Don't come find

Me another day.

Don't just let

me walk away.

Take my hand

In your hand

Turn me around

And kiss me.

I'm not hiding

Your just not

Looking, you're just

Not seeing.

I'm over here

Sitting in the shadows.

All alone and cold.

Do you see me now?

Take my hand

And I will show

You why I've

Become this way.

Why did you let?

Me walk away?

It's not too late

To come after me.

Forever I will stay with you when you come after me.

Tell me that you love me and would never leave me or hurt me again! I love you with everything in this whole universe.

My salvation, my light, my heart, my soul, my soul's other half.

My Angel.

I'll be waiting

Over in the shadows.

You won't miss me,

I'll be the one crying.

Come and get me my Angel.