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Digital Union, Frontier!

Chapter 1: Reunion and…Message

Kanbara Takuya ran to the park, excited to see his friends again. It had been a year since the adventure in the Digital World and the Chosen were still the best of friends. Since today was the day they went to the Digital World, and saved it, they decided to have a reunion, just to hang out and remember all their adventures.

Takuya checked his watch and found that he was early. He was wearing the same outfit he wore during his first trip to the Digital World. Besides the clothes he wore, he was completely different. He was hot-tempered, action-before-thought, and now was slightly hot-tempered and gave thought before action, if there wasn't immediate danger.

Takuya ran into the park just a little before they had said to meet. He found that everyone was already there, talking. Himi Tommy, the youngest of the group, was the first to spot him.

"Takuya-nii-san!" he yelled, running up to Takuya and giving him a hug. Tommy also was wearing the same outfit he wore to the Digital World, but in a larger size. When they got back to the Real World, Tommy had a growth spurt. Besides that, he wasn't scared anymore; instead he was a brave kid who would help anyone he could.

"Hey, Tommy," Takuya greeted, returning the hug, "How ya doing?"

"Good," Tommy replied. Just before he could ask Takuya something, Kouji interrupted.

"The goggle-head is here early? Now that's a first," he thought for a moment, then added "And last."

Minamoto Kouji was pretty much the same. He was still a bit of a lone wolf and didn't trust easily but he had made some friends besides the Chosen Children, and was a bit more open. He was also Takuya's best friend and rival.

"It's never a simple 'hi' from you is it?" Takuya questioned. "You never learned how to greet someone."

"Takuya, Kouji please don't start. It's too early," Zoe said putting a stop to the fight that hadn't started yet.

Orimoto Zoe was still the only girl of the group, and was the same as ever although, like Kouji, she made some friends outside the Chosen Children. While the others outfits were the same; Zoe wore light purple Capri's instead of the skirt.

"She's right, it's too early for you two to start one of your arguments and besides we came to talk about when we met," Kouichi added.

Kimura Kouichi, Kouji's older twin brother, had long since forgiven himself for trying to kill his friends and brother when he first met them in the Digital World. Out of the six of them he was the most reasonable, and could smile at anything.

"They're both right. Can you two not fight or argue for just one day?" JP asked.

Shibayama JP wasn't all fats anymore but muscle instead, having taken up swimming after returning. He still had his crush on Zoe and tried to get her to go out with him, but she always refused. He still spoke his mind but was careful to watch what he said.

"Okay, we won't fight today, right Kouji?" Takuya promised.

"Right," Kouji replied.

Just before they sat down, all their cell-phones rang. When they looked at the screen they found one message. All of them were surprised when they heard what the message said.

"DigiDestined, our world is in danger once again. Please aid us again. Four others will assist you by taking the other spirits. Worm will meet you in the Trailmon Station under the Shibuya Station at 1:15. Please help us." The message ended abruptly.

"I guess the reunion is put off," JP said, "At least until we get back."

"Yeah, we need to help Ophanimon," Zoe replied.

"We better get going then," Kouji said, glancing at his watch, "We've only got ten minutes."

"Then let's stop talking and go already!" Takuya yelled before taking off.

They were able to catch the train and made in to Shibuya Station with five minutes to spare. After getting off the train they made their way to the elevator. When they got into the elevator and the doors closed, it shot downward and crashed into the floor of the Trailmon Station. They doors opened and the Chosen got off after untangling themselves. There was nobody else there, except for them and four other people near one of the platforms…


"Yamato? What are you doing here?"



The four turned around when they heard their names.

The tallest was Himi Yutaka, Tommy's 17-year-old brother. He looked a lot like Tommy, except the height difference, his hair was darker and his eyes were brown instead of green. He was wearing a grey shirt, brown cargo pants and had grey shoes.

Lee Yamato was one of JP's friends. He was about JP's height and also swam. His eyes were dark grey and his hair was black. He was wearing a double shirt, the under color olive green and the over color a darker brown. Like Yutaka, he wore brown cargo pants and had white tennis shoes.

Kanbara Shinya was Tommy's age and Takuya's younger brother. His nickname was 'Mini Takuya' because he did a lot of the activities Takuya did. Otherwise he looked nothing like his older brother. Where Takuya looked like their father; Shinya took after their mother with red-brown hair, pale skin and cocoa brown eyes. He was wearing a blue T-shirt and brown pants.

Hale Taiya was one of Kouichi's friends from school. She had moved from America a few years ago and would still speak in English. She was wearing a white shirt under a teal jacket, jeans and slightly high heel black leather shoes. She also had a black bandana on but it was tied around her neck and a light blue backpack. Her eyes were a blue color, her skin a tan and her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.


"Onii-san? What are you doing here?"


"Tommy! What the heck…"

Before Yutaka could start asking Tommy what he was doing here, a loud whistling sound was heard from the tunnel behind the platform, closest to the four. After the whistling sound stopped, out of the tunnel came Worm the Trailmon. They were all preoccupied as Takuya went up to Worm.

"Hey Worm, long time no see. Where are you going to take us?" He asked.

Worm grinned and Shinya paled, wondering why his brother wasn't running. Worm answered Takuya's question by replying, "Hello Takuya. I'm to take you and your friends to the Forest Terminal but before that I have to pick up two others. After we get to the Forest Terminal, you need to go to Lord Seraphimon's Crystal Castle. Alright?"

"Sure, just tell me that the track isn't straight up-hill anymore!"

"Sorry Takuya, it still is."

"Aw, man," the original Chosen, not including Kouichi, groaned. The five who didn't understand looked at them strangely, wondering what they were unhappy about.

"Well, are you going to get on or not? I still have a schedule to keep. Oh, and don't forget to grab on to something, it's still a rough ride," Worm told them as the doors opened.

"Well let's get on, after all, we all have to go," JP said. They all got into the middle carriage, except for Taiya, who went into the carriage behind them. Worm then called out.

"Next stop, the Digital World!"

"Nii-san, mind telling us what the hell is the Digital World and how this train can talk?" Shinya yelled as Worm left the station at high speed.

Kouji: We're back in the Digital World.

Kouichi: Yeah, but it looks like there's nothing wrong.

JP: You're right.

Yutaka: Why did our clothes change?

Kouji: I have no idea. This didn't happen before.

Tommy: Um, guys look over there.

Zoe: It's the Celestial Angels. Oh no, they're being attacked and we don't have our Spirits!

Takuya: Well that's not going to stop me. Execute! Spirit Evolution!

Shinya: What the hell did Nii-san turn into?

Takuya: Next time on Digital Union: Frontier! New Outfits, New Enemy and Old Friends! It's time to Spirit Evolve.