went down to breakfast half an hour ago," he said. "I came back for my Charms book, and Ron was just leaving. Harry was already gone."

Hermione had nodded and gone to sit in an armchair, still wondering why Harry and Ron were suddenly avoiding her. Obviously she'd read too much into last night – they weren't going to become friends after one conversation.

But still, they'd said they'd meet her and they hadn't! And it wasn't as if they'd been waiting for her – they'd just got up themselves. It was just plain rude, really, and Hermione hated blatant rudeness.

Well, if they thought they were funny, making her think they were becoming friends and then ignoring her like that, they could think again. She was not going to let Harry Potter and Ron Weasley get to her.

With that, Hermione had gone down to the Great Hall, her head held high.

As much as she wanted to show them, though, it hurt. It hurt that they could just make a joke out of her like that. And it hurt that it hurt.

Silly boys. Silly. Little. Boys.

Hermione stabbed angrily at her bacon and didn't notice anyone sit down opposite her until Ron's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Bloody Percy! At least he'll be gone after third-year."

Hermione looked up in surprise. Ron was pouring himself a glass of pumpkin juice and helping himself to a heap of sausages, the same look of annoyance he'd worn in the common room on his face.

"What-" 'are you doing?' was what Hermione was going to say, but Ron answered the first word of the question.

"Oh, Percy, you know my brother? I mean that he's only got three years left here and then I'm free!" Ron grinned at Hermione and started to eat.

"Sorry I couldn't meet you." Hermione could barely distinguish his words through his mouthful of sausage. "It's my Mum's birthday tomorrow and Percy made me record her a message. And he made me do it five times because I wasn't 'enthusiastic enough'. Maybe if we weren't in the bloody Owlery. Do you know how cold it is up there?"

"That's okay," Hermione told him. And the funny thing was that it was. She could see from Ron's agitation that he was telling the truth, and made a mental note that his brother Percy had that affect on him. Funny, really, she quite liked Percy.

"Oh, and Harry says sorry too," Ron added. "Wood dragged him off for Quidditch practise – you know it's the first game next week."

Hermione's good feeling increased – Harry hadn't intentionally avoided her either. "I know, I'm really looking forward to seeing a Quidditch match," she said.

"Oh yeah, you've never seen Quidditch, have you?" Ron said. "Trust me to be friends with two people I can't talk about the Chudley Cannons with." He grinned at Hermione and she grinned back, the good feeling inside her almost bubbling over. He had just referred to her as a friend! And he talked about her as though she were as close to him as Harry. This was really something. Hermione picked up her fork again and polished off her bacon in no time. She even had the appetite for another piece of toast!

"Let's take some toast for Harry," said Ron as they stood up to go. "He said he'd meet us at Hagrid's but we don't trust his cooking."

"The groundskeeper Hagrid?" Hermione asked as he wrapped up some toast in a napkin. Ron nodded.

"Yeah, he's our friend. You'll like him, he's really cool," Ron said. "And he's got a huge dog as big as Harry. Come on."

As Hermione walked out of the Great Hall with Ron she realised she'd never been so pleased to be proven wrong. Ron and Harry hadn't been tricking her – they really were friends. And it seemed as though she was about to make another friend right now.

Hogwarts just kept getting better and better.

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