Announcement, this is an important announcement

For those of you who don't know, His Destiny remake, A Shift in Destiny has been posted and is ready for reading and criticism from the original readers and the new ones. As mentioned before, things will be different. How different you may ask, well let's say different enough to say the title change isn't for nothing. Expect new romance, old romance, romances to end, romances not to be, romance to no romance, and finally a little to no romance. There will be more action, action in school, action on field trips, action at restaurants, action on planes, action in bedrooms (take that statement in your own opinions), and finally action at the Time Gates

Also expect cameos from characters from different series (Konsu's Fanfics, Anime/Manga, Cartoons) in and off the set of A Shift in Destiny.

Things will be vastly different, if you hate it, let me know, if you don't like it, let me know, if you like it, let me know, and if you love it, let me know.

Hope you all enjoy the new story